I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapter 201 - Final Chapter (4)

Chapter 201 - Final Chapter (4)

He was a magic circle user. He was able to devise magic that was impossible to use with only Mana. It was used when the caster wanted someone else to use a spell. It was also used when the structure of a spell couldn’t be solved using a chant.

Of course, there were advantages to using the magic circle, but it wasn't easy to use. A good amount of the caster’s Mana was consumed in creating one, and it was a time consuming process. If one wanted to maintain the magic circle for an extended amount of time, one had to invest Magic Stones into it. These downsides existed.

‘Can he create them without paying the requisite costs? Moreover, he is able to do it in such a short amount of time?’

It was an Innate Ability. Innate Abilities were supposed to be ridiculous, so he couldn’t disparage it. It explained how Nanarai Bodra was able to grow so quickly as a hero. Moreover, Artpe finally realized why Nanarai Bodra was successful in creating so many ruins.

‘Basically, he doesn’t know the fundamentals behind his magic. He is able to create and maintain magic circles, because he desires it?’

Nanarai Bodra had seen the half-Spirit Etna for the first time, yet he was able to create a magic circle that could consume her power. He did so by placing the magic circles within the magic missiles. It was as if he had skipped a step in creating his magic. He basically went from Mana to a completed magic circle.

“You aren’t a genius magician. You just had this Innate ability. You made it look as if you are a genius. You are merely a hero in heat.”

[You have it all wrong, my junior. From the moment we are born, all of our status is predetermined. I was chosen to be a hero. You were chosen to live a life that was full of ups and downs. It was all decided when we were born. One can use one’s outstanding mind to learn and use magic, or one could use one’s Innate Ability to use magic. Basically, the cause and effect is the same.]

His words couldn’t be denied. A genius was merely a person born with a natural gift. Even if one achieved greatness through an Innate ability, it still fell under the umbrella of the title called genius.

[We all have our own ways of gaining achievements as we live. In the end, I was able to rise to this position. I worked hard to reach this height, but that doesn’t mean I’ll willfully ignore the efforts made by others. Do you think you would have been able to reach your current position without your natural gifts? No. We are special. We are what people call geniuses. ]

Nanarai Bodra spoke as he started to move towards Etna. Afterwards, Etna’s body faded away, and she appeared next to Artpe. It wasn’t a physical phenomena. It was the power of a Spirit, and it was something that couldn’t be explained through Mana.

[It seems she had enough power left to retreat, yet she remained on the battlefield. She moved next to you…… It seems she really loves you, my junior.]

A bitter laughter appeared on the sunbae’s lips. It was assumed that he had turned into a complete idiot after falling under the Seduction ability. It seemed that wasn’t true. He was being played by Garnet, yet he was self-aware of his own situation.

“Mmm. I’m not sure if you know this, but there is a bond between us. Since the ancient times, the Demon King’s party went nuts when it was mentioned. Why aren’t you reacting the same way?”

[Bonds. I know about it. I once believed in that. However, when I chose to betray myself…. I no longer believe it.]

The magic missiles flew towards Artpe. However, the Hand of Destruction stopped all of the magic missle. The Hand of Destruction was capable of vaporizing most of the magic circles before they could do anything.

[Powerful. It is powerful. What is that hand? I devised a magic circle should have stopped and destroyed that hand. Why isn’t it working? It is quite mysterious.]

Of course, Artpe didn’t let his guard down. In terms of Innate Ability, Nanarai Bodra was a more fearsome foe than Garnet. Artpe had gone through the prepared Dungeons, and he had gained the Mana String. He was able to gain the Materialization magic through the Mana Strings. It made Artpe wonder if Nanarai Bodra’s Record had a part in everything he had gained!

‘It is possible for me to resist him to a certain degree using my Materialization magic. It’ll be important for me to find out what angle he plans on taking with the Magic Circle Creation. If so, I’ll be able to counter…..’

Artpe extended the Hand of Destruction outwards as he put it on defense. Then he emptied one Dimensional Pouch. He filtered the Magic Stones through the Reclamation Magic, and he gave the portion of the Mana to Etna. In a flash, she regained consciousness.

“Kah, hoohk······.”

“Etna, you should rest.”


“I was able to find out what he was hiding thanks to you. I can win this, so you should relax.”

At Artpe’s reliable words, she mutely nodded her head. Then she lost consciousness once again. He was able to recharge her Mana, but it was up to Etna to turn the Mana into Spirit energy. He just had to hope that she would be able to recover from the shock.

Artpe left Etna in the care of Regina, and he decided to directly confront Nanarai. To be precise, no one other than him was capable of going against Nanarai.

[Ho. Is that a Demite? Amazing. I heard a staff made out of Demite could conjure magic, but I never expected it to be able to maintain a great magic by itself!]

“You talk too much.”

Pipi was given the possession of the the Reclamation magic tome. On top of that, Artpe had consumed Artifacts and Magic Stones to expand the radius of the Reclamation spell once again.(This simple act had the effect of cutting away at the Demonic Energy available to Nanarai and Garnet.) Artpe stepped forward, and a skein of Mana Strings letting out purple light swirled around both his hands.

“Fight me, sunbae-nim.”

[I see. In the end, we have to resort to violence!]

The magic missiles flooded forward. Hundreds of thousands of magic missiles erupted from Nanarai’s body. There were so many that the only apt description was a flood of magic missiles. The more shocking part was that each magic missile held the power of a different spell.

Nanarai was being weakened by the Declaration of Demonic Extermination and the Reclamation magic. Artpe had no idea where Nanarai’s power was coming from.

Wait a moment….

