I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 3 Your husband's face

5 days passed and Davi was now inside a luxurious car heading towards a place she doesn't even know. Her brother was now safe. He was now recovering in the hospital when she left him. Davi broke down in tears when the doctors assured her that he was now stable and safe. She felt like a huge thorn stabbed on her chest were painfully pulled out and made her breath again.

That day she signed the contract, Davi herself was stunned on how fast things went through. Her brother was instantly transferred to the country's most expensive hospital; he was treated as if he was an heir of the country's richest family. His room wasn't even look hospital, rather, it looks like a presidential suit. Davi only asked them to save him, she didn't ask them to treat him like a prince but she couldn't say a word. And she was no exemption, because she was also strangely being treated like a princess. However, Davi didn't paid any attention to the sudden overextravagant treatment she was suddenly experiencing. She just doesn't care anymore, what was important to her was nothing but her brother's safety.

After his brother's successful surgery, Davi was brought to an empty church for her wedding. The church was filled with white flowers. It almost looks like a fairy's den. Every corner was beautifully designed with lavish and expensive materials. Her dress was nothing like a wedding gown, it was an evening gown designed with real gems, looking like a magical feather from the gods. Her long straight black hair was dancing gracefully as if it was a black silk waterfall. Everything she wore, everything she saw around was insanely unreal. She was literally looking like a princess in the realm of the gods. She was breathtakingly beautiful and pure. As if she was someone who was out of this world.

But the magical hall was empty, she was alone. The wedding contract was already signed by a nameless someone. There was no printed name written before the signature.

And yet, Davi was strangely calm the whole process. The guards were outside so no one could see her. She stared at her soon to be husband's signature for a long moment then she lifted the white folder she was holding. It was the folder she signed days ago that she hasn't even read yet. The groom wasn't there, nor the priest. So Davi did the reading. She went straight in front then read the whole contract aloud. The contract doesn't look like a joke at all, but she was smiling. The appearance almost look like it was some sort of a government confidential file. The only thing weird was that, the content literally felt like a joke to her.

The contract stated that she will be heading to her husband's mansion five days after her contract signing. She will become a wife until she bears a child. And after giving birth, the child won't be hers. That was all. Nothing was written what will happen after she gave birth. Basically, her only mission was to give her husband, a child.

However, the rules were even more strange. Especially the last one.

Rule #4: You are not allowed to see your husband's face.

Davi doesn't even know how to react. She was speechless. The most important note in the last page also stated that if she broke any of those rules stated, it will cost her; contract termination and jail or her life.

Her mind was full of curiosity and at the same time, uneasiness and bitterness. She can't help but felt like she was no longer the her she knew. She can't help but wonder why she ended up in a situation like this. She can't help but think what was waiting for her.

But after a moment, she still went and signed the marriage certificate without batting an eye. She knew that it was foolish for her to even think about backing off now. However, the moment she signed it, she just can't believe that she was already married to a man she never even seen. And worst was, she might really will never see him at all.

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