I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 1283 - Taking the Heavenly Peach Tree

Chapter 1283: Taking the Heavenly Peach Tree

Yan Luo threw up a mouthful of blood.

He turned around with difficulty to find a man in a flowing white robe appraising him with a smile.

“If you had chosen to run away, I would’ve let you go.” An Lin smiled.

A wry smile appeared on Yan Luo’s face. “If I had known it was you, I would’ve indeed run away…”

A golden light erupted from his body.

An Lin turned around and continued charging toward the heavenly peach tree.


The roar of the double-headed dragon erupted from behind him.

A scorching plume of flames then hurtled toward him from behind, threatening to melt him with its terrifying heat.

The guardian double-headed dragon of the heavenly peach tree had attacked!

“What the hell is Hong Dou doing? Didn’t I tell him to hold off the double-headed dragon for me?” An Lin grumbled in his heart.

There was a long trench leading to the nearby forest.

At the conclusion of the trench was a rock golem who was panting heavily. He lay on top of a pile of charred soil and rocks with a forlorn expression. “Mr. An Lin, I have tried my best!”

He had actually been insta-killed by the double-headed dragon.

Scorching dragon flames surged toward An Lin, and he could not ignore it at his current power level. As such, he immediately unleashed his Evading Turtle technique.

A dazzling green light flashed, and a thin turtle shell appeared around his body.

He didn’t have enough vital energy, so the turtle shell wasn’t as thick and green as it normally was.

Thankfully, its defensive prowess was still extraordinary.


The dragon flames incinerated the forest within a radius of over a hundred meters to dust.

However, one resolute turtle shell stood in its way!

An Lin survived the double-headed dragon’s attack.

At this moment, all of the cultivators took this opportunity to quickly close in on the heavenly peach tree!

“Quick! An Lin has been trapped by this double-headed dragon, so this is our only opportunity!”

“Chen Fang, Mo Huayu, you two hold off the Great Tang Imperial Family team.”

“Go for it, Yan Meng!” one of her companions replied.

A beauty in a red robe commanded before stamping a foot down violently into the ground. Explosive flames erupted, and she was propelled forward like a rocket. She then hurtled through the air toward the heavenly peach tree.

She was simply too fast for the other cultivators to catch up to, and she quickly passed by An Lin to become the closest person to the heavenly peach tree.

“Heehee, you can all eat my dust! The heavenly peach tree is mine!” A vibrant smile appeared on the red-robed woman’s face. She felt like she had the heavenly peach tree in the bag.

She was then struck by intense pain in her lower abdomen and a profound sense of crushing grief.

“Pfff… !”


Yan Meng was suddenly leaking from front and back as she tumbled down from the sky.

“Hehe, you want to take my heavenly peaches? Keep dreaming!” A white figure instantly flashed past Yan Meng and arrived before the heavenly peach tree.

“An Lin! I hate you! What did you do to me?” Yan Meng howled tearfully as she gripped her lower abdomen with an expression of humiliation and rage.

An Lin ignored her and placed his hands on the trunk of the heavenly peach tree. He let loose an almighty roar, and his muscles bulged as he uprooted the entire heavenly peach tree before putting it away into his storage ring!

“Y…” Yan Meng was completely dumbstruck as she stared blankly at An Lin. “You can do that?”

She had thought that An Lin would pluck the heavenly peaches from the tree one by one, thereby giving them a chance to snatch a few, but she didn’t think that An Lin would take the entire tree!

What an assh*le!

For some reason, she suddenly recalled back to her horrific experience in the treasure vault of the Bai Hua State, where she could only look on helplessly as An Lin used some sort of special method to refine all of the ancient artifacts there.

Perhaps An Lin was simply not someone that could be judged from the perspective of a normal person.

“Run! We have to get out of here!” Yan Meng suddenly yelled.

There was no point in staying here now that the heavenly peach tree had been taken. Their top priority now was to conserve their numbers to fight for the remaining eight heavenly peach trees.

The other two Flaming River Imperial Family members looked at each other before fleeing into the distance.

The double-headed dragon roared before pouncing toward An Lin.

He had taken the heavenly peach tree, so he had become the double-headed dragon’s sworn enemy!

The Great Tang Imperial Family members hesitated momentarily before choosing to hide behind the double-headed dragon, clearly thinking about landing a killing blow should the opportunity arise.

An Lin was very powerful, but this double-headed dragon was no slouch. It was a Spirit Nurturing Intermediate Stage dragon, and it could surely at least inflict some severe wounds upon An Lin!

Fortune favors the brave. They chose to try and take this opportunity to land the killing blow and forcefully snatch away the heavenly peach tree in An Lin’s storage ring!

The battle between An Lin and the double-headed dragon quickly commenced.

This double-headed dragon had wings, so it was even faster than An Lin. This was why An Lin did not choose to run away, as that would simply not work.

Hence, he decided to engage the double-headed dragon in a battle.

He had already taken a heavenly peach tree, so he had nothing to be afraid of. As such, this was the perfect opportunity to fight at full strength and assess just what he was capable of in this world!

“Take this!”

An Lin activated his Earth Lotus Supreme Skill to its maximum extent, and the vast power of the earth enveloped his fist, which began to glow with a dazzling golden light.

Divine flames were also imbued into the fist, and its power was explosively elevated as a result.

The double-headed dragon blasted a pillar of scorching flames from its mouth, which was capable of even melting Spirit Nurturing Stage spirit beasts.

“Divine Flame Mountain Quaking Fist!” An Lin was not fearful in the slightest as he launched his almighty fist.

His golden fist crashed into the double-headed dragon’s pillar of flames to create an earth-shattering explosion.

Scorching flames exploded outward in waves.

The double-headed dragon was astonished to see that An Lin’s divine flames completely neutralized its own, and the golden fist tore through the air before crashing into its chest.


The dragon’s chest was punctured by the golden fist, and the divine flames shot through the wound before spreading throughout the double-headed dragon’s entire body.


The double-headed dragon let loose a bloodcurdling cry, and it struggled for dear life as the divine flames incinerated its massive body.


The earth tremored violently.

The charred black double-headed dragon crashed to the ground, clearly dead as dead could be.

The two Great Tang Imperial Family members hiding behind the double-headed dragon were completely dumbstruck.

“In… insta-kill?”

“How is that possible?!”

That double-headed dragon was a Spirit Nurturing Intermediate Stage spirit beast whom they had thought would at least pose a challenge to An Lin. But instead, it had been f*cking insta-killed!

The two cultivators didn’t even need to look at each other before coming to the same decision, which was to get out of there as quickly as they could!

They were doubtful of whether they could defeat the double-headed dragon even after combining their powers, but An Lin had insta-killed it with a single punch. How could they fight against such a freak?!

However, just as the two of them were retreating in panic, a massive wall suddenly emerged from the earth before them, thus completely blocking their way.

A rock golem stood on the wall with his arms crossed over his chest.

“You want to run? You’ll have to ask your Daddy Hong Dou for permission first!”

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