I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 1747 - Join My Sect

Chapter 1747: Join My Sect

Xue Mengmeng returned back into An Lin’s storage ring.

It needed time to process and digest the Spirit Patriarch’s knowledge.

An Lin didn’t disturb it either. Xue Mengmeng was the Blood Patriarch, yet it wasn’t the Blood Patriarch either. It kept on insisting that it was a completely new individual. However, its karma with the Blood Patriarch was tangled and unable to be separated.

Moreover, when it had been talking to the Spirit Patriarch, it had completely put itself in the Blood Patriarch’s shoes. Under such circumstances, only a fool would believe Xue Mengmeng when it said that it was independent of the Blood Patriarch. When Xue Mengmeng reconstructed its body and divine sense, perhaps it would be reborn as a new Blood Patriarch!

However, An Lin didn’t mind this. No matter what Xue Mengmeng became, he was confident that it wouldn’t leave his side.

“Spirit Maiden, let’s go,” An Lin said. “Let’s leave this place.”

The Spirit Maiden bowed deeply toward the Spirit Patriarch. Only then did she fly toward the exit with An Lin.

“What are your future plans?” An Lin asked.

“What are my future plans?” The Spirit Maiden was momentarily dazed. Only now did she suddenly come to a realization. She had already completed her final task. All of the inheritances in this Spirit Patriarch Palace had already been obtained by An Lin…

In other words, she was jobless now. She had officially become an unemployed wanderer.

The four Holy Beasts were gone, and the Spirit Patriarch had also disappeared. All that was left was an empty palace and her, a being who would potentially live here in loneliness for all of eternity.

“Didn’t the Spirit Patriarch say? You can return to the Tai Chu Continent now. If you don’t have anywhere to go, then you can join my Four Nine Immortal Sect. I’m the sect leader there. If you want to come, then all you need is one word from me.”

“What’s the point of me going there? I don’t know anyone there.”

The Spirit Maiden frowned slightly. She appeared dejected and downcast.

“Heh!” An Lin smacked the back of the Spirit Maiden’s head lightly. “Don’t you know me? I’m the sect leader of the Four Nine Immortal Sect. I’m the highest-ranked official in the entire sect! Isn’t it enough for you to know the most influential member?”

“Someone like you is able to elicit admiration from others and become the sect leader?” the Spirit Maiden scoffed.

“I became the sect leader due to my charisma.” An Lin extended a hand and pinched the Spirit Maiden’s cheek. Then, he smiled and continued, “How does it sound? Do you want to consider it? Accommodation is free, and water and electricity are all provided. All you need to do is pack your bags and move in.”

When the Spirit Maiden saw An Lin’s smiling face, the image of him smiling and returning her head flashed through into her mind again. She immediately swatted his stinky hand aside. Then, she smiled casually and replied, “Sure! I want to see what kind of sect allows someone like you to become their leader.”

And so, the Spirit Maiden accepted An Lin’s invitation just like that.

The two of them walked out of the Spirit Patriarch Palace and stood before its entrance. Upon seeing An Lin reappear, The powerful beings of the Void Spirit Tribe who had been secretly observing the Spirit Patriarch Palace all fled in fear.

The Spirit Maiden waved a slender hand as she gazed at the colossal, beast-like palace before her. The Spirit Patriarch Palace trembled violently, then it suddenly began to shrink. The speed at which it shrunk was extremely rapid!

In the blink of an eye, the enormous Spirit Patriarch Palace shrunk to the size of a palm and landed in the Spirit Maiden’s slender hand.

“Here, this is the Spirit Patriarch Palace. Please take good care of it.” The Spirit Maiden handed the palm-sized Spirit Patriarch Palace to An Lin.

An Lin couldn’t help but feel astonished when he sensed that the aura from the Spirit Patriarch Palace was on the same level as pinnacle-rank divine tools. He nodded earnestly as he accepted the Spirit Patriarch Palace. “Rest assured. If the palace lives, then I live. If the palace dies, then I’ll already be dead!”

The Spirit Maiden’s lips twitched slightly. “What a joker.”

