I Reincarnated For Nothing

Chapter 202 - Final Chapter (5)

Chapter 202 - Final Chapter (5)


Garnet moved. Artpe didn’t even have the time to react. Sienna tried to stop her, but Garnet had dispersed her Demonic energy in all directions. Sienna had no way of tracking Garnet’s movement. In the end, Garnet was able to throw a Magic Stone towards Roa, and it hit her.

This item had been used by Nanarai before. Artpe was able to discern that the item held a magic circle. It opened a tunnel to another world, but Artpe’s Read All Creation ability couldn’t see into this other world. Aside from the magic circle, there were too many spells placed on the Magic Stone. This was why he wasn’t able to discern all of its function at a glance.

“You crazy bitch! Silpennon!”


Artpe shouldn’t have bothered calling out for Silpennon. He was already moving. He used his Innate ability to steal the Magic Stone that had impacted upon Roa! His ability was amazing. He was able to Plunder even the magic that was already spreading within Roa. He was able to divert the power to a different direction. He directed it towards the Reclamation magic, and the Magic Stone became strengthened by it. His decision making was flawless.

[You’ve been hiding your ace in the hole. You got me. However······.]

The smile on Garnet’s lips wasn’t erased. Magical energy fell from an item within her possession. Afterwards, she used her Demonic energy to float into the air. Artpe let out a low moan when he saw this.

[Nanarai prepared for his eventual death. Did you really think he would make only one of his items?]


“She won’t be able to do it on my watch!”

Since Nanarai Bodra was dead, Garnet was the only enemy left! All the Demons in this region had been turned into humans. Moreover, Garnet wasn’t even the current Demon King. They had no plans on getting involved with whatever Garnet was trying to do.

“Vadinet! Aria! There is no need to hide your powers! This is the moment! You have to use your full power!”

“Oh god! There is a being here that rejects you! She is trying to bring evil into this world!”

“Divine Hammer!”

The power of Artpe’s party was focused solely on Garnet. This included the magic of Regina and Artpe! Maetel attacked with her sword, and Sienna struck out with her hammer!

However, the Demonic energy around Garnet’s body blocked every one of their attacks. The Declaration of Demonic Extermination and the Reclamation magic was no longer effective. An endless amount of Demonic energy erupted from within her.

[Nanarai, you did your part. It is my turn now. Everything will return to being Demonic!]


It wasn't something only Nanarai could do. It seemed Garnet was also trying to establish a connection to the Demonic god through her body. She had been weakened through the seal, but this battle had unintentionally knocked off all the rust from her. She was able to regain her true power. There was only one magic circle placed within each Magic Stone prepared by Nanarai. Each time Garnet released the power of the magic circle, the power of Artpe’s party was rebuffed.

[Why do humans pursue evil? Why are the Demon race stronger than the human race? It is because the Demons are in the right. That should be the direction we should be moving towards. The gods spoken by humans do not interfere with our lives. They just observe. The Demonic god willingly gives us his power!]


He could see why the current Demon King had despised Garnet. Garnet was a lunatic. She was basically a representation of the group of humans that had dreamed about Demonificiation of this world.

Evil was capable of existing between humans. However, it was impossible for good to exist amongst the Demons. The current Demon King had loved the struggle between good and evil. He had taken this love to the extreme, but even so he was similar to humans in how he had acted.

“Nyaa. I’m into men. Nyaa.”

[Cute child. Why don’t you show me everything you are hiding? The Evil Hearts are noble treasures. It seems you’ve swallowed all of them. Right? Am I right?]


Roa realized that Garnet was aiming for her. She quickly dodged.

“Nyaa. I don’t know what you are talking about! I digested it all, so I have nothing!”

[The essence of that power can’t disappear. Yes. You were chosen! Your body was chosen for the advent of the Demonic god!]

“Master, this woman is weird. Nyaa-ah-ah! Nyaa-nyaa-ah!”

Roa kept jumping away from the hands that was trying to catch her. However, Garnet was much faster than her. Roa was close to being caught. Maetel acted right on time as she used her Acceleration ability. She roughly pushed aside Roa as she attacked Garnetl. However, it was as if Garnet had been waiting for Maetel. She had a bewitching smile on her face as she broke the Magic Stone in her hand.

