I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 109 She's the cool husband

In the house's courtyard…

Davi and Kaide was already about to fight. Kaide said that he wanted to see what her level first to know where to start. However, for some reason, Davi was a bit hesitant.

How could I possibly get serious with this noble looking and harmless pretty man?

"Please get serious miss." The man said and when she saw the serious look in his eyes, Davi somehow felt that she shouldn't be judging him by his look.

Thus, the fight began. And as she fought him, Davi realized that indeed, she shouldn't judge the book by its cover. He was the person her husband chose to teach her so he's definitely good. Although, it looked, the word good wasn't actually enough to describe him. That moment, she could tell he's in another level.

Until time passed and they continued fighting. Kaide was gentle and he was still smiling gently. He was just defending, and yet not a single blow even reached him. Not even close. Causing Davi to be quite frustrated.

"Miss, you're actually quite good. If it's just for self-defense, I think your level is good enough. Why do you still want to learn more?" he asked nonchalantly when he saw that she was reaching her limit.

"I-I'm not good enough. I want to grow stronger." She replied while panting heavily.

"Is it because you have someone you wanted to beat?" he asked again even though he could see that Davi was starting to get exhausted.

"N-nope, I-it's because I wanted to protect someone."

"Hm, I see. I wonder who it is, someone's bullying your little brother?"

"No, my husband is in danger so I wanted to grow stronger so I could protect him."

"Ehh? Err… your husband---" As soon as Kaide realized that she was talking about Sei, he was dumbstruck for a second so a blow finally landed in his beautiful face. Causing the girl to rejoice.

Meanwhile, a masked man and a body guard looking man standing behind a pillar was having different reaction on what Davi just said.

As usual, Zaki couldn't hold his laughter that he even trembled as he tried not to make a sound, while Sei just remained motionless and dumbfounded.

"Pfft! Sei, did you hear that? Did you hear that? Your wife is so cool." Zaki said as he continued laughing hard while Sei just remained speechless.

"It's almost look like you're the wife here and she's the cool husband. pfft!"

Seriously, this is fun.

However, that same moment, Sei's attention wasn't on him anymore. And a second later, Sei's cold aura suddenly blazed, making Zaki to immediately follow his line of sight. And as expected, the cause was that a certain girl was looking at Kaide with stars in her eyes.

"T-teacher, you're so good. Are you a ninth degree black belter? You are, right?" Davi's eyes were filled with nothing but amazement. It was because this is the first time she met someone as good as him. Not knowing that the teacher she was talking to couldn't even reply, due to the deadly extreme pressure her husband was pointing at him.

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