I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 15 Step #04

At Diamond City Amusement Park.

Sei's eyes, though hidden, was actually slowly getting narrowed the moment he realized where they are. However, he could only stand there and wait for his wife's next move.

On the other hand, Davi was currently holding herself to focus on her mission. It's been such a long time since she and her brother last visited an amusement park that's why she just couldn't help but felt nostalgic as she watched the colorful towering palaces in the park.

So after a short while of looking around, she then took a deep breath, switched instantly into mission mode, then smiled brightly at the man beside her.

'Step #04: touch him,' Davi remembered what Hinari told her; 'Don't make it too obvious, do it naturally'.

Davi knew that she need to do all sort of different strategies for her to know what will make her husband reacts. She has to do some experiments and observe his every reaction. And to do that, she has to be alert and mindful at the same time.

"Do you have any place you want to visit first?" she asked even though she already know what he'll say.

"Up to you."

"Okay! Let's go!"

Davi casually held his wrist then happily pulled him towards the route to the dancing fountain. However, one thing was off, the moment she touched him, she felt like she was the one who was affected instead. Touching him suddenly made her heart flutters. Making Davi instantly lose her mission mode. 'Why the hell am I feeling like this? I'm just holding his wrist, for heavens' sake!'

Davi couldn't believe herself. She couldn't even manage to look at him at the moment because she was desperately trying to calm herself, not knowing that she was already walking too fast and heading towards a route that wasn't on her plan.

Meanwhile, apart from Sei's narrowed eyes due to the overwhelming crowds, his brows started to furrow as well. It's because the girl who was happily talking to him just now was suddenly walking at full speed while dragging him. Thankfully, the crowd were voluntarily opening a way for them, simply because they were just too catchy as if they were a special celebrity couple hiding behind a bunny mask.

And while obediently following her wife, Sei was occasionally glancing at his wrist her wife was holding. He could feel that she was suddenly exerting such strength that's as if she was making sure that he will not get separated with her. As if he was a kid getting dragged by his mother.

In the middle of their full speed walking, a lady in uniform suddenly stopped them. Davi snapped right away as if she was suddenly awakened in her short but taxing dream.

"Welcome to our haunted mansion, we're actually giving a 50% discount to the tenth couple who will get in and you two are just too lucky because you are the tenth. Please enjoy your discount ma'am and sir and good luck!"

The uniformed lady spoke too fast and she was now giving them the tickets which was suddenly accepted by Sei.

Davi was surprised because of what Sei did but she was even more stunned when she realized where they are at the moment. 'Wait, what? How did we end up here? Aren't we just heading to the dancing fountain just now? And what?! H-haunted house?'

"Let's go," Sei finally spoke.

It was supposed to be a good development because it seems like something finally caught Sei's attention. 'But why? Is Sei's interest actually about horrors?! My god! This monster, I don't want to get in!'

Davi's greatest weakness was her brother and actually next to him was ghost. She was phasmophobic and still can't handle horror movies, much more a haunted house.

"I-is it okay for you to get in?" she asked and he just nodded at her. So she couldn't do anything but just bite her lip and follow the man before him. She breathed really deep as she was convincing herself that her mission was much more important and that this man before her was a much terrifying monster than any ghost around.

Meanwhile Sei was a bit curious. He thought that Davi must have been so excited to bring him in the haunted house to the point of walking at full speed nonstop. He thought that Davi must have been chasing that 10th couple discount so he was wondering why was the girl suddenly looking so tense as if she doesn't want to get in.

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