I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 12 Step #03

"Uhm… I just want to confirm something," Davi once again broke the long silence. She doesn't know anything about her husband. The only thing he told her was his first name, a name she doesn't even know if real or not. However, Davi doesn't want to think about his identity at this point of time, she will wait for time to give her a chance to know him if ever it will come. At the moment, she has a much more important thing to do.

She was thinking about the third step on her to do list. She was thinking if she was a bit too fast, however, she knows that she can't waste any chances served on her while she can. Days ago, she was told by the maids that her husband was actually rarely coming home to the point that he can even disappear for a year. Making Davi a bit uneasy, thus made her rearranged her plans into the quickest route to win him over.

'Step #3: Take him out'

Davi was sure that this step was rather risky. She was well aware about his lack of interest in anything. He's a man who was almost devoid with all humane desires. However, she need to take him out and bring him into a place where it's easier to create something meaningful, to a place where she can be at ease in executing her next moves on him naturally.

"Say it."

"Well, aside from seeing your face… I can do whatever I want to you… right? Ahh… I mean, like… If I can ask you out whenever I like… or touch you… or... anything like that."

Davi was still having such a hard time, she felt like she was a peasant talking in front of a tyrant prince. She was nervous and couldn't relax at all every single time she utters a word to him. She wanted to ask him why the hell is he emitting such a cold and scary aura even when he is just eating quietly. She wants him to at least soften up but right now, she could only pray that through taking him out, she will at least learn to get used to him and could talk to him normally. Or else, she will never execute her plans perfectly.

"Up to the situation,"

"You mean… as long as you're not busy?"

"You could say that."

"Then... can I ask you out for a date?"

Sei once again raised his head and stared at her. And like a merciless ruler, he scrutinized her every expression as if he's trying to uncover something.

However, he could only see the same determined eyes of the girl across him.

"Where?" he said calmly.

"Ahh, you don't have to be worried. You can still wear your mask. I already have a plan."

The girl's expression was suddenly switched from tensed to excited. Sei could tell that she was currently in the beginning of her action plan and she was wasting no time to execute it. However, he noticed her impatience, she seems like she's chasing a deadline. Something that quietly made Sei's brows knitted slightly.

"When?" he asked again.

"Are you free tomorrow?"

For unknown reason, Sei strangely want to answer her right away. He then quickly slipped his hand in his pocket then dialed on his phone.

"Zaki, is there any important event tomorrow?"

"Huh? Why are you asking?"

"Just. Answer. Me." Sei's voice instantly sounds tyrannical, making the girl across him felt a sudden chill. Zaki on the other side of the phone could only deduce how he looks at the moment making him smile mischievously.

"Okay, okay… Uhh… there's an important one, remember that sole heir of ShinMeng's group?"

"Deal with him,"

"Huh? Wait, Sei!"

Sei put down his phone right away then stared at the girl before him, ignoring the other man on the other side of the phone.

"I'm free," he said. Making Davi's frozen spine suddenly melted as she smiled dazzlingly towards him.

Meanwhile, Zaki's pale face turned amazingly curios. He wanted to know what the hell made Sei change his mind. He was the one who's looking forward for tomorrow. He said he wanted to see that stubborn but genius man and make him one of his loyal pawns. So what the hell happened to this man who was always prioritizing his plans before anything or anyone? Did Sei found another pawn greater than ShinMeng's heir without him knowing? Impossible.


In the same dim and black toned room, Sei was standing near the large window. He was quietly looking down the green garden. Watching a hardworking girl working like a pro gardener.

"Sei! What the hell did you just say on the phone?" Zaki's loud voice abruptly echoed inside the room as he rushed towards Sei. His pretty face was filled with nothing but wonder.

"She asked me out,"

"W-hoah! Wh-what? Seriously?"

Zaki's eyes almost bulge out. He was shocked. Not for the news that Davi asked him out, but because he realized that Sei actually prioritized someone's plan before his, for the first time ever. He simply couldn't believe it. 'What the hell. What made me think that a mere pawn can change this frozen stone's mind? Wait… has the long lost queen finally arrived? Holy sh*t! The ice age's downfall is already this close?'

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