Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 14

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Chapter 14


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Chapter 14: Finally Met The Major Character

After that, three days has passed.

During this time, Fang Li treatment are no longer bad like in the beginning.

Although it's still the same as before because his identity as a wanderer require him to do some work, however those Bushi no longer treat Fang Li like before.

Of course, it's not that the attitude of the Bushi toward Fang Li becomes better, it's just because Fang Li performance that day make these Bushi realize that Fang Li isn't someone that can be provoked.

In order to win, Fang Li didn't hesitate when face the danger of his arm being cut off, so daring, make these Bushi that hole up in Aragane Station until now and the timid Bushi that didn't dare to fight against Kabane instinctly give birth to a trace of fear.

As a result, the Bushi are no longer being cynical in front of Fang Li, they're rather far away from Fang Li, beside some works that needs to be explained, they're no longer in contact with Fang Li.

In this regard, Fang Li is happy, naturally there will be no objection.

In fact, if Fang Li want to go, then he can go at any time, he didn't need to stay and waste his time among Bushi to eat three meals a day.

When he enter the duplicate world, the dimension wouldn't provide him the exchange function, the envoy of the main god need to return to Dimension of the Main God in order to have the ability to exchange.

The only exception is : money exchanger.

In the duplicate world, the main god envoy can use exchange point to exchange for the required money according to the current world money value.

In such circumstances, with 5600 exchange point even if it can't be said that Fang Li will enjoy wealth and glory, but at least it can ensure the basic necessities of life.

But, Fang Li did not do that.

First reason: this exchange is a one way exchange, he can only use the exchange point and changed it into money, but he can't sell the money into the dimension to receive exchange point.

As a result, basically, no one is willing to spend the omnipotent exchange point to exchange for a pile of money that's would be useless outside the world.

Second reason: he can only get a better grasp of the situation as a Bushi.

Until now, Fang Li didn't know when is the time of the official starting plot.

Therefore, Fang Li thinks that it is absolutely necessary to mix himself among Bushi.

If anything happens, it's certain that the Bushi will be the first to receive the information.

For this reason, Fang Li must mix himself among the Bushi, so he can grasp the first-hand information at any time, to have a good understanding of the current situation.

Once he hear the news of a Hayajiro entering Aragane Station, Fang Li will definitely be the first to go.

Fang Li remembered that the day when the plot began, Hayajiro entered the Aragane Station during the day and there was a man who was accused as Kabane and then shooted.

Even if you do not know which day the story begins, but if there is such a clear plot, Fang Li only need to see, to understand when Aragane Station will fall.

As a result, three days has past, there're several times where Hayajiro come and go, but such thing haven't occur.

Fang Li can only suppressed some of his impatient mind and helplessly continue to wait.

In this course of events, Fang Li life isn't bland.

At least, in the three days after the martial arts competition, Kurusu came to see Fang Li almost every day.

It's also same for today.

When it's noon break, in the way to the dining place, Kurusu come out of nowhere give Fang Li a scare.

Ignoring Fang Li frightened expression, Kurusu directly threw out a sentence.

“Did your injury get better?”

The corner of Fang Li mouth twitched, desperately hold back the impulse to turn his eyes, with bad mood said: “After that how long have passed, how could it be so fast?"

In fact, Fang Li injury has gotten better.

After the day of the martial arts competition, Fang Li have used the liquid of the injury recovery medicine and pour a portion of it on top of his wound.

His injury has been cured.

However, outside, Fang Li can not admit that his injury has gotten better.

It is because Kurusu has keep bothering Fang Li.

“I say, are you that free?” Fang Li that's still not in a good mood say. “didn't I just use a little trick to win once against you? There's no need to hold a grudge now, right?

“I … I did not hold a grudge!” Kurusu stared at Fang Li and insincerely said: “I just want to fight with you again.”

“In the eyes of ordinary people, it's generally known as holding a grudge.” Fang Li patted his forehead, and his voice is full of frustration. “I know that your self – esteem are high, I did not expect that I still underestimate it.

“Oh …” Kurusu look becomes speechless.

Seeing Kurusu look, Fang Li is also somewhat smiling.

It's usually not easy to see this excessively strict and serious Bushi beaten.

At this point, a sweet sounding voice was sounded behind Kurusu.

“Kurusu, so you are here?”

Hearing this voice, Kurusu slightly opened his eyes, his expression become somewhat panicked and he turned around.

When he saw the one behind him, Kurusu become surprised and let out a voice.


This call, make Fang Li eyes light up, he raised his head and look .

He saw, at the path ahead, a person is slowly walking to this place.

That's a girl.

Her age is probably on par with Fang Li.

Wearing a luxurious dress.

A dark blue hair like a waterfall tied into a ponytail.

There's even a flower ornament between her hair.

As for her looks, she's really delicate.

At least, before he come to the Dimension of the Main God, Fang Li has never seen such a beauty face to face.

Looking at the beautiful girl who walked slowly, Fang Li said with a low voice.

“Yomokawa Ayame.”

– Yomokawa Ayame.

From the name it can be seen that this person is a blood relative with Yomokawa Family which manage Aragane Station.

This girl is the eldest daughter of the Yomokawa family, and it is not surprising that she would one day succeeds her father and become the governor of Aragane Station.

Moreover, this girl is also the major character that he needs to protect to complete the second main task.

“I didn't expect that I would met her here …”

While Fang Li looking at her, Yomokawa Ayame also noticed him, after startled, she's somewhat apologetic and bow, and said: “I'm sorry for disturbing the two of you.”

“No, it's nothing.” Kurusu quickly shook his head and replied: ” Ayame-sama don't say that, We are not talking about anything important.”

With Kurusu word, Yomokawa Ayame still didn't know how to react, Fang Li eyes move up and down.

This guy, obvious excited look really bothering me …


The best way to keep happy is being not bothered by the non-sense around

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