I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 26 Sense of taste

Surprisingly, Sei didn't woke up at deep dawn. It was the first time he slept that long. He's always been the kind of strange creature who always seems to be competing against the sun on who will be the first to rise. And for the first time in forever, the sun finally took its long awaited victory against him.

By the time Sei opened his eyes, he lifted his eye mask right away and his gorgeous brows knitted as though he was really surprised the moment he saw the bright sunshine piercing through the glass window.

He's about to rise when he felt a weight on his arm.

Realizing that his wife was still sleeping, he quietly removed his eye mask and slowly reached out his hand, grabbing his mask on the table.

After a moment, he gently lifted her head but to his surprise, the girl suddenly opened her eyes in the process.

"Good morning," she said and after almost three seconds, Sei could only nod at her. He then let go of her and get off the bed right away while the girl was still yawning like a cute little cat, slowly standing up straight.

The moment Sei stepped out of the master's bedroom, a large face abruptly appeared in front of him.

"Heh, what did you two did last night that you actually woke up this late for the first time ever? Wait, wait, wait. Don't tell me… did you guys did it? Did you? Did you?" Zaki's eyes were almost bulging out. His face was too close, almost crashing into Sei's face, causing Sei to suddenly put his palm on his face and mercilessly pushed him away.

And ignoring the man like thin air, Sei just walked towards his study room as if he didn't hear him at all.

"Hey, don't ignore me! Wait, but… no response means 'yes', right? Whoah, Sei! Am I going to expect a baby soon---?"

A sound of a door shut closed clammed Zaki's mouth. However, his mischievous smirk didn't fade even though he can already tell that nothing really happened between the two. Zaki was just enjoying himself teasing Sei while he's still in his so called human mode. He knows that once the guy change back to his usual monster mode, he can never tease him like that again.

Minutes later…

Sei, already dressed majestically handsome as if he's about to meet another being as terrifying as him, stepped out of his study room.

And at that same moment, Davi who was about to call him for breakfast, couldn't say a word upon seeing him dressed as though he was about to walk into a red carpet meant for the most powerful royalty.

She was flustered and silenced by his seemingly magical looks. But thankfully, after more than three seconds, she finally able to talk. "Breakfast is ready."

Sei was about to answer her when Zaki abruptly talked behind Davi. "Ah, young miss… you can go ahead. We'll follow soon."

Upon hearing him, Davi just nodded at him and took one last glance into the masked man before quietly walking away.

Only when the back view of the girl could no longer be seen did Zaki abruptly sidled to the masked man.

"Are you saying that we'll leave again without even eating breakfast? And despite your wife's invitation? Are you going to leave her eating alone? Alone in that dull huge long table of yours? I mean alone? Where's your heart you frozen l…" Zaki couldn't continue his supposedly long set of heart aching speech meant for forcing Sei to eat first before leaving. It was because the man already walked passed him, leaving him like nothing as he walks towards the kitchen, causing Zaki to almost jump with happiness.

Truth was that, upon seeing him already dressed, Zaki knew that he's already planning to leave right away. And so he tried coaxing him to at least eat first.

But of course, more than half of the reason why he was desperately trying to force Sei to eat was because, Zaki just saw that Davi's recipe for breakfast is his favorite. He was in love at first taste with Davi's cooking since he tasted the hotpot she cooked for Sei yesterday. He and Yijin actually devour all the leftovers like mad the moment Sei left, quietly thanking the gods that they didn't bestowed Sei a normal sense of taste.

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