I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 24 Amusemen

Meanwhile, a big cinnamon was rolling on the floor right after he took a good shot of that breathtaking moment. He gripped his cellphone as he was suppressing his mouth desperately not to laugh out loud and disrupt the current live fairytale in the kitchen.

He couldn't imagine the level of shock Sei was suffering at the moment. It was because, even he, who was just quietly watching already suffered some hundred volts of shock because of that manly kiss.

My god Davi your highness! What the hell are you trying to do?!

Zaki was too amused. He didn't expect Davi to suddenly turn herself into a gentle prince.

After some moments, he crawled back to stand again when a loud sound of a dropped glass on the floor broke the stalemate of deep silence.

Davi and Sei instantly turned their head towards the corner where the sound came from and a pale young man was standing near the window while the gray curtains were dancing behind him.

That sight of him, looking as though he's a beautiful boy who just rose from the dead, instantly transformed the manly prince a moment ago into something completely different.

"Ahhh!!! G-ghost!!" Davi screamed the moment she saw him. She turned her head away instantly as she froze, thinking she just saw a ghost. It was because, she was sure no one was there before. She was sure that she and Sei were the only person in the kitchen the whole time. She was sure that nobody came in, and Mr. Chen is only peaking at the door until now.

Davi's extreme fear made her entire body shiver, as though she just fell in the frozen water of Antarctica.

Her wide eyes fell on the masked man right across the long table. Then she fell on her knees, crawled under the table and went straight towards Sei.

The moment she reached him, Davi clung into Sei's thigh right away. Causing Sei's brows knitted behind his mask. Feeling her trembling body, Sei felt a sudden urge to just kill the people responsible in turning her like this.

But looking at the girl tightly hugging his thigh and shivering like a scared little bunny, Sei could only put his big hand right away in her head to ease her from her excessive fear.

"It's not a ghost, it's Yijin." He said as he kept caressing her hair. "Look."

Upon hearing Sei's words, Davi forced herself to come back to her senses. She knew that her reactions were somehow stupid and exaggerated to others, but, she couldn't help it. Her body is reacting even faster than her brain when it comes to ghost.

After a while, she raised her head without letting go of Sei's thigh as she slowly peaked above the table.

A pretty young boy with a really apologetic face appeared before her eyes. He was indeed the ghost she just saw. And he was no ghost, but a pretty young boy. He was that boy who was holding bunch of red roses she met the first day she arrived in this house, YiJin.

The young man then walked towards her right away and bowed his head multiple times.

"I… I… I'm very sorry young miss. I scared you, I'm truly sorry."

He apologized over and over again making Davi felt a bit guilty. She then forced herself to calm down and forget about her fear.

"N-no, it's alright. It's my fault, I get scared too easily. Haha." She was trying to laugh it off but she's still clinging into Sei's thigh. It was because, she was still a bit scared. She's still filled with doubt even though she can see that the young man in front of her is a human in flesh. It was because she was sure that no one was there before and if he's not a ghost, when did he get in? It would be impossible to get in without being seen because the only entrance was right in front of her. She couldn't even feel his presence at all. She wanted to find a way to convince herself but...

"Want to make sure? Why don't you touch him?" Sei's voice abruptly made Davi lifted her head and stared at the man she's hugging. She instantly furrowed as though she couldn't believe what he just said. She couldn't help but feel another shiver down her spine. It was because the man appeared as though he can hear everything she didn't say into words. As though he can see her mind and can hear her inner voices.

"Ahh… you too… please stop scaring me," she pleaded with teary eyes. Instantly making Sei mystified. Huh? When did I scare her?

"Haha. It's really fine young mi---," the disguised Zaki who finally appeared to rescue the two hopeless beings beside her couldn't continue his words. It was because the girl suddenly jumped into him as soon as she heard him and then she hid behind him while tugging his shirt tight.

Zaki was stunned on what the girl did but the first thing he did was looked at the masked man in front of him.

Sei's aura instantly turned unbelievably dark as he stood. His line of sight seemed to be locked on the girl's hand on Zaki's hip.

"Pfft." Zaki couldn't help but cover his mouth. He was too amused on what was going on, he wanted to just laugh out loud. His face was unbelievably bright, as if he was enjoying his current amusement.

Noticing Zaki's mischievously bright expression, Sei realized his own reaction and was a bit surprised himself. He then suppressed his dark aura but he was painfully distracted by the sight of her touching another man.

He again glared back to the man still smiling at him mischievously as ever as if he was enjoying Sei's current troubled mood.

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