I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 30 Step #10 part 2

In the dim toned study room, Sei was quietly standing near the large window as his gaze was locked into the wide garden below.

"So?" he asked and for some reason, his cold frosty aura is back to its original form. However, to Yujin, he was much more used to this cold usual aura of him than the unusual him who looks a bit warm and all. He was actually downright confused when he saw his tyrant boss eating a chocolate cake and staring at a love note in his hand an hour ago. It was a scene that never even appeared in his dreams. And he was sure that no one will believe him when he tells the news to his comrades.

Good thing I was the one he sent here this time, I actually witnessed a fascinating development, haha. I'm indeed a lucky existence.

"Boss, there's a huge lead in Hayase's team. Currently, their waiting for your order before moving to 7th Continent, but the target country will still depend on what you think. Do I need to request the datas right now?"

"No need. Tell them to wait for me."

Upon hearing Yujin's words, Sei's voice instantly turned terrifyingly frigid. The frost in his already cold gaze almost tripled in just a few milliseconds, that if he continues in that state, the air around the whole room might eventually freeze.

"So what's your plan? How long will you leave her this time?" Zaki's words were like a powerful break abruptly stopping a full speed bullet train. However, the man's coldness was only forced to calm. It appeared as though it was a sudden calm before a deadly storm.

"She's here," Zaki continued as his eyes fell at the black car entering the garage.

As soon as Davi stepped out of the car, she breathed really deep. It was because, she was planning to execute another move on him as soon as she sees him.

She then walked towards the entrance, dressed with a simple yet catchy white knee leveled dress while her black hair was tied. She looks like she's in between a certain skin supermodel and an innocent yet captivating student. She certainly has a beyond beautiful look no one can ignore.

A bag of books were on her hand, and her other hand was hiding something from behind her back.

Davi's footsteps went closer to the sofa and she was ready to execute the remaining cheesy move in her list for step #10 part 2.

Thankfully, she saw the silhouette of a masked man sitting on the couch and was seemingly waiting for her. Davi's fresh face instantly turned even brighter as she moves towards him.

Noticing her footsteps, the masked prince raised his head towards her. His line of sight was locked onto her until she finally stood right before him.

"I'm back," she said with her usual energetic smile. And as usual, Sei just nodded at her uttering a single sound, "Mm."

Davi then wasted no time. She put down the bag of books in her hand then stood straight before him while her hands were both hiding behind her back.

With just a glance, Sei could tell that she's about to give him something. Curious, he anticipated the thing she's about to show.

And the next second, Davi stretched out her hand. And a single red rose was now in front of him. "For you," she said.

Sei was instantly puzzled as he gazed at the rose and then at the girl with a dazzling smile. He didn't expect her to give him a rose, since he's supposed to be the one giving her that.

And yet, her eyes were almost twinkling as though there's billions of stars in it. As though she really wanted to and was really happy to give him that rose. Her eyes never twinkled like that when he gave her a truck of red roses. So what's with the huge difference?

Another thing was, the rose wasn't the one irresistible at all, it was her look, her every expression, and the way she gave the rose to him. While she was normally nearly always bright and determined every single time, she was far more dazzling at the moment, one could just accept whatever she gave even if it's a bomb.

After a few moments, Sei finally lifted his hand and took the red rose in her hand. That moment he took it, Davi's eyes which was filled with invisible billions of stars almost appeared as though it exploded with happiness.

Seeing her seemingly exaggerated reaction, Sei couldn't help but felt somewhat amused.

Until the girl picked her bag and said, "I'll go tidy this up." Then turned her back while still smiling wide, as Sei was left scrutinizing the rose in his hand as though he was dissecting it with his sharp, razor-like gaze.

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