Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Who Asked Me to be Weaker Than You


At this moment, the audience can't help but cry out in surprise .

Because, on the stage, in the face of Kurusu tachi sharp slash, Fang Li unexpectedly didn't dodge to avoid it, he directly raised his hand to the air and put it above his head.

“—- ?!”

Kurusu was startled, without any hesitation, he hastily reduce his strength.

In the next second, the sharp tachi slash through the hand that Fang Li put above his head, with a [chi] and a slight tear sound, Fang Li arm skin was slashed open.

Blood appear suddenly, under the stage Kibito eyes becomes wide open and each and every Bushi also become startled.

Pain start to attack Fang Li nerve.

But at this time, Fang Li has once again suddenly taken a step to get close to Kurusu.

“You …?” unavoidably a trace of shock appear in Kurusu serious face.

However, when the trace of shock appear on Kurusu face, he immediately feel an ice-cold touch on his neck.

What is that ice-cold touch, Kurusu instantly understand it.

It's the feeling that come from the dagger that's put at his neck.

Fang Li put the dagger at Kurusu neck by getting close to Kurusu, looking at Kurusu that's somewhat shocked, he gradually smile.

“Is this counted as my win?”


Dead silent.

Everyone that looked at Fang Li that put his dagger at Kurusu throat, was actually completely dumbfounded for a moment.

“That … that boy …” Kibito also can't conceal his surprise.

No way.

No one thought that the battle will go like this.

Originally they thought that it would be easy to defeat the wanderer, at this very moment, nevertheless it was Kurusu that's suppressed.

How can't it make people feel surprised?

And the first that react is Kurusu.

Looking at Fang Li that smile in close proximity and look towards at Fang Li arm that's still bleeding, Kurusu recovered his calm, silent for a while and said.

“Just a moment ago, If I were a Kabane, you will lose your hand already.”

When he heard that, Fang Li blinked his eyes, he smiles like before and give him a reply.

“Just a moment ago, If you were a Kabane, your head will fall too.”

One side lose his arm.

One side lose his head.

Which side is the one that's truly defeated, could it be that there's still a need to think about it?

“You …” Kurusu couldn't help but say, “You'll go as far as that without any hesitation to achieve this kind of result?”

“No way, who asked me to be weaker than you, want to beat strong as a weak and still think not to pay a little price for it, that is unrealistic right?” Fang Li calmly said: “Moreover,didn't I already said that you'll be lenient?"

This is merely a spar, not a fight.

Therefore, Fang Li winning chance by using Mystic Eyes of Death Perception can't be used.

However, for the opponent, he's also have the same reason.

This is not a fight, this is only a spar, How could Kurusu that know he can cut down his opponent hands to continue to go on?

This is the only method that Fang Li think of to win.

A very dangerous one, but not an whimsical method.

Therefore, Kurusu become speechless.

Seeing this, Fang Li urge him again: “how is it? It's my win right?”

“… I have no yet disapproved of the way I lose.” Kurusu said so, but his eyes was clearly unyielding.

After all, when it comes to strength, Kurusu is still above Fang Li.

However, in fight, it didn't mean that the stronger one will win, it's just that their winning chance are relatively large.

If this is really a fight,then with the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception that's possessed by Fang Li that used to kill Kabane before and his self-taught killing method, Fang Li would be able to had a bigger advantage.

However, the match this time is indeed Fang Li win.

“Complete the Grade-B branch task, obtain 3000 exchange points.”

When the system sounded in Fang Li mind, Fang Li start to relax and withdraw his dagger that stick in front of Kurusu neck.

The ice-cold touch that Kurusu feel on his neck starts to disappear, the expression that he have when he's looking towards Fang Li no longer have the seriousness like in the beginning, rather it's full of fighting spirits.

Then, Kurusu said, “Let’s fight again.”

It's obvious that Kurusu intend to take revenge.

Moreover, this time it's definitely for real and he'll not be lenient again.

In this regard, Fang Li startled, helplessly raise his arm that's still bleeding and said: “Now?

“…” Kurusu suddenly did not know what to say.

It's not Bushi behavior to insist to challenge someone when they're wounded.

Of course, Kurusu did not know that there's still a bottle of injury recovery medicine inside of Fang Li leg bag , which can be used to recover minor injuries.

Fang Li has let his blood out when he's inside the forest to lure Kabane, when he returned he use the medicine to recover his injury.

This medicine can be drinked in one gulp and will have a continuous recovery effect, if a portion of this medicine was sprinkled on the wound, that level of injury also can be recovered.

If it were not for this, Fang Li wouldn't create a wound on his body without any thoughts.

Kurusu who didn't know about this can only giving up the idea of challenging Fang Li, He looks at Fang Li and asked, “What is your name?”

“Fang Li, a wanderer,” Fang Li answered and subconsciously extend his hand toward Kurusu.

Kurusu looked at Fang Li hand and looked at Fang Li that have a same expression as before,he sighed and said, “Your really have a great courage."

Kurusu extend his hands and grasp Fang Li hand.

“Pa Pa Pa Pa!”

Under the stage, a burst of applause was sounded.

It was Kibito who clapped his hands with smiling expression.

With Kibito take the lead, in the crowds, some ordinary people also clapped their hands, even cheering sounds appear.

The Bushi suddenly start to look at each other, and finally unwillingly clapped their hands.

Loud applause was sounded in the entire stage.

It can be said, in this moment, the tension that filled the air starts to relieved.

Not the tension Bushi have towards Fang Li, rather, it's the tension that come from this era where tomorrow isn't guaranteed

In order to vent this tension, an expert start to host the martial fight gathering.

And today, the martial fight gathering has reach it's anticipated result.

Even far beyond it.

Under such an atmosphere, Kurusu gave Fang Li a word.

“I'll wait until your wounds better, then we'll fight again.”

Fang Li was speechless.

It seems that he has involved with an unusual person.


"I am strong, because I’ve been weak. I am fearless, because I’ve been afraid. I am wise, because I’ve been foolish."


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