I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 14 Bunny masked couple

At the middle of the night, Davi was awakened. She was half asleep as she moved out of the bed and walked towards the toilet.

After a moment, she came back. The light was on and as soon as she saw the man on her bed, her curios mind suddenly enveloped her consciousness. She then slowly walked closer and quietly climb on the bed. She carefully sat while her lips were pressed tightly as ever. Well, she wanted to look at his face. She wanted to took a glance at him even if her heartbeat was beating wildly as if the world was coming to its end at any second. It was as if, the temptation was much greater than life itself at the moment.

'My god! Is this how Eve felt when she ate the forbidden fruit?'

Davi could only shake her head softly. 'Well, I'll just tell him that I accidentally saw him,' she whispered to herself.

She then took a quiet deep breath, three times. Then along with her loud accelerating heartbeats she slowly turned her head, eyes closed.

For another long moment, Davi kept her eyes closed as she faced towards the sleeping guy. She felt like she was an actress in an intense thrilling scene. Then, she slowly opened her eyes while squeezing the pillow in her chest tight as ever.

And as soon as she opened her eyes, she unconsciously held her breath. Then she blinked nonstop for a long while. Her shoulders also dropped instantly as if her emotional energy just dropped into 0% in no time. She hugged her pillow like a weakened kitten.

'That was lethal,' she whispered then stared back at the man again.

The man's upper face was actually covered with black sleeping mask. The mask was a bit bigger than the normal thing, hiding his forehead and only showing his sexy lips and the tip of his nose.

'So this is what he meant when he said accident won't happen, huh.'

Weakened Davi laid lazily facing the man beside her. She could see his neck, his sexy Adam's apple, his perfect jaw line, his lips, his jet black hair. It was already their second night together, but Davi felt no danger coming from him. Sei was just lying there, motionless. And Davi couldn't help but just watch the non-human creature beside him.

"Can't sleep?"

Davi was instantly startled. She didn't expect that Sei was awake. God, when did he woke up? Did he felt I'm staring at him for a long time now?

"Uhh… no, no. I'm turning off the light now, good night." Davi spoke as fast as she could. She was in an instant panic, feeling like she was a thief caught red handed.

The weather was bright and a couple both dressed with plain black t-shirt paired with tattered jeans was sitting inside a low-key black Toyota Camry.

Hours ago, Davi was unsure and nervous when he asked him to wear the simple common attire she bought for him. However, Sei was surprisingly obedient and he wore the clothes without saying anything. Making Davi felt obviously relieved and stunned. It's because Sei, wearing such clothes was just something Davi can't help but praise. She can't believe that he will still look so catchy and elegantly handsome wearing t-shirt. His long legs were even revealed handsomely, making him look like the perfect boyfriend material.

"To make you not look weird, I bought these," Davi broke the silence as she smiled at him brightly.

Sei's line of sight fell into a pair of seemingly couple masks in her hands. She then gets the smaller one then wore it. Sei was almost fine with it, however, the masks were just a bit strange. They were childishly designed like a bunny. It even has a pair of ears towering above the eyes.

He stared at the girl for a moment and seeing her wearing the strange mask made him took the mask she's giving. Making Davi smiled at him dazzlingly once again.

"Were here boss," the driver said as the car stopped. Sei looked outside the car's window then his brows slowly knitted quietly.

Meanwhile, Zaki was waiting in a bench when he suddenly stood the moment he saw the black car opened. Davi wearing a funny bunny mask made Zaki's eyes sparkled. Her, wearing a lose black t-shirt and jeans with bunny mask was just too cute that people around also turned their heads towards her.

However, what appeared the next moment almost made Zaki choked himself to death.

"Cough, cough, cough… holy sh*t!" Zaki couldn't believe his eyes the moment he saw Sei came out of the car wearing the same common clothes and… the same funny bunny mask. He was completely bewildered, he never even thought that a day when he saw Sei in such outfit will come, not even in his wildest dream. He can't believe that he finally saw that frozen stone Sei, wore something funny for the first time in his lifetime.

"All hail Davi your highness, you really are the best!" he whispered to himself while his gaze was still focused on the bunny masked couple, looking like a lovey-dovey delinquent young lover meters away from him.

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