I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 11 Step #02

Davi's plan A was actually the traditional style. It was her first choice because she believes that she first need to test the water before she jumps into it. After all, Sei was like a freezing cold water, and jumping into him right away might be nothing but suicide, or worse, she might even fail hard before she could even execute her plans. She needs to proceed slowly but surely to get his attention first.

Basically, she has to court him, she wants to court him, and make him want her. She also thought that those girls before her might already did the best they can, therefore, she has to try even harder. She was willing to try going back to the dark ages if that's what's needed. After all, that was her plan A, the mission she herself entitled; 'the legendary courting after marriage'.

In the large dining table, Davi and Sei was eating quietly. However, Davi was actually brainstorming. She was thinking about the next step. It was just the second step but the level of difficulty seemed jumped a little too high. Well, normally, it wasn't hard at all but the person was Sei of all people, even just the second step felt like ten times higher.

'Step #2: Initiate conversation.' Just as Hinari said, Davi knew how important conversation was. She needs to create a leeway to at least go through him, meaning, she has to talk to him and try making connections with him while staying on her highest level of alertness for possible landmines that may blast her off in an instant if she's not careful.

And the hardest part was that all the articles she read were all suggesting flirty questions like; 'What do you like best about me? What's the shortest relationship you've ever had? What does your ideal girl look like? What's your favorite position? What is your biggest turn on? Do you watch adult movies to turn yourself on?' Well, she knows that he was never interested in anyone else so how the hell could he like someone, or be in a relationship to someone? He had no interest in girls, so how the hell could he have an ideal girl, much more favorite position and his best turn on when no one could even arouse him? My god.

Davi's head was aching. And now that the man was in front of her, even asking was just so taxing, requiring her such huge energy and courage.

However, Davi was determined, she needs to talk to him or they will go nowhere. "Uhm… Can I ask you something?"


"What's your… favorite food?"


"Oh… how about movies? Do you have one you wanted to watch?"

"I don't watch movies,"

"Ohh… ah, sport. What's your favorite sport?"

"Nothing in particular,"

"Then how about celebrity?"


Davi was speechless. Why did it end up with a question and answer? And what's with those answers? Davi pressed her lips tight, she didn't think that talking to him was harder than she imagined. However, she won't stop.

"Then, is there anything you're even interested at?"

Sei suddenly stopped moving his hands then raised his head and looked at her. At the same time, Davi held her breath as she waits for his answer.

"What do you think?"

"Huh?" Why is he asking me? How the hell should I know? He sure knows how to dodge questions this monster. "Uhm well, I think, soon enough, you'll get interested in me."

Upon hearing what she said, he finally let go of his spoon and fork.

"What made you think so?"

"Hmmm… I trust myself."

"What if you'll fail?"

"I won't."

"How sure are you?"

"Uh…" For heaven's sake, why did I ended up being questioned instead? Davi sighed and then gazed at him determined as ever. "I'm stubborn, I won't lose to you no matter what, I will make you my girlf… I will make you want me."

There was a short pause. Davi bit her lips. Sei stared at her eyes filled with nothing but fighting spirit. It was as if she was an ancient lady general who was determined to win the battle even if it cost her, her life. She almost looks like, she was in a 'do or die' mission. And Sei couldn't help but feel somewhat amused. He felt that there was a brewing breeze inside him.

"Good. I'll look forward to it then."

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