‘An endless amount of Demonic energy is surging out of him. He isn’t generating this Demonic energy, and he isn’t getting it from this world either.’

Countless number of magic missiles struck Artpe and his party. Artpe didn’t push the Hand of Destruction forward. He unraveled the Mana Strings from his skein, and he created a defensive magic. It blocked all the magic missiles, and the Mana Strings accelerated towards Nanarai.

‘His body is unstable. He doesn’t have any Artifacts or potion. I’m turning the Demon realm into the human realm right now. As a Demon, he shouldn’t be getting stronger. Where is his Demonic energy coming from? ….where?’

Artpe thought about the words written by the past Nanarai. Ninety nine percent of his words had been boasts, and one percent had been the truth. He thought about the words recorded on the altar. What did the humans do when they were trying to change Mana into Demonic energy? What did they call forth, and where was it from?

“You bastard.”

Artpe felt chills run up his body. Artpe had unraveled the truth. He yelled out in disbelief.

“You are using the power of the Demonic god!?”

[You were able to recognize that?!]

“It was a guess, yet it seems I was right”

This bastard had lost his mind, but at one time, he knew about the dangers of being connected to the Demonic god. That was why he had separated and sealed the Evil Heart. Artpe had never expected Nanarai to use his body to create an opening to the Demonic god!

[Can you accept it now, my junior? There is no way you can win against me. I can bring whatever I desire into this reality. Your death and the Demonification of the human realm…. It will all occur as I desire. ······I just need the Evil Heart.]

Artpe had somewhat predicted this, but the Evil Heart must be essential to the process of turning the human realm into a Demon realm.

Even if Nanarai could borrow the Demonic god’s power, he couldn’t indefinitely produce Demonic energy like the Evil Heart. This was why they were searching for the sealed fragments of the Evil Hearts. It really was an ironic situation.

‘The most dangerous thing we face right now is…..’

Garnet was fighting a fierce battle with Maetel and Sienna. Artpe was using his Materialization magic to fight against Nanarai’s magic. The danger wouldn’t be coming from them.

“Nyaaaaaaa. Hurry. I wanna eat. Nyaa-ah-ah.”

Roa had stayed behind to protect Regina and the rest of the party. Still, she was waiting for her turn to come. Wasn’t she the Greed Beast, who ate all the Evil Hearts and the beings that possessed Demonic energy?

[Your movements have slowed down, my junior]

“You haven’t moved from your spot.”

Artpe realized something. Nanarai Bodra and the Demon King Garnet wasn’t using their full might in this fight. They realized that Artpe was using the Reclamation magic. It meant that Artpe’s party possessed the Evil Heart, so they were biding their time in order to steal the Evil Heart.

[What shall we do, Artpe?]

It was Maetel’s voice. Artpe was firm in his answer.

[We have to kill Nanarai first. HIs magic circles are too dangerous.]

[Understood. I’ll leave her to you for a brief moment, Sienna.]


In a flash, the three party members shared their intentions. Long words were unnecessary. Artpe consumed several Magic Stones, and in a flash, he increased the number of Mana Strings. Nanarai couldn’t react properly to the suddenly fierce attack. He was defenseless as he retreated backwards.


“That isn’t a line that a hero should say!”


Maetel immediately used her Acceleration ability to move away from the Demon King. In a flash, she stabbed her bastard sword into Nanarai’s chest.

The Mana Strings had blocked all the magic missiles. The remaining Mana Strings stuck to Nanarai’s body, and they nullified the magic circles placed on Nanarai’s body. Nanarai hadn’t expected this, so his eyes widened in shock.



The Demon King didn’t love him. However, he was her most perfect and only comprade. Garnet turned around in fright when Nanarai’s life was threatened. In a flash, she saw Maetel. Garnet hadn’t been able to prevent Maetel from moving away. She instantly saw Maetel getting ready to execute Nanarai.

[You dare turn your back towards me!]

At her gesture, an enormous whip made out of Demonic energy appeared. It flew towards Artpe and Maetel. However, Sienna stepped in between to block the attack. The shield held the holy energy of Vadinet, and Sienna’s own Mana. She was able to block and destroy the Demonic whip. Garnet’s mouth became distorted.

[From the beginning, I knew you were repugnant. You denied the blessing of the Demon race. You degenerated into becoming a bizarre existence that goes against common sense…. Unfortunately, I do not have a spot for you in the world I will open.]

“Oppa protected this body. Oppa made this race for me. My Mana is for oppa.”

As always, Sienna was calm and composed. Her ardor was small and quiet, yet it burned endlessly.

“I don't care what you think. I will stop you…. You are trying to forcefully change humans into Demons. I cannot forgive you.”

[I get it now······!]

Nanarai, who had sounded like he was about to die, shouted out. He really was cutting it close. He was able to assess the movements of Artpe, Maetel and Sienna. He also found out the structure of the Reclamation magic.

[Garnet! That cat! It’s that cat! She hasn’t stepped forward yet!]

Afterwards, Maetel’s sword cut off Nanarai’s head. Nanarai’s favorite magic circle was a Regeneration magic circle. Tens of thousands of strands erupted from the magic circle, but Artpe used his Materialization magic to stop the regeneration. Nanarai couldn’t do anything, but greet his own death.

[She’s a cat?]


Nanarai’s message was delivered to Garnet. Artpe clicked his tongue as he burned Nanarai’s corpse.

[I see. Evil Heart!]

Garnet yelled out. Roa didn’t know what was going on. Nyaa.

She let out another cute cry. Artpe and Maetel desperately charged forward.

At that moment, a light erupted from something within Garnet’s possession.

It was a legacy left behind by Nanarai. He had left it behind for Garnet.

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