Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: As Long As There's A Chance

At this moment, the originally hubbub scene become quiet.

Under the stage, each and every Bushi are looking at the scene on the stage, there's no more lively cheer like in the beginning, and some simply have the manner like they're looking at a good show.

On the stage, Kurusu closed his eyes, and slowly pull out his sword with an expressionless face.

On his opposite, Fang Li took a deep breath and put his hand at his lower back on top of his dagger.

The surrounding atmosphere became solemn.

Under the stage, Kibito from start to finish always frowned, looking at Fang Li that didn't have an opening stance, he couldn't help but say.

“Kurusu, don't be too much.”

“Don't worry,” Kurusu opened his eyes and look at Fang Li that stand in front of him, the sword on his hand haven't been raised, and simply said, “I am not going to use force against ordinary people that didn't have any martial arts foundation.”

As a Bushi that have practice swordsmanship for many years, Kurusu can easily see from his opponent stance to see if his opponent have trained martial arts or not.

So, looking at Fang Li stance that's full of gaps, Kurusu can be sure that the wanderer in front of him haven't practice even a little bits of martial arts.

At that moment, Kurusu indifferently said: “If you go down now, I can treat it as if nothing had ever happened.”

When he heard it Fang Li smile and shook his head, which makes Kurusu to probe him with his sight.

“I know that you haven't trained martial arts,” Kurusu said bluntly, “you who haven't trained martial arts, why do you want to challenge me, a Bushi?"

When they heard Kurusu words, the sight of the surrounding people start to fall on Fang Li body.

Against the presence of so many people’s eyes, Fang Li slightly silent, then honestly replied: “I just want to try it."

“Try it?” Kurusu stunned again.

“Yes, try it.” Fang Li nodded and truthfully said: “I know that it would be difficult to win against you, but as long as there is a chance, then isn't it necessary to try it?

According to the Dimension judgement, the chance for Fang Li to win against Kurusu is merely ten percent.

I am afraid that this ten percent is because I possess the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, right?

After all, in terms of stats, Fang Li can only rely on AGI (Agility) , moreover it's only slightly higher by 1 point compared to a trained 20 years old young man.

And Kurusu the genuine Bushi, except for INT (Mysterious), STR (Strength), VIT (Vitality) and AGI (Agility) I’m afraid that it has passed the average of 5 points.

In other words, in terms of stats, Kurusu can easily crushed Fang Li.

Moreover, Kurusu isn't someone who can only attack, besides he isn't Kabane that only knows how to attack.

Kurusu had practice sword for many years, how can he lose to Fang Li, a young student that's still ordinary yesterday.

Mystic Eyes of Death Perception is a trump card that can let Fang Li win, but this trump card can't be used.

This is merely a spar, not a fight.

If he used Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, A little mistake can kill Kurusu.

At that time, It's very likely that Fang Li will be teared to pieces by the fury of Yomokawa Family Bushi, right?

In view of this, the ten percent rate that's given by the Dimension, is simply useless.

The difficulty of battling Kurusu must be higher than the task grade.

However, Fang Li still want to try it.

One of the reason is that 3000 Exchange points isn't a small temptation.

But the most important reason is that Fang Li still has a winning method.

A very dangerous method.

“Can't win against a Bushi without a martial arts?” Fang Li pulled out the dagger and look at Kurusu, and said, “Come and try it.”

“… Is it?” Kurusu’s expression become cold again,

The hands that hold the sword slowly raised, the sword was pointed at Fang Li, He opened his mouth and say : “Your courage isn't bad, but in the end do you just have a big speech or do you really have a little ability, let me try it.”

Fang Li stared at the sharp sword that's pointed at him, but his heart is unimagineably calm.

Originally, in this kind of situation where numerous people focus their attention on him, Fang Li is also a little bit nervous.

But, when he confront a fight, Fang Li will become like the time in the forest when he fight against Kabane, his heart is full of unimaginably calm.

Whe it comes to battle, the most miserable fate is nothing more than death.

As long as it is related to the death of things, it's unlikely for any slightest fluctuations to appear in Fang Li hearts.

At least, from small to large, Fang Li can only feel fear when he's scolded by his father and his teacher, apart from this he haven't fear the other things.

There is a very good saying.

“Since there is no fear of death, then what is there to be afraid for?

This sentence, basically can be applied to Fang Li.

Even when fighting Kabane, or even when it comes to fighting a Bushi that's more formidable than Kabane, it is the same.

“Attack.” Kurusu gaze at Fang Li, and said, “I will not be lenient.”

“Is it right?” Unexpectedly Fang Li seem to have deep meaning kind of smile: “But I think you will be lenient."

This sentence, make Kurusu stunned.

Also in this moment, Fang Li suddenly stepped on the ground and fiercely rush out.

The stage is not very large, the diameter isn't more than ten meter.

The distance between Fang Li and Kurusu is also not far, it's more or less approximately two or three meters.

Two or three meters distance, for Fang Li that had 6 points in AGI (Agility) , he arrive almost in the blink of an eye.

As a result, when Kurusu reacts, Fang Li has rushed to his front.


Kurusu reaction is almost conditioned reflex and his expression become severe, the tachi on his hands suddenly move, firmly move to cut Fang Li head.


The sound of cutted wind resounded.

The sharp tachi cut through the air, like a sound of thunder that fall from the sky, move with a force that's able to split Fang Li head into two.

In this situation, the powerful force split the blowing wind and arrive in front of Kurusu above Fang Li head, it make Fang Li bangs gave a fluttering sound..

He's just subconsciously slash his sword in a hurry, nevertheless it's so ruthless.

Of course for Kurusu, this sword is just used to force Fang Li to dodge.

Although Fang Li didn't trained martial arts, his speed isn't weak.

In Kurusu’s view, with his speed, he should be able to dodge this sword.

At that time, Kurusu will raise his sword, hit the the dagger away from Fang Li hands, then it is over.

However, something unexpectedly happened to Kurusu.


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