Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 :The Pair of Eyes That Shouldn't been Able to Possess.

In regard of Mystic Eye of Death Perception, as someone who shut himself at home, Fang Li didn't feel unfamiliar about it.

Indeed it's a special ability that come from TYPE-MOON series “Tsukihime” and “Kara no Kyoukai”.

There are two people that possess it.

One is “Kara no Kyoukai ” Shiki Ryogi.

One is “Tsukihime” Shiki Tohno.

As it's name suggests it has an ability to perceive [death].

Those who have the ability can visualize the cracked dark lines on the surface of most object, that is, the lines of death, If they are cut along the line, they can cause unbreakable and irreversible damage to the object

One of the conditions to possess this ability is that you must experience a death and understand death.

“Death …”

Looking inside the mirror at the ice blue eyes that seem able to take the body temperature of a human , Fang Li mock himself.

“Indeed, I can be regarded as someone who has experience death once.”

However, the experience of death is merely the conditions to get Mystic Eye of Death Perception that's all, so just experiencing death wouldn't be enough to get Mystic Eye