I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 10 - An Lin's Fortune in Love

Chapter 10: An Lin’s Fortune in Love

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An Lin entered the classroom doors and found himself a seat at the back of the room.

He seemed to have a feeling that the students’ interest in him had increased quite a bit.

Some students even started to quietly converse amongst one another when they saw him arrive.

Although An Lin didn’t know what they were saying, he was pretty sure that they weren’t complimenting him.

One after another, numerous events over the recent days were somehow related to An Lin. Let alone the discussions amongst other students, even An Lin couldn’t help but feel like ridiculing himself.

The core focus today was mortal studies. In order to reflect this, all of the students in the class were dressed based on varying fashion trends from Earth.

Jeans, singlets, t-shirts, dresses… The more exaggerated styles of outfits included suits and even cheongsam. The scene was extremely weird, and the hodgepodge of styles totally made it seem like a clothing exhibition.

Just a word of mention, the talented individual dressed in a suit was none other than their class captain, Xuanyuan Cheng.

He was impeccably attired, wearing a blue tie and even sporting a pair of sunglasses.

He appeared dashing and looked just like 007.

However, can you imagine someone attired in such a manner sitting upright at the front of the class with their hands resting evenly on the table and listening earnestly to the teacher?

An Lin tried his best to contain his laughter.

Not long after, their teacher Earth Immortal Yue Ying walked into the classroom.

She wore a light-yellow checkered blouse, accompanied by a pair of red-framed glasses. She appeared both intellectual and beautiful.

Not only that, she was tall and slender, with her slightly curly hair reaching her waist and black silk leggings covering her well-proportioned legs. She not only looked fashionable but also awfully sexy.

She was full of vigor as she walked into the classroom. However, once she saw 007 Xuanyuan Cheng sitting in the front row with a serious expression on his face, she couldn’t help but chuckle.

The students looked at Earth Immortal Yue Ying strangely, not knowing why she suddenly started to laugh.

Earth Immortal Yue Ying awkwardly averted her gaze and started to deliver the lesson as if nothing had happened.

The reason that The United University of Cultivation offered a mortal studies subject was in order to allow the students to better understand and integrate when they descended into the mortal world on missions for the Heavenly Court.

The specific content of the mortal studies subject included: the cultures of different nations, the distribution of power, physical geography and the two compulsory languages, Chinese and English.

Compared to the other classes which were incomprehensible to him, An Lin finally felt a sense of superiority in this class, as if he could crush all the others with his knowledge.

It was regretful though, that as with all the other classes, this class brought about the same side effects.

All the content that Earth Immortal Yue Ying discussed was the basic of the basics, for example: Earth has seven continents, China is in Asia and so forth.

An Lin had absolutely no idea what value this class had to him, so he began to feel drowsy again…

This mortal studies class went for the entire day and An Lin had no idea how he endured through it.

Finally, the class ended with a final statement from Earth Immortal Yue Ying. “Student An Lin is the subject representative for this class. If anyone has any problems, they can go and speak to him, okay?”

Although she said this, An Lin knew that this group of prodigies was a conceited bunch.

Rather than modestly asking someone weaker than them for help, presumably they would prefer to rely on their own efforts.

Sure enough, no one came to ask him any questions after class had ended.

An Lin sighed softly and was about to stand up.

“Um, Student An Lin, may I ask if you’re free?”

A soft and gentle voice sounded next to his ears.

An Lin looked towards the source of the sound and his mind instantly went blank. He stared dazedly at the girl who appeared in front of him.

The dreamy, bright blue eyes of the girl were downcast, and she looked apologetically at An Lin.

An Lin never had the chance to look at her so closely before, and he suddenly felt as if his heart had stopped beating.

“I-I’m free. May I please ask what brings Student Su Qianyun here?”

After a while, An Lin was finally able to stammer a sentence out in fear and trepidation.

Being the goddess-like school beauty queen who had trampled over all the other school beauties right after she entered the school, An Lin had absolutely no idea why she would seek him out.

“Then is it fine if you take some time to teach me how to speak Chinese and English? I’ve never really had any talent in languages.

“Don’t worry, I won’t take up much of your time!” Su Qianyun added quickly as if she were afraid that An Lin would reject her request.

This… happiness has come way too suddenly!

An Lin’s heart was probably now beating two or three times faster than normal and he almost had a heart attack.

Persevere! An Lin! You can do it! If you let slip this opportunity which comes around once in a blue moon, then you are destined to be single for life!

An Lin’s heart was racing, and he knew that he had to keep his cool in this type of scenario.

“No worries! After all, I’m the subject representative. Helping students in need is my responsibility as well as my honor.

“Please sit down, I’ll teach you slowly.”

An Lin answered Su Qianyun with a smile that was as warm as the spring sunshine.

Su Qianyun nodded and sat down next to An Lin. “Sorry for the bother,” she said gratefully.

As Su Qianyun sat down, a faint orchid-like fragrance wafted into An Lin’s nose.

Although he was extremely nervous, he still tried his best to appear calm and collected.

“So, Student Su Qianyun, what level is your Chinese and English currently at?” An Lin asked earnestly, his voice gentle.

Su Qianyun’s lips were pressed together lightly and she appeared a little aggrieved. “I don’t like speaking usually, and languages aren’t really to my liking either. As for Chinese and English, I haven’t even learnt enunciations yet. M-hm, to be more precise, I haven’t even learnt how to pronounce a single syllable yet…”

An Lin’s heart almost melted as he listened to Su Qianyun’s soft and mellow voice.

He always thought that someone who appeared as aloof as Su Qianyun would have a cold voice, so he didn’t expect her voice to be so soft and adorable.

Speaking of which, to the best of his knowledge, this was the first time Su Qianyun had spoken…

Usually, Su Qianyun always had the aura of an icy beauty when she appeared on the school grounds, and she barely interacted with others.

Others all said that she was a dao addict and was only interested in cultivation. From the looks of it now, this was completely due to the fact that she wasn’t really fond of talking.

“Only by speaking more will your feel for the languages improve. How about this, I’ll teach you some short elementary phrases first, then teach you pinyin and phonetics.” An Lin smiled faintly and wrote a few large words on the desk.

These words were: teacher, student, school and attend class, all of which were written in both Chinese and English.

An Lin read them once and Su Qianyun read them after him.

It took quite a while for Su Qianyun to grasp the pronunciations of these phrases.

An Lin greatly understood what Su Qianyun meant when she said she had little natural talent for languages. Sure enough, she wasn’t lying to him!

Su Qianyun also realized that she was picking up these two languages very slowly and she had an apologetic expression on her face. “Ah! Sorry for wasting your time,” she said softly.

An Lin shook his head sternly. “Classmates are supposed to help each other out. I’ll be upset if you say things like that again.”

A glimmer appeared in Su Qianyun’s eyes as she heard this, and she smiled softly. “Big Sister Chang’e 1 often tells me that all men are evil creatures.

“However, I feel that An Lin is an exception. You truly are a good person.”

Her smile was like the most radiant and enchanting spring sunshine which could melt through eternal ice. It instantly shone its way through An Lin’s guard.

In that moment, An Lin felt like he had fallen in love…

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