I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 6 Seduce him?

"Oi, Sei! What the hell was all these…"

A loud voice broke the silence and made Davi's head turned right away to the entrance where the voice came.

And the moment she saw what was it, she blinked almost ten times. Another tall handsome guy, looking like a flower boy was standing there holding a bunch of red flowers in his hands. The flowers were just too many for him to even hold that some of them were already scattered on the floor.

But the man's irritated face suddenly turned soft the moment he saw Davi. His eyes almost glittered with nothing but happiness. His messy brown hair and pretty face was like he was a member of an idol boy band.

"Hi Young Miss," he excitedly exclaimed as he walked closer to them with a big smile while the flowers kept on falling on the floor one after another.

However, Davi haven't even answered him yet when another loud voice echoed once again.

"Hey Boss! What the hell was all th…" another guy popped in the entrance with same bunch of red flowers on his hands. But the two men near Davi ignored the young man who was instantly silenced and halted the moment he saw her.

"Anyway, I'm Ryou, I'm Sei's… I mean, your husband's friend." The joyful flower boy said with his same sweet smile.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Davi."

Davi politely greeted him with a smile that made him blushed a little. Ryou himself was surprised on how beautiful Davi was in person. Her looks were just something beyond beautiful.

"Ah… this?" Ryou realized that Davi was looking at the flowers he was holding so he stared at the quiet man beside him.

"Why this many?" Ryou asked him with soft voice filled with disbelief.

"You said she will like them," the masked man blankly said while loosening his tie, then he quietly walked away towards the stairs. Ryou and Davi was left with their mouth hanged slightly opened until Sei disappeared from their sight.

"I didn't say you'll buy these many though," Ryou said as if he was a problematic father, who couldn't figure out the way his own son's mind work. He suddenly let go of the bunch of flowers in his hands and all of them fell on the floor. Davi was a bit surprised since she knew that they weren't just ordinary red roses. They were actually the most expensive red roses around.

"Now what are we going to do about all these? He bought all these for you but he bought too much. There's still a truck filled with red roses outside. Haha." Ryou was laughing it off while Davi eye's widened as she felt a bit relieved. For some reason, her fear was lessened a bit just because Sei, her scary masked husband weirdly bought her a truck of red roses. She was a bit glad that he at least wanted to give her something he thought she likes, but at the same time, her curiosity about him also dramatically increased. Somewhere within her, she wanted to know more about this mysterious man.


In the spacious masters' bed room.

Davi already showered and was now ready to sleep. Ryou said that Sei might be in his study room and disturbing him might not be a good idea. So Davi went and get a vase downstairs, put some of the red roses in it and took it back in the bed room. After some moment, she laid in the bed, dressed with a blue large tee printed with a smiling skull, paired with a comfortable knee leveled short. Feeling deeply uncomfortable and nervous, she quietly stared at the ceiling while the red blindfold was in her hand.

Her long black hair was tied in a bun as her skin seems glowing. Her, the red roses and the red blindfold were the only colored existence inside the black and gray spacious bed room.

"What made you think you can seduce me dressed like that?"

Sei's sexy voice instantly made Davi rose. She felt like her heart almost jumped out of her chest. She looked at the door and Sei was there standing like a perfectly cool masked prince even in his all black pajamas.

"S-seduce?" Davi didn't get what he meant. Why would she seduce him? He can do whatever he likes to her anyway, right? Or was it because he's not attracted to her at all? Are you serious?

Sei moved his long legs and walked closer to her, but he stopped midway. The red roses caught his eyes for a moment, and then stared back to the girl sitting like a good student on his bed.

He then casually sat beside her not knowing that Davi's heartbeat was now in chaos. She was unbelievably nervous but she's trying her best to calm herself.

"Did Zaki mentioned anything about me?"


"I mean, Chen."

Davi shook her head as she stared nervously to the man beside her. Sei also turned his face towards her.

"There's actually a problem."

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