Immediately afterward, she transformed into a streak of blue light and disappeared into the small yet exquisite Spirit Patriarch Palace. She was the artifact spirit, and for her, it was indeed true that she lived with the palace and died with the palace.

An Lin was also aware that the Spirit Maiden was placing a great deal of trust in him by handing him the palace.

“The Four Nine Immortal Sect has gained another large-scale mystic realm… This is just the right thing to use to train the disciples’ divine senses. I trust that Bai Ling and the Spirit Maiden will find many common things to talk about…” The corners of An Lin’s mouth curled up into a slight smile as he envisioned the scene of them meeting. A look of anticipation appeared across his face.

Meanwhile, atop some mountain.

Several supreme beings of the Return to Void Stage trembled in fear as they gazed at the distant An Lin.

“So scary… An Lin is far too terrifying! He’s actually able to directly take the Spirit Patriarch Palace away. He even managed to take the artifact spirit! How is he doing this?”

“We need to report this to the emperors immediately! We can’t allow him to leave this place!”

“That’s right! If we kill him, then we’ll be able to snatch the Spirit Patriarch Palace back. This will be a supreme honor!”

The hiding Return to Void Stage supreme beings were especially worked up.

“Oh? What are you guys discussing? All of you seem so happy!”

A voice that carried a hint of mockery suddenly sounded above the Return to Void Stage supreme beings’ heads.

As they raised their heads, they were greeted by a nightmarish sight.

A blue, semi-transparent An Lin was currently smiling mysteriously as it hovered above them.

“A-An Lin?!”

“It’s actually a spirit body state An Lin? How is this possible?!”

These supreme beings of the Void Spirit Tribe were all in a spirit body state. However, An Lin, someone who wasn’t a member of the Void Spirit Tribe, was also in a spirit body state right now. This was bizarre beyond imagination.

A faint smile appeared on the divine sense An Lin’s face. “Rest in peace.”

He snapped his fingers, and countless golden soul swords suddenly materialized beside his body. The absolutely devastating soul power that they possessed and the overwhelmingly piercing aura that they exuded all caused the present Return to Void Stage supreme beings to nearly pass out from suffocation.

This was the White Tiger Holy Beast’s most powerful offensive divine sense spell technique—Soul Power Golden Sword! Even the Sword Essence Emperor wasn’t able to withstand this strike. How would supreme beings of the Return to Void Stage be able to withstand it?

Instantly, flashes of sword projections rained down.

The tormented wails of the Return to Void Stage supreme beings reverberated throughout heaven and earth. Within a few seconds, all of them became lifeless corpses.

A short while later, the divine sense An Lin drifted back to his physical body.

“Phew… releasing my divine sense for the second time felt much better…” An Lin gazed at the vast heaven and earth as he stretched his body. “I need to hurry up and find Xiaolan and the others,” he muttered to himself. “I need to head toward where the battle is the most intense… Which direction should I head toward?”

He started to release his vast and powerful divine sense. He didn’t aim for precision but instead aimed for covering a larger range. Then, he started to sense the energy fluctuations in the surrounding heaven and earth.

In no time, An Lin turned his gaze toward some direction. He tore open the void and immediately started to rush over!

In the Spirit Realm’s Blazing Cemetery.

At the center of this blazing expanse of land, there was a crystal skull that was burning with a black flame. This flame radiated with a boundless might. Judging by its rich energy fluctuations, this crystal skull was clearly a divine-rank material!

Next to it, a semi-transparent skeleton that had a black divine halo above its head was currently battling against a three-headed dragon.

Meanwhile, a female who was dressed in a blue and pink sailor dress was hiding next to a Silvery Fire Tree in the distance. Her mesmerizing purple eyes were wide open as she watched the battle anxiously.

She appeared to be quite worked up, and her slender and delicate hands had already sunken into the trunk of the Silvery Fire Tree unknowingly. Moreover, her slender and shapely body was trembling slightly.

“I found you. I finally found you… The Return to Void Pinnacle Stage Black Crystal Void Spirit King, one of my mother’s murderers!”

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