Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: The Success Rate is Only 10 Percent

When the “ka” sound sounded, the long swords that fly from the strike directly stab the corner of the stage, the tip of the sword was inserted to the small cut of the wooden floor.

“Hu …” Kurusu slowly let out a breath, with gentle movements he slowly put his sword into the sheath.

It was only now that Kibito realize.

That his own sword was hit flying by Kurusu.

Suddenly, Kibito give a wry smile, throw his hands up, and helplessly said: “Sure enough, it's impossible to win against you when it comes to sword, Kurusu."

Kibito voice just come out, and the surrounding Bushi had all talk about it with an unsurprised expression.

“Kurusu swordsmanship is truly outstanding.”

“Even among the Bushi of Yomokawa family, in terms of sword alone, Kurusu is the most outstanding, right?”

“Because of that, Kurusu can become lady Ayame bodyguard.”

“Kibito is also very powerful, but only when it comes to swords, nevertheless, Kurusu is more powerful by a little bit.”

When the discussion of the surrounding reach the stage and reach Kibito ear, it makes Kibito wry smile becomes more rich.

Only Kurusu himself, that looks like he haven't heard the discussion of the surrounding Bushi, with a handsome face that close to a cold expression.

After that, Kurusu said.

“This is nothing at all, as long as you're a Bushi then you're capable to achieve it, but the recent Bushi can only use a steam gun, forgetting that swords are our original weapons.

In a word, it instantly cooled down the surrounding lively atmosphere.

All of the Bushi becomes speechless and do not know what to say.

Kibito also slightly sighed and said, “This is no way to do things, only by relying on the steam gun, we can barely defend the station, but relying on a sword and want to deal Kabane with it is too difficult.”

“I know, I too have no right to have any opinion on this situation.” Kurusu closed his eyes, his face still calm and he open his mouth: “But, for this degree of swordsmanship to be boasted so exaggerated, I myself feel somewhat ashamed. ”

From Kurusu words, everyone heard a feeling that comes from the bottom of his heart.

It's obvious that , Kurusu is an existence that highly respected by the Bushi, and they're unwilling that he humiliated his own dignity with his own hands.

Of course, Kurusu is not dissatisfied with the current situation in which Bushi are now using a steam guns.

After all, it is necessary weapons to deal with Kabane, Kurusu himself also use it, naturally it's unlikely to be excluded.

Just, unlike the rest of the Bushi which relies on steam guns, Kurusu relies not only on steam guns.

As a Bushi, Kurusu believes that he can only rely on the sword on his own hands.

Therefore, Kurusu did not neglect to practice with his sword and he has continuously temper himself.

Therefore, for Kurusu, the once in ten days martial fight gathering isn't used to vent, but to test his own results, constantly warned himself that he can't forget the reminder of swordsmanship.

Kibito actually know about this.

Thus Kibito smiled and said to Kurusu: ” Then I as the loser will withdraw first, you can continue.”

Kurusu nodded, waiting for Kibito to withdraw, looking around and with force and spirit open his mouth.

“Who want to come up and have a match with me?”

This sentence, clearly echoed in the surrounding.

The Bushi one by one looked at each other, and finally show a forced laugh.

” I … I don't want to!”

“When it comes to sword, we definitely can't compare to Kurusu!”


Looking at each and every Bushi shook their head, Kurusu frowned deeply.

In this moment, a voice more naive compared to the Bushi suddenly sounded.

“Is it possible to go up without knowing swordsmanship?”

When the sound clearly echoed in the surrounding, Kurusu slightly startled, when he look at the one that spoke in the audience, his face that somewhat cold and serious face can't help but become stunned.

Not only Kurusu, even Kibito, including all the rest of the Bushi are stunned there, the expression in their face beside surprise only have shock.

To see, in the crowded Bushi audience, a hand is lifted high.

The owner of the hand is not known by any of the Bushi, his age is estimated that he aren't even twenty years old, he also wear a strange clothes on his body.

This is also the reason for every Bushi to be shocked.

And the one who lifted his hands is naturally Fang Li.

But, Fang Li also have no choice other than lifted his hand.

Because, when Kurusu issue a declaration, in the moment he let people to go to the stage to challenge him, the sound of system echoed in his mind.

“No. 11273 triggers the Grade-B branch task: the battle of the martial fight gathering.”

“Task content: challenge the story character Kurusu.”

“Victory reward: 3000 exchange points.”

“Failure penalty: none.”

“Note: The grade of the task is determined by the strength of the Envoy of the Main God, the grade from high to low is divided into S, A, B, C, D, E a total of six grades, the higher the level, the greater the difficulty, Grade-B branch task, if the task is accepted by the Envoy of the Main God, the success rate is only ten percent.

It is because of this message that Fang Li raise his hands to challenge.

Although the success rate is only one-tenth, there's no penalty if he's defeated, why not try it?

But for the rest of the people who do not know, Fang Li challenge is simply like a joke.

“Isn't that guy the wanderer that started to work here today?”

“A wanderer, actually challenge Kurusu?”

“This guy, don't tell me that he look down on Bushi?”

The eyes of the surrounding Bushi that watched Fang Li gradually become vicious.

Only Kurusu and Kibito both frowned, although they didn't expose any clear hostility like the surrounding Bushi, but looking at Fang Li eyes some seriousness appear.

“The martial fight gathering is battle between Bushi that's hosted by Yomokawa family,” said Kibito, “you aren't Bushi, so you don't have any qualifications to join Ok?”

“You’re just a wanderer.” Kurusu mercilessly utter : “Don't overestimate your own ability.”

“Is that right?” Fang Li shrugged and said, “Since that’s the case, then you’ll come to teach this little boy who didn't know the immensity between heaven and earth.”

When he heard what was said, Kurusu eyes squint up.


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