I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 5 What's your name?

A long pause of silence enveloped the large room where two people – one angel-like and one devil-like – stood motionless as they stared at each other. The masked man was standing with his one hand on his pocket, seemingly observing the angel in front of him.

Davi, on the other hand, felt like she was a little white mouse waiting for her fated death in the hand of the big dark beast in front of her. She felt like the dark beast was slowly seeing through her very deepest soul, as if the gods bestowed him the power to examine every mortal's deepest secrets.

"Scared?" The man's single word was akin to a firework, startling her all of a sudden but making her heart go wild because of its seemingly magical beauty.

"Huh? No, nope… no… Well yes, I am." Davi's knees were actually completely weakened. The presence of the man before her was enough to suck her energy. The man was just too scary, she wouldn't dare to even lie to him. His mysteriously dark and icy demeanor almost felt like he was… a monster, disguised as a beautiful man.

But right after she said those words, Davi's eyes widened when the man raised his hand to his nape. Then he sighed as if he expected her to be like that.

"Regretting now?"


"Wanna go back home?"

"No." Davi didn't hesitate to answer the man's questions. It was because she felt like the man was testing her and one wrong answer might cost her, her life.

"Scared but still want to stay?"


The man put down his hand back to his pocket. The girl's last answer was enough to convince him that this girl wasn't bad at all. Her eyes burning with determination and wild fighting spirit were nothing like how she looks. He could tell in one glance that she wasn't a weakling, there was something unfathomable within her fragile looking body.


The man seemed slightly satisfied as he started removing his suit jacket. On the other hand, Davi breathed quietly deep then look straight on his masked eyes.

"What's your name?"



"Just call me Sei," The man's words were firm, indicating that he won't say any more than what he said. His voice was just filled with authority like a heartless ruler from the ancient world. His words seem absolute that Davi can't help but wonder what will this monster do to her once she goes against him.

She was wondering why the hell was he hiding his face and identity this much to the point of wearing a mask inside his own house, but she knew this wasn't the right time to ask for the reasons yet.

"Uhm… the contract stated that I'm not allowed to see your face. But what if I accidentally saw you? I mean just in case… yes… accidentally."

"Accident? That won't happen."

Davi was speechless. How could this man be so sure? Is he seeing himself as a god now?

"But...but how about when you sleep? Are you going to sleep wearing your mask?"

Davi felt like her questions were somewhat stupid and funny but the man didn't reply, rather he quietly slipped his hand in his pocket and took something from it. He lends his hand in front of her. Davi stared at the red cloth in his hand confused.

"You'll wear this, every time we're on bed."

Davi's mouth hanged open when she realized what it was. It was a red blindfold.

Wait. What? Seriously?! I'm going to sleep blindfolded from now on? Are you kidding me? This is insane!

Davi couldn't believe what he said. She doesn't know how to react. She was completely out of words. If he was another man, she might already have kicked his precious balls long time ago for saying such insanely absurd things. But he was him. She knew at first glance that he was nothing compared to all the men she met before. She knew that he was exactly defined as 'danger' himself and his words was nothing but absolute orders.

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