I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 23 That's a promise

Gray Mansion...

An alluring scent of a delicious hotpot dancing with the wind caused all the hidden beings around the house raised their heads as they quietly craving for it. But of course, as expected, the only one who didn't drool was the wooden man sitting nonchalantly cold in a long table without any visible expression in his every move.

A girl dressed in plain white served a bowl in front of him as she stared at him expectantly, waiting for his reaction.

But as expected, Sei who was wearing his usual dark clothes started eating quietly as usual, with no visible reactions at all.

Thankfully, he soon realized the meaning behind the gazes being thrown on him. He raised his head and looked at the girl who was watching him intently.

"Mm, good," he said with his same blank tone then he continued eating.

Resting her face in one hand, Davi could only smile. The result was exactly as what she expected but she strangely didn't feel any disappointment. She felt as though she was glad instead that he's at least eating the food she cooked for him.

"Is it okay for you if… I'll be the one cooking for you from now on?"

she asked.

Sei raised his head and looked at her, replying her one word. "Why?"

Eh? Why? Do I need to have a reason for cooking for him? Davi's calm self turned a bit puzzled, and for a moment, she didn't know what to say.

"B-because I'm your wife. And I don't have much work to do here anyway."

Her statement was followed by another long silence. And Sei was still looking at her sudden indifferent expression. Of course it was almost an expression no one should have notice but in front of Sei, it's quite obvious. He could also tell that her voice slightly wavered when she said, 'she doesn't have much work to do'.

"Are you getting bored here?"

"Ah? Um… that," Davi was instantly tongue tied. She didn't expect the man to ask her such question. She didn't expect him to easily see through the emotion she's suppressing so bad within her. Leaving her without a choice, she was forced to admit it. "Mm… it's not really like that but maybe I'm not just used in staying all day long inside a house. Especially when you're not around, but I'm sure I'll get used to it soon."

"What do you want to do?"

"Huh?" Davi wasn't sure about what he meant, she doesn't want to jump into conclusions especially when it comes to this unfathomable man. She stared at him curious.

"You can still pursue your dream if you wish."

The moment those words came out of Sei's mouth, Davi abruptly stood as if she couldn't believe what he just said. Her mouth hanged open as she stared at Sei with an eyes filled with disbelief. That moment she signed that contract, she already gave up not just her body but also her future and her dream. She was aware that she no longer own herself, thus, she buried all her desire while wishing that they'll disappear with the flow of time. And yet, what is this?

Sei on the other hand could only continue watching the girl's stupefied face. To him, her speechless face filled with disbelief, her widened eyes and her mouth hanging opened were somewhat amusing into his eyes. He thought that it wasn't that bad to surprise this girl once in a while.

"As long as you won't break my rules, as long as you prioritize your responsibility to me, you can do what you want." He continued and after another long silence, the girl in front of him suddenly walked back and forth like a broken robot as her hands were pinching her own cheeks.

After making sure that she wasn't dreaming, she looked at him with a beautiful wide smile filled with nothing but happiness. A smile Sei thought was the most real and pure he has ever seen.

Her usual bright eyes turned even brighter as if thousands of diamonds were being reflected in it. Sei couldn't take his eyes away from her at that very moment. He didn't expect the girl to be that happy, he could only say deep within; 'so this is her when she's truly happy, huh.'

"Thank you," she said as she reached out her hand and held his long and elegant hand, caressing it as if it was a truly precious treasure. "I swear my dream will only be second to you. You will always be my priority, that's a promise."

Sei was stunned. His mind almost felt as if it halted for a moment. He didn't expect the words she just said at all.

As if those words were enough!

Without any warning, the girl quietly lifted Sei's hand and with her eyes closed, she kissed his hand as if she was a gentle prince from the world of fairytale and that Sei, was her adored princess.

Sei was speechless, the moment her warm lips landed on his hand, he felt as though he was electrocuted.

Strangely, his mind almost want to just voluntarily shut itself down.

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