I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1653 - 1653 Merit Hall

Chapter 1653 - 1653 Merit Hall

1653 Merit Hall

“Without me, I’m afraid you wouldn’t have gotten past this matter so easily,” Yi Yunyao said. She then glanced at Chu Yunfan and asked, “Do you feel that the world is unfair?”

Chu Yunfan shook his head. He wasn’t a flower that grew up in a greenhouse. Although his strength might not be much in this world, he dared to say that the slaughter he had experienced and the things he had experienced were not even one-tenth of what Yi Yunyao had experienced.

The wound on Chu Yunfan’s arm was slowly healing. This attracted Yi Yunyao’s attention. With Wang Yifan’s strength, it should be impossible for Chu Yunfan to heal so quickly. Wang Yifan had passed the Abstract Stage. Chu Yunfan was struck by the sword, but he was not killed. This made Yi Yunyao very curious.

Chu Yunfan must have a secret, something big!

“I’m not a child. Fairness isn’t important to me,” Chu Yunfan said, “I’ll get back at him sooner or later.”

Although Wang Yifan was very powerful, Chu Yunfan wasn’t discouraged. He had two great inheritances from the Alchemy Emperor, which could be said to be unprecedented. All he needed now was time.

When Yi Yunyao heard his words, she wasn’t annoyed. On the contrary, she revealed a smile and said, “That’s right. With such an idea, you surely have a bright future. But this isn’t enough. Far from enough, in fact.”

She continued,” You come from the Violet Thunder Prefecture and perhaps don’t know enough about Grand Xia and the Flying Celestials. This is a system where the strong prey on the weak. Wang Yifan doesn’t dare to touch you not only because of me, but also because you’re a seed disciple.”

“He knows that I’m a seed disciple?” Chu Yunfan asked in surprise.

“Did you think what happened was an accident? I’m afraid that the entire sect knows that I’m the one who recommended you as you’re the first person I’ve ever recommended,” Yi Yunyao said, “I’ve been fighting with Wang Yifan for so many years. If I don’t understand him by now, that would be a joke.

“He wants to kill you to show off,” Yi Yunyao continued.” If you were just an ordinary inner disciple, then killing you would be no different from killing the disciples under his name.”

Chu Yunfan’s expression was solemn. Although Grand Xia was extremely prosperous, the number of killings was extremely rare.

“What he thinks is that I can’t protect you forever. He will find a chance to kill you.” Yi Yunyao sighed. “But he’s right. I can’t protect you forever. You will have to fend for yourself and prove your talent. The better you perform, the more attention you’ll get from the higher-ups, and the more he won’t dare to attack you.”

“I understand,” Chu Yunfan said.

Although it was said that the bird that stood out would be shot, at the same time, the bird that stood out would also receive the most attention from others. Although the true disciples were extremely powerful, they were not at the point where they could casually kill the future star of a sect. That would be too lawless.

“And although the Flying Celestials is extremely large, our resources are limited. These resources won’t fall into your hands for nothing. If you don’t fight for them, you won’t get them,” Yi Yunyao said.

“I understand. Thank you for your guidance, Senior Yi.” Chu Yunfan cupped his hands.

Of course, he understood these principles. After all, he had experienced this kind of thing countless times in the past.

“All right, enough chatter. I’m going back into seclusion. You should head back too, and be careful. Don’t let give Wang Yifan any opportunities,” Yi Yunyao said.

With that said, she stepped on a beam of light and disappeared.

Chu Yunfan stood there for a while, then stepped on the light and left too. Today’s events made him understand that the Flying Celestials was not a peaceful place. On the contrary, competition between people was everywhere. He had to become a true disciple as soon as possible. However, the basic condition to become a true disciple was to reach beyond the Abstract Stage.

He vowed to remember today’s incident. Sooner or later, he would pay Wang Yifan back for this.

After bidding farewell to Yi Yunyao, Chu Yunfan returned to his residence and entered seclusion. During this time, he clearly sensed several divine wills spying on him from outside, but they were unable to enter his residence.

Three days later, he officially came out of seclusion and went straight to the Merit Hall in the West District.

The Merit Hall was a special department within the Flying Celestials. It specialized in issuing missions to the members. Some of these missions were issued by the sect, some were issued by the disciples of the sect, and some were issued by other small sects and families. Among them, the mission with the highest return rate and the most interesting was from the Imperial Court. Grand Xia’s Imperial Court had always been generous, and the rewards after completing the missions issued by them were quite considerable.

The highest-ranking true disciples would often take on all kinds of missions to temper themselves. Moreover, many fortuitous encounters were obtained from missions, not to mention the generous rewards after completing them. Therefore, the Merit Hall was a very powerful faction within the sect. Many people had to act according to their wishes.

However, the Merit Hall usually took a neutral stance and did not get involved in the various disputes within the sect. Otherwise, no one would feel at ease letting the Merit Hall control such a huge benefit.

The Merit Hall was always crowded and noisy. Countless outer and inner disciples were rushing in and out, either to hand in missions or to accept missions. The staff members of the Merit Hall were very busy.

Chu Yunfan’s cultivation required countless resources. It was far from enough to just wait for the sect to distribute some cultivation resources according to the prescribed order. Only by completing missions could he obtain the resources to increase his cultivation in a short time.

Although Chu Yunfan was wary of Wang Yifan, he did not take it to heart. He had many tricks up his sleeve and had the Sword Light Talisman of the Violet Thunder Swords. It was not impossible for him to kill Wang Yifan. Who he was truly afraid of was Li Qianyuan. Compared to Li Qianyuan, Wang Yifan was not worth mentioning.

“Long time no see, Brother Chu.”

Chu Yunfan had just arrived at the Merit Hall when he was stopped by a familiar face. He looked around and spotted Huang Feng walking over to him.

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