I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 110 Despicable sly fox

The moment Zaki realized just how much the poor Kaide was struggling and just how cold Sei has turned, he could only scratch his nape. He knew that Kaide can't handle Sei's pressure at all to the point that he even once experienced being on the verge of nervous breakdown because of him.

Ahh, these creatures are such a pain in the ass.

Due to that, Zaki then decided to do something. And besides, he needs to make sure that Sei will choose Kaide to be Davi's secret bodyguard.

And as Zaki thinks about the best word he'll say to solve the problem in one go, an idea immediately flashed across his brain the moment he stared at Kaide who was still horror-struck.

Kaide, you may not like this but… this lie is the only thing that can save you from now on and forever.

That moment, Zaki put his hand on Sei's shoulder and then he whispered something to him. And as expected, what he said immediately extinguished Sei's coldness into completely nothing.

Sei then walked towards them and he stood behind Davi who didn't noticed his approach while she kept on talking to her teacher.

"You're so great, I bet if you will teach as taekwondo teacher in school everyone's jaw will drop. You'll surely get famous and many will challenge you. And I'm sure with that face of yours, many girls will chase you. But don't turn into a jerk just like our captain in high school who change girlfriends every day, okay?" She said continuously while the man she's talking to was slowly going back to his usual self because Sei's sudden cool down.

However, before Kaide could finally talk back to her, suddenly, Sei's voice suddenly rang.

"That's not possible, this guy likes men." He said causing Kaide and Davi to both choked themselves and the coughed multiple times before they both looked at Sei.

Davi looked at Sei and since she knew Sei will never lie to her, she turned her head and stared at Kaide with disbelief. However, as soon as she saw how beautiful he was, she started giggling and she began smiling at him meaningfully as though the words 'ohh, I see. That really makes sense, you don't have to hide it,' were coming out her mouth silently.

Not knowing that Kaide's nerves was about to burst.

"W-w-where did that came from?" he finally asked Sei, while trying his best not to show him his annoyance.

That moment, Sei just glanced at Zaki without saying anything. And because of that one glance, as expected, it was that despicable sly fox again. He knew that no one in this world will treat him like this other than him.

Zaki… damn you… how could you do this to me you sly fox…

Davi on the other hand, noticed his unusual expression so she started coaxing him.

"It's fine, it's really fine. You may not know but you're actually so great. I'm really happy to know that you're actually a… yes, don't worry, I'm on your side, okay?" Davi said as she gently patted his back as though she's starting to treat him like a girl. Something that instantly made Kaide to move away immediately.

"Ahaha… it's not like… well, uhm… I need to go to the restroom. Please excuse me." He said hastily and he went straight towards Zaki and dragged him with him inside the house.

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