[You should help me, child.]



The Magic Stone possessed a spell that strengthened her Innate ability!? In a flash, Maetel’s body froze. In the next moment, Maetel was able to rebuff the Demonic energy. However, it caused Maetel and her entire party to be knocked backwards. Garnet took a step forward in the air. In front of her eyes, she could see Roa. Roa’s hackles were raised. Her body had frozen in place when she was confronted with the strengthened Innate ability of Garnet.

“You’ll have to face me before you can do that.”


Garnet was trying to procure Roa. At that moment, Aria revealed herself. It seemed she had always been there. She was much weaker than Maetel, but Garnet’s Innate ability was based on Demonic energy. Therefore, Aria didn’t falter.

[Holy Priestess? I see. You are the second Holy Priestess. Your ability to hide is peerless, but what can you do?]

“I can protect those that I must protect. I was given the power of the Holy Priestess, and this power is for everyone.”

A golden light shone from Aria’s eyes. Garnet gritted her teeth. Aria’s power was overwhelming when compared to the Holy Priestess from her era. The power of the gods had been divided into two holy priestesses, yet she was unbelievably strong.

“In the end, your Demonic energy is a form of Mana. Artpe-nim told us this. You won’t be able to touch Roa until you destroy all of my soul.”

It would have been impossible without the Declaration of Demonic Extermination and the Reclamation magic. Aria was able to use her Innate ability Assimilation to absorb Garnet’s Demonic energy. Garnet’s boundless Demonic energy was being turned into Holy energy. Her eyes widened when the Holy energy started to suppress her Demonic energy.

[All of your powers are considered to be so excessive that only one should exist in the world at a given time. However, all your powers have been gathered in one place. Ah ah. The weak gods were afraid of the Demonic god, so they sent all of them here!]

“I feel pity for you! You are hanging onto an illusion called the Demonic god!”

Aria was sucking in Garnet’s Demonic energy, and she was making it her own. This allowed Maetel to overcome Garnet’s Seduction ability. She was successful in moving again! She swung her bastard sword. Garnet had to use one of Nanarai’s Magic Stones to block the attack. Garnet bared her teeth.

[You saw the evidence of the Demonic god’s power, yet you are unable to recognize it… After several hundred years, we were able to create the Demon realm. Now you are trying to turn it back into a human realm. You are metabolizing the Demonic energy to return it to Mana.]

“Dodge, Maetel!”

Arpte retrieved Roa using Blink. He yelled out in shock when he saw the amount of Demonic energy surging forward from Garnet’s body. Fortunately, he had given his warning in time. Maetel grabbed Aria, and she retreated.

[This is all the delusion of foolish children!]

In the next moment, the Demonic energy detonated! Even Regina’s barrier couldn’t neutralize all of the attack. The shockwave washed over the region. In the middle of the crater, one could see the figure of Garnet once again. Her skin had been dyed black.

“Shit. It really feels as if the world is going to end······!”

“Isn’t that woman basically the Demonic god? How rotten! There is no sign of her own energy left within her body…...!”

Demonic energy, Demonic energy, Demonic energy. It was an enormous amount of Demonic energy. It was at a point where her body might not be able to withstand the presence of so much Demonic energy. If the Demonic energy hadn’t been reduced by the power of the Reclamation magic and the Declaration of Demonic Extermination, the Demonic energy would have overwhelmed the whole world!

[You can try to revert everything, but there will always be the possibility of everything being turned back into Demonic energy again. Isn’t this what you have demonstrated with all of this? Demonic energy is one with the Mana. Mana turning into Demonic energy is part of the natural flow. Even the gods you follow and believe can’t deny this fact! Humans seek to become stronger. All humans want a new order under the Demonic god!]

“Nyaa-ah. That woman is crazy. Nyaa-ah-ah.”

Roa whispered her words as she remained in Artpe’s arms. It was such a desperate situation that one had to wonder if her words were necessary.

“However, there is some truth to her words. Roa, you made the Evil Hearts your own by eating it. However, that woman has the Magic Stones that’ll turn your Mana into Demonic energy…….”

“Nyaaa. If my Mana keeps changing into Demonic energy, does that mean I can constantly eat it? Nyaa-ah-ah.”

She really was wired in a weird and happy-go-lucky way. After he told her that was not how it worked, he raised his head. The sight he had seen once before was unfolding in front of his eyes.

[You are the new owner of the Evil Heart. I pity you, beast. You should stay put. I gave you the opportunity to worship the Demonic god, yet you refused it ….. All of you have rejected him!]

“O...oh no! Maetel!”

The Demonic energy coming off from Garnet’s body was arranged in a particular pattern. It looked extremely familiar, and in the next moment, Artpe realized that the current Demon King had activated a similar magic circle to what the current Demon King used. Artpe wondered if Nanarai Bodra had engraved the magic circle on the Demon King’s body. Artpe was probably right.

[Until the end, Nanarai wanted to stop me from doing this. He was the one that opened the road to the Demonic god, so I respected his wishes. I determined it wouldn’t be too late to enact this plan after we recovered the Evil Heart. I no longer think that. I have no reason to hesitate any more. I follow the Demonic god’s wishes! That is why the Demonic energy obeys me!]

The past Demon King was adding the power of the Magic Stones. These Magic Stones were given to her by Nanarai Bodra. She was letting out an overwhelming amount of power as she activated the magic circle….

[I’ll just host the Demonic god in my body!]

“Oh no, you don’t!”

Maetel charged forward. She was borrowing half the strength and stamina of her party excluding Artpe. She gathered everyone’s magical energy, and she strengthened it once more. At the end, she placed her Innate ability over that power. It was as if lightning was falling from the sky.

[Hero, it is fate that I am sharing this moment with you. When the Demonic god descends, everything will be changed into Demonic energy. I’ll use everything you’ve prepared to dye this world with Demonic energy!]

“Koohk······ This won’t do! It isn’t enough”


Artpe infused the power of his Reclamation and Materialization magic into the Mana Strings. He shot the Mana Strings towards Garnet. He wanted to weaken her Demonic energy even by a little bit. He somehow had to stop her from activating her spell.

He had already seen the structure of the spell that Garnet was trying to manifest. There must be a way to mess up the spell without killing her. There must be a way to turn it into nothing! He was sure that he already knew this method. It must be possible….


At that moment, Silpennon threw a Magic Stone towards Artpe. Artpe desperately snatched it out of the air. When he checked what it was, he realized it was one of the Magic Stones plundered from Garnet by Silpennon. He could see the magic circle engraved within it….

“Silpennon, you are the best!”

“Just hurry up and solve this mess!”

[Stay still, my children. Just show reverence to the Demonic god. Worship him!]

Was it caused by the flooding of the Demonic energy? Her Innate ability was being severely boosted. However, it didn’t work on Artpe and Silpennon. Their feelings couldn’t be shaken by an outside source. That time was long past.

“Alright. Let’s do this.”

Artpe held Nanarai Bodra’s Magic Stone. It held the ability of [Strengthen Innate Ability]. He followed Garnet’s example. He crushed the Magic Stone with his hand.

At that moment, he could hear a voice in his ears. He had no idea whose voice it was. The voice was soft, and it brought up sentimental feelings within him.

[Innate Ability - Read All Creation Ability 2nd Stage : Rewrite(Revision) has been completely released.]

Artpe finally understood it at that moment.

He now knew why he was able to return to the past. He knew why he was able to turn into a human. He also realized why he was placed next to Maetel of all places. He realized why he was able to acquire the Materialization magic.


If he had been able to keep a clear mind during his death in his past life, he would have be able to awaken to his ability at a much earlier date. His only regret was the fact that he hadn’t realized it sooner.

However, it wasn’t too late.

Artpe held power within his hands.

It was a power that couldn’t be prepared by the Demon King’s recipe. It was an absolute power that was beyond what the Demon King could imagine. .


Artpe quietly intoned his words as he opened his eyes.

[Wait a minute. This is…. Oh, Demonic god! Please show us your power…...!]

“You are too late, previous Demon King.”

Artpe grinned as he spoke those words. His eyes let out a bright purple light.

Everything within his sight was the subject to his power.

His supreme Innate ability of Revision was implemented.

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