I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 29 Twin brother

The moment Sei opened the fridge, a cute heart shaped chocolate cake appeared before his eyes. A red cherry was on top of it.

By just a glance, anyone could tell how much time was spent with just the design to the point that one could think, it was such a waste to eat it.

After the second time Sei read the note, he gently moved his hand and took the cake, then he sat quietly on the table. He stared at the cake for a long time, then took another long while staring at the note.

"If you're not going to eat it, let me. Besides, she already left you such a lovey dovey note, that's more than enough for you right? And you're not fond with foods anyway."

Abruptly, Zaki's face appeared across him along with his annoying voice. His gaze was focused on the cake in Sei's hand, as he was licking his own lips, almost about to drool.

Seeing his sorry appearance, Sei glared at him coldly. Then ignoring him like nothing, he took a spoon and started eating the cake as if no one was there. Until he's about to devour it all and Zaki finally snapped.

"Ahh, what a greedy man. At least leave some for me!" he pleaded but the cold man didn't even glance at him. Frustrated, Zaki could only tug his hair. Looking as though his spirit is about to leave him.

However, what Zaki heard next caused his spirit instantly rose to life again.

"Ah, Senpai the young miss actually left some, though it wasn't heart shaped, no design at all. I think, it's just left overs, so I ate half of it. It's surprisingly… really delicious." Another young man who appeared to be just the same age as Yijin, talked. He resembles Yijin so much that anyone who can see them both will think they're actually biological twins or he's Yijin's perfect doppelganger. Well, he is indeed his twin brother, and the only difference between them was their hair color, Yijin has a black and silky hair while his twin brother Yujin, has messy blonde hair.

"You damn brat, why did you just said it now? I don't care about design or whatsoever, I just want to eat it now. Bring it out!" Zaki was angered, surprised and at the same time, delighted. His face was filled with numbers of different emotions that anyone seeing his face that moment will go confused. But of course, a certain emotion was refusing to blend with the others, his impatience was going wild, as if his life depends on that chocolate cake, and that he will die if another minute will pass by without him still tasting it.

As soon as the boy gave the cake to him, his face was instantly covered with stars. And without any further ado, he ate the cake, and as expected, the food's level of deliciousness didn't fail to appear across his face. An invisible perfect five stars as his personal review was instantly reflected in his eyes.

Minutes later, Zaki finally turned his

head and talked to the new comer sitting beside him.

"Anyway, YuJin, when did you get here?"

"Last night." He replied and then the young man faced towards Sei. "Uhm, boss. Can I guard the young miss as well? The young miss might get bored to death if she will get stock with YiJin, I'm sure of it."

"Who said that she knew she's being guarded?" Zaki responded as though he was the one he was asking. But thanks to his response, Yujin now fully understood why it should be his younger brother and no one else, was more fitted with that kind of job. He knows that the ability of his twin brother is perfect for that sort of job.

"Oh I see, so that's why you chose Yijin. He's indeed the perfect man for that."

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