I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 27 Oh so talkative

After breakfast…

Sei moved right away to leave. Noticing his unusual hastiness, Davi then walked beside him in his pace towards the entrance.

"When will you back?" she asked. And the masked man just answered her with another one word. "Tomorrow."

Somehow, Davi felt as though she was really glad that he wasn't leaving for another long days. One reason why was that, Davi was afraid that the familiarity she established with him will be hard to maintain when he disappear again. And worse was that, she noticed that whenever he comes home, it was as though the thick frozen barrier around him that she worked so hard to soften while he's with him will always going back to its usual frosty coldness again. And everytime that happens, it only means, she has to begin again.

"Oh--- I see." Davi nodded as she smiled at him pleasantly, as though his single-word response just made her exceptionally happy.

Seeing the girl's unbelievably bright eyes and dazzling face, Sei thought it might be because she had such a good sleep last night. She even seemed to be the reason why he himself slept that long.

Something that appeared to be a once in a blue moon experience for him.

Thinking about it, Sei halted and faced towards her. Making Davi looked at him with curious eyes.

"About what I said yesterday, you can do what you want."

Sei's words caused Davi to blink three times. Then another bright smile carved in her pretty face. "Mm. I'll do my best!" she said in a tone filled with energy and determination.

"Good." Sei put his big hand into Davi's head for a while before walking away.

But the moment Sei's hand left her head, Davi unconsciously raised her hand and played with her hair he just touched. She seemed to be lost in thought for a moment. It was because every time Sei does that to her, she felt as though Sei was such a warm, cold person. It was as if, his icy voice, his cold, mysterious aura and his deafening silence will all melted at once every time she felt the warmth of his hand.

To her, his warm hand is a powerful energy ball. And the only thing she can do at the moment was smile, run after him and do what's needed to be done.

Just before Sei steps out of the entrance, he noticed an approaching fast and light steps so he turned his head back. To his surprise, the girl suddenly pulled his hand towards her from behind him, tiptoed, then kissed him near his lips, and ran away in a flash without turning back.

Sei stood there motionless for a moment, at the same time puzzled as he watches Davi's disappearing silhouette. He was wondering why she always ran away instantly every time she kisses him.

"Hohoho, another flash kiss huh. How sweet." Zaki's annoying voice instantly burst the moment Sei entered the car.

Thinking he could tease him again, Zaki was about to continue talking when Sei dropped a word bomb towards him.

"We're late," he said. And those two words instantly clammed Zaki's mouth for quite a pleasing long time. He then focused himself driving as fast as he could.

But some time later, the bomb slowly dissipated and he talked again.

"Ugh! I wonder how high the intensity of that old man's anger when we arrive."

Zaki already removed his mask since a while ago, so at that moment, his pale face showed nothing but wariness. A face that appeared as though they're about to head into a certain deadly devil's den.

"Intensity 6," answered Sei while quietly focusing on his laptop.

"Huh? It may look intensity 6 to you but to me, it's intensity 10. You get it? Ah, how about you go alone?" Zaki's voice was loud. It was as if he's getting nervous while they're getting closer.

However, Sei's quiet self was already telling him that his request isn't possible, ignoring him as though, his worried self wasn't all serious at all. And he was right, Zaki gritting his teeth like scaredy little cat was nothing real. Most of his expressions of course, were all acting, and he was simply enjoying it.

The car soon went inside a huge gate and countless large and small containers were seen as far as the eyes could see, while numbers of huge cargo ships were towering from not afar. And as Zaki drives through the huge port, he opened his oh so talkative mouth again.

"Ah, but isn't this your fault?" he said but the man beside him appeared as though he couldn't hear any sound coming from him. But of course, Zaki still continued.

"If only you woke up early as usual, then we didn't… well, but If you did wake up early, I surely missed that food. Ah, that food is really---,"

"Shut up."

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