I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 9 Mystified

At dawn.

Sei was sitting like a tyrant prince inside a dim, quiet room. He was looking at the moon outside the large window, emotionless, holding a mask on his hand.

"So? How's your first night with her?"

A man suddenly uttered behind him breaking the impending silence.


"Pfft! Hahaha!" The man couldn't help but laugh. He was literally amused with Sei's one-word description about his first night with his wife.

He walked closer to him and the light of the moon made his face visible. He was that bodyguard Davi called, Mr. Chen. However, the moment Sei saw his face, he instantly gazed at him with a sharp deadly stare.

"Yeah yeah, I'm taking it off now."

The man touched his neck then after a while, he took off something that appeared to be a… mask. In a short while, the soldier looking guy suddenly turned into a man with breathtakingly beautiful face, pale as sheet of paper, as if he was a… vampire. His skin and facial features were exactly vampire like that anyone who sees him might think, vampires were real and he was their long lost prince.

"Your wife was so comfortable with this face though, she even called me 'Mr. Chen'," he sighed while looking at the mask on his hand. "So? How's she? Did you guys talked normally?"

"She's strange. Yes, she said I'm gay."

"Pfft! Hahaha! Seriously? She said that? Wait… you didn't hurt her because of that right?!"

"Strangely, I couldn't get angry at her...at all."

Sei's answer made the vampire looking man speechless in a good way. He looks like he was happy as if being proud of himself.

"Tell me Zaki, why did you chose her?"

"Well… Uh, because of her look… of course… my instinct told me you will definitely like her."

Zaki's answer was an obvious lie. Sei could tell he's not willing to tell him the truth. He knows that Zaki will never hide anything from him without any serious reason.

"If you still refuse to answer me the next time I'll ask you that, I'll kill you."

Sei's voice was like a frozen stone. Heartless and cold. But Zaki still smiled mischievously as if he was already expecting every word he'll say.

"I got it, I got it. I will tell you at the right time."


Sei was already gone when Davi woke up. The men she met, Ryou and that teenage boy named YiJin was also gone, along with that bodyguard she called Mr. Chen. It was as if, any traces of their existence suddenly disappeared along with them.

Davi was mystified. She can't believe that she slept soundly and comfortably the whole night alongside her mysterious and cold husband. She expected that she might be sleep deprived from now on since she always had trouble sleeping in an unfamiliar place, much more sleeping with a mysterious person she just met, and yet the opposite happened. Is it because she was just tired?

Everything about her husband, Sei, was just too intriguing, but she could only wear a quiet complex expression in her face.

"Young miss, this was left by the young master for you."

The old butler, Mr. Gou was the only person left in the huge gray mansion. Davi stared at the elegant looking glass-like silver card in his hand. She slowly took it with her brows knitted.

"This is…?" she stared at the old man, curios.

"Ah, that's… you will use that for your personal expenses young Miss. You can get anything you wanted with that." The old man's face was pleasantly bright as he smiled at her.

"Uhm… thank you. But where is he? I mean the m… S-sei?"

"I'm sorry Young miss but the young master already left hours ago."

Davi could only pressed her lips tight upon hearing what the old man said.

"When will he come back?"

"I'm afraid I can't tell when, even I don't know where he went and when will he come home again."

The old man looks apologetic, making Davi a bit awkward. But she tried showing him that she's totally fine with it, making the old man visibly relieved.

Davi was led right away by the old man in a large dining table and a luxurious food meant for a princess was served for her. She could only blink her eyes as she sat on the chair alone while the butler and a maid stood motionless on the corner, as if they were just wallflowers.

She tried urging them to eat with her but she noticed right away that it was futile. Thus, she ate her breakfast alone, feeling deeply left out, as if she was alone in the world.

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