I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 4 Mysteriously gorgeous masked prince

"We're here miss," her driver turned at her as he spoke. Then someone opened the door for her. She gets off the car dressed like a young pure princess in white.

She looked around and was amazed by how beautiful the place was. It basically looks like it was a gray mansion in a large garden. Though one thing was strange, she sees no flowering plant around. Everything was so green and fresh but still, something seems off.

Davi turned her head and skimmed through the whole place once again and she frowned the moment she found what was wrong.

Her brows furrowed for the fact that there were just two colors around, dark green and dark gray. Davi was mystified but she saw that body guard, Mr. Chen, approaching her along with an honorable looking old man in his seventies, so she focused her attention to them.

"Miss, please allow me to introduce this house's butler. This is Mr. Gou, you can ask him whatever you needed."

Er, so he's a butler? Davi wasn't sure how to react so she bowed at him as a sign of respect to the elder when the two men's eyes suddenly widened.

"No, no. Please don't do that Miss. The precious wife of our young master shouldn't bow to a mere butler like me." The old man looks so apologetic while Davi doesn't know whether she was supposed to laugh or cry.

"By the way Miss, the young master, I mean, your husband will be here soon." Mr Chen told her then he asked the butler to tour her around the mansion while waiting for the boss.

Davi still looks calm but for some reason, she felt so nervous the moment she heard her husband was coming. The butler was touring her around but her mind was wandering. She was thinking about a lot of things. She was thinking about her husband. She was thinking why he doesn't want her to see his face. She was thinking why his people doesn't even want to tell her anything about him, not even his name.

Her mind was filled with questions until she didn't realize that they were already back to the wide luxurious yet dull looking sofa where they started a while ago.

"Okay Miss, my job is done here. I'm now going back---"

"Huh? Where? You're going to leave me here alone?"

"Haha, please don't worry young miss. The butlers and maids' house is just meters away from here. You can always call us if you needed something and besides, the young master is almost here so I need to leave now."

The butler left her right away with a warm smile. Davi was left alone in the wide silent and dull sofa. She looked around and saw nothing. Not even a single photo hanging on the spacious walls, nor flowers on top of the empty tables. Even by a single glance, Davi felt nothing but emptiness in this luxurious gray house. The sad empty feeling was just too strong that Davi unconsciously hugged herself as she stared at the hanging silver colored chandelier.

"Is it cold?"

A slightly deep voice suddenly echoed inside the house instantly made Davi's nerves seemed paralyzed for a moment. She doesn't know why but she suddenly felt chilly upon hearing his voice.

After a moment, she could hear his faint steps getting closer to her so she forced herself to turn and face him.

"N-nope… I'm just…" Davi couldn't continue speaking. She felt that she was suddenly tongue tied upon seeing the man in front of her.


Her eyes almost bulge out. A tall man in black tailored suit perfectly showing his faultless body shape was standing in front of her… wearing a black mask covering his upper face. Davi's mouth slightly opened unconsciously as she stared at him. She couldn't believe that this man whom she couldn't even see his whole face was still looking so gorgeous. Even though she could only see his gorgeous sexy lips, she just can't stop feeling charmed by his seemingly hidden ethereal beauty. He literally looks like a mysteriously gorgeous masked prince in a masquerade party intended only for demigods.

"W-who are you?"

Davi forced her stunned self to talk.

"Your husband."

The man replied with his same slightly deep and sexy voice. However, his short reply 'your husband', was enough to create another chaos inside her. Davi's emotions literally gone wild, contradicting each other's that she didn't know what was she feeling at this very moment anymore.

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