I Might Be A Fake Cultivator

Chapter 2120 - Obliterating the Western Heavenly Gate!

Chapter 2120: Obliterating the Western Heavenly Gate!

Don’t panic?

Still two more steps?

Hang on for a little longer?!

Demon Lord Ling Gu struggled to keep his despair from seeping out as he roared furiously in his mind.

Can’t you see the wretched state that I’m in?!

What the f*ck am I meant to hang on with?!

Even though Demon Lord Ling Gu was his enemy, when the Heavenly Human Great General saw that he was still blocking Lan Xiaoni behind him, a feeling of respect involuntarily rose into his heart.

“Impressive! I respect you for being a man!

“West Sea Cannon, continue to fire!”

He waved a hand, and the West Sea Heavenly Ark continued to regenerate its energy. A brilliant glow flashed around the muzzle of the large cannon.

“You were able to block the Version 1.0 attack of the West Sea Cannon,” Great General Xi Meng said coldly. “Now, let me see if you’re able to block the attack of a warmed-up Heavenly Ark Cannon—the threefold stronger Version 2.0 attack!”

Demon Lord Ling Gu’s legs turned to jelly when he heard this.

What f*cking Version 2.0?! Even if you throw another Version 1.0 at me, I still won’t be able to block it!

“Alliance Leader Lan, Demon Lord Ling Gu, the time’s up! Let’s hurry up and escape!” Yu Feiyu’s voice suddenly traveled down from the sky.

Demon Lord Ling Gu faltered slightly upon hearing this.

That’s right! Back then, they had said that the surprise attack would have a time limit of only two minutes. Once the time was up, they would have to retreat immediately, regardless of whether they succeeded or not.

Demon Lord Ling Gu had wanted to escape since a long time ago.

Now, he finally had the excuse to do so!

He turned around to look at the Western Heavenly Gate.

As though she hadn’t heard, Lan Xiaoni continued to lug the last Heavenly Gate pillar.

Just a little more…

Demon Lord Ling Gu heaved a sigh and remained as still as a mountain before the Western Heavenly Gate.

Yu Feiyu faltered slightly as she gazed at the two people who appeared as if they hadn’t heard her. Then, she gritted her teeth and continued to battle, killing all the enemies who streaked past Demon Lord Ling Gu’s sides!


The West Sea Heavenly Ark fired another shot.

The might that was contained within this cannon strike was even more terrifying than before. It was tremendous and profound, and its energy was boundless and infinite. The one hundred thousand feet tall demon appeared incredibly minuscule before this burst of monstrous energy.

Am I about to die?

Demon Lord Ling Gu clenched his fists and was just about to charge into the cannon strike.

Even if he died, he was going to die a brave and heroic death!

An earsplitting explosion suddenly erupted behind his body.

It appeared to be the sound of the Western Heavenly Gate collapsing.

Demon Lord Ling Gu chuckled. This sound was the best reciprocation to his efforts.

In actual fact, he wasn’t scared of death. He was merely scared of dying a pointless death.

Demon Lord Ling Gu started to fearlessly charge toward the dark-blue cannon strike. The searing pain from his injury-riddled body caused his already fuzzy awareness to suddenly become sharper. His vision was filled with a vast expanse of dark-blue, and it was as if the vast sea were surging over and trying to pull him into the eternity of its depths.

Right at this moment, however, a lithe and graceful figure suddenly appeared before him and spread their arms apart.


The cannon strike blasted into that tiny yet incredibly beautiful figure, throwing up gigantic waves of energy and water as it did so.

No matter how aggressive or petrifying the energy of the cannon strike, that figure was able to block everything that was thrown its way. Nothing was able to make it through to Demon Lord Ling Gu.

Demon Lord Ling Gu was dumbfounded, and his eyes reddened as he gazed at that figure. He had figured out their identity, and this only made him feel all the more touched.

That figure was Lan Xiaoni!

Demon Lord Ling Gu had only fought with his life on the line because he wanted to create a chance for Lan Xiaoni to finish destroying the Heavenly Gate and then escape. He was already resigned to dying in battle. To his great surprise, however, Lan Xiaoni dashed over and drew on all her power to protect him just as he was about to perish…

“Why are you still standing here in a daze? Hurry up and run!”

The crisp cry of a female rang in his ears.

Demon Lord Ling Gu only came to his senses at this moment. He was severely wounded right now, and if it weren’t for his allies bringing up the rear, there was absolutely no way he could escape from the army of tens of millions of Heavenly Humans.

Demon Lord Ling Gu’s body rapidly shrunk in size. Then, he transformed into a streak of red and pierced into the sea in the sky.

Yu Feiyu swished her fishtail and charged into the sea after him.

“Don’t let them get away! Charge!”

“Ahhh! Western Heavenly Gate! Our Western Heavenly Gate!”

“We’ll definitely avenge this day! Charge!”

Some Heavenly Humans simmered with rage as they charged after Demon Lord Ling Gu and Yu Feiyu, while some other Heavenly Humans suffered mental breakdowns as they struggled to accept the destruction of the Western Heavenly Gate.

The colossal pillars had already been tossed into the passageway between the two realms by Lan Xiaoni, and this passageway had then also been completely destroyed by her afterward. The illuminated passageway that had stood for hundreds of years gradually shrunk down. As it did so, its once brilliant glow also started to fall dimmer and dimmer.

The Heavenly Humans were helpless as they watched on. They couldn’t prevent the collapse of the Western Heavenly Gate. A feeling of powerlessness and despair washed over their bodies. They could only collapse to the floor in grief and despair or unleash their boiling fury on their enemies’ bodies.

The dark-blue Power of the Sea started to tremor.

Its harrowing power wantonly obliterated everything in the surroundings.

However, when the energy of the cannon strike dissipated, Lan Xiaoni—whose divine halo dazzled above her head—was still standing in the sky. It was just that her face had gone slightly pale, and she appeared to be quite disheveled.

“How is this possible? Our West Sea Cannon was blocked again?!”

The faces of the Heavenly Humans in charge of the West Sea Heavenly Ark had expressions of disbelief.

Are all of these people explosion resistant?

“Hurry! Refill the energy as quickly as you can! Lan Xiaoni has to die no matter what!”

The Heavenly Human Great Generals furiously shouted their commands.

At this moment, the West Sea Heavenly Ark once again lit up with a brilliant glow.

Lan Xiaoni glanced at the churning sea in the sky and chuckled. “Want to kill me? Then come and find me in the sea!”

As she said this, she swished her fishtail and dashed toward the sea.

“Hurry! Someone stop her!”

“Don’t let her enter the sea!”

The powerful beings of the Heavenly Human Tribe shouted in panic.

Streak after streak of powerful figures charged toward Lan Xiaoni.

Lan Xiaoni wielded a sword in each hand, and her brilliant sword intent slew all the powerful beings who dared to stand in her path. No one could stop her advance, not even for a second. Even a mightily powerful Heaven Pioneer Stage Great General had an arm lopped off after a mere half-second.

Lan Xiaoni swaggered upward just like that. Her overwhelming power brought despair to her enemies’ hearts.


Splashes of water arced through the air.

The mermaid slid into the water and disappeared from their sights.

After entering the sea, the Heavenly Water Goddess could merge perfectly and become one with the sea. Even other Heavenly Gods would struggle to detect her presence, to say nothing of these ordinary Heavenly Humans.

They could only launch sweeping yet ineffective attacks on the sea as tears of grief flowed down their faces.

Meanwhile, some Heavenly Humans dazedly stared at the location of the vanished Western Heavenly Gate. It was as if they had become retarded.

“What the heck just happened? A single person waltzed through tens of millions of us Heavenly Humans and crushed our Heavenly Gate? And then they swaggered off just like that?”

“Heh… I’m nothing but trash!”

“Haha… Hahahaha…!”

Some Heavenly Humans laughed as they cried, while some other Heavenly Humans started to question the meaning of their very existence.

The Heavenly Humans in the West Sea crumbled into an absolute mess.

Meanwhile, in the central region of the Tai Chu Continent.

“Brother An Lin, you’ve got to believe me! I’m definitely sincere toward you!”

The Heavenly Sea God hurriedly ran behind An Lin.

An Lin faltered slightly before breaking into a wide grin. “M-hm… Brother Sea, I trust you. If you weren’t sincere toward me, then how could you have acted in such a key moment? Brother Sea, there’s no need to explain.”

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