I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 8 A strange creature

'That's why you need to seduce me. Make me want you.'

'Seduce me. Make me want you.'

'Make me want you.'

Sei's words was like an echo inside a huge complicated cave making Davi's head almost went dry. She was speechless and weakened. Her resolve in giving him her body was already carved in her mind and heart, however, she never expected something like this at all. That she will be the one to do the move on him.

She was completely bewildered. She just sold herself to a stranger and married him callously. She already used all the remaining resolve she had on giving him her body. There's almost nothing left in her and yet another challenge was suddenly given to her. She had no experience, she was never even in a relationship before. She had no idea, she was scared. What if she can't make him want her? What if she failed to seduce him? What will he do to her and her brother?

Sea of 'what ifs' covered Davi's eyes. She was strong, she was confident in her strength. She can even go at the edge of hell if that's what he wants but, she just had no confidence in her ability to seduce a man. She was sure that climbing mt. Everest was easier than seducing a man who was never even once aroused to neither a man or woman. She was worriedly unsure whether she has what it takes to make a man who was basically uninterested in human beings want her.

At the same time, she was confused. The first thing they asked her was whether she was a virgin or not. Therefore, they knew that she had no experience. So why?

"If… that's the case, then why didn't you seek someone who's experienced?"

"I already did. Experience has nothing to do with it."

Davi bit her own lips. If experienced women failed to arouse him, then wasn't it even more futile for someone like her?

"Uhm… why don't you just… I mean, I heard about some… drugs… or that thing called IV...F?"

Upon saying those words, Davi once again grabbed the blanket and covered herself as fast as lightning. That's because the man before her suddenly blazed once again. And this time, his aura was ten times darker making her body shuddered in fear as if a real ghost suddenly appeared in front of her very face.

She was so scared. At that moment, she was now sure that this man was really dangerous. She was never scared with any human like this before.

Meanwhile, Sei realized that the girl beside him was trembling in fear. And yet she forced herself to talk.

"S-sorry," she said. Her voice was soft and hoarse but enough to make Sei strangely calmed down right away.

"Tell me, do you really want me to use a drug on you?"

His ice cold question made Davi realized how foolish her idea was. She then felt shiver and shame just by thinking about it. At the same time, she was glad that this man, despite his monstrous aura and mysteriousness, he seems like he didn't even considered doing it.

"I'm so s-sorry. Please forget about it, I will try my best to… seduce you."

"Good. And that IVF, don't even think about it again."

Davi could feel his immense hate to the idea of IVF. She was sure it wasn't just a simple issue to him. She almost felt like it was a taboo word to him.

"Uhm… can I ask you to give me… some time to…even a day is fine…" Davi couldn't continue what she wanted to say. She wanted time to process her resolve, research and learn the science of seducing a man. Because she was the kind of girl who doesn't want to throw herself into a fight without any weapon.

"I'm travelling abroad tomorrow. You can have the time you wanted. Though I'm warning you, don't' even think about breaking the rules while I'm gone."

The masked man talked as if he already understood what she wanted, then casually taking the blindfold in her hand. He carefully wrapped the girl's enchanting eyes with the red blindfold while the girl was being unbelievably tense the whole process.

Afterwards, Sei stared at his blindfolded wife. But he had no words to describe her.

"Now sleep," he said as he removed his black mask. Davi could only deduce what he was doing until she heard something that slowly landed on the table beside him. She knew it was his mask.

"G-goodnight," she said but the man didn't reply. He just laid quietly so Davi did the same.

It was already pass midnight and Sei decided to get off the bed. He carefully removed the light and soft arm of his wife violently hugging his neck as if she's trying to strangle him. He could feel her slow breathing indicating her being in her deep sleep.

He turned on the light then sat while quietly watching her sleeping face along with her unbelievable sleeping posture. She was so not lady-like at all and she's sleeping in a way that looks like she just wanted nothing but monopolize the large bed, as if it was her personal territory.

The blindfold was… actually useless. It was already on her neck. Sei himself didn't expect the girl to be that wild even when she's sleeping. He couldn't even sleep with all her violent and sudden movements.

His eyes glimmered mysteriously, thinking that she was a strange creature. She was just sleeping soundly without any care in the world, and yet she still manages to give him a hard time, even kicking him out of his own bed. Making his gorgeous brows furrowed because of the fact that he was actually not angered at all, surprisingly, he was tolerating her supposedly unforgivable manner. Something that never happened to him before.

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