I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 111 The new era

As soon as the two men reached the living room, Kaide finally burst.

"You… Zaki, you… what the---"

"What, you know I did it to save you."

"Huh? There's a lot of other ways for you to that. Ahh… are you serious? The boss and the miss will think I'm gay from now on? I can't accept this. This is too much."

"Easy dude… this is the only way for you to stay beside her without being warry of Sei's pressures. And besides, if I didn't said that to him, there's no way he'll let you to guard her."

Zaki's words somehow calmed the poor guy. However, the thought of being treated as gay from now on by both of his masters began to torment him.

"You don't have to worry, I'll tell them to keep it a secret."

"Huh? Shut up. You don't know how I feel you sly fox."

"Kaide... listen… your job isn't simple at all, so I'll do everything to get rid of anything that can disrupt what I've planned." Zaki said and his sudden change of tone immediately turned Kaide speechless. Kaide was aware that anything Zaki wanted to happen will definitely happen. He knew that the only person who could change his decision was no one but Sei. That was why, he knew he was already doomed the moment he heard what Sei told him on the courtyard.

"I know you already knew how important that girl is. You have to protect her at all cost… it'd be a huge trouble if anything bad happen to her. And… the truth is I can't even begin to imagine what that monster will do if that happens. That's why, don't ever think about slacking, you get it?" Zaki's voice was serious as ever and his expression was akin to a great evil commander. And Kaide knew that every time this guy acts like this, things will only means business.

"Slacking…? What made you think I'll ever do that?" Kaide finally replied, causing a smirk being flashed across Zaki's face.

"That's why I chose you ain't i? Let's go back, you still have things you'll tell her, right?" Zaki said as he began to walk away nonchalantly. Causing another popping vein on Kaide's forehead.

"I'll do everything for my job, but… I will remember this Zaki."

"Yeah, yeah."


Meanwhile, the couple in the courtyard was talking to each other pleasantly.

"You look so fond of him," Sei said causing Davi to nod like rattle.

"Yeah, he's really amazing. I didn't think you'll hire a teacher with such caliber to teach me. I'm so excited about the day when I could finally beat him. Haha."

"B-beat him?" Sei repeated as he stared at her. Don't tell me those stars in her eyes were actually because of her excitement to beat him one day…?

"Mm, but now that I found out he's actually a gay, I think my motivation on beating him has diminished."


"It's because people like him has a girl's heart. I can't possibly hurt a girl, you see?"


"But if one day I will manage to reach his level, will you let me protect you?"

That moment, Davi's plea effortlessly made Sei to immediately nod at her, causing her to rejoice. Well, Sei just couldn't say no to her at all, especially that the girl was looking at him with such bright pleading eyes.

"Just you wait Sei, I'll definitely get stronger in no time." Davi said energetically as she raised her fist like superman, but to her surprise, Sei ssuddenly raised his hand and he began carefully brushing aside the wet strand of hair in her face. That moment, Davi's hand slowly fell and she began turning pink. It was just a simple thing but Davi's heart started pounding as she stared at the man who was quietly focused on what he was doing.

That same moment, the two men who just arrived, immediately fell into a halt the moment they saw what was unfolding in front of them. Kaide was dumbstruck by the cheesy scene, simply because this is the first time he saw his boss looking soft and gentle.

"Don't get too shocked, better rejoice Kaide, because we're already in the new era. The ice age has long ended… ever since she came into his life."

Zaki suddenly uttered softly, causing Kaide to look at him in disbelief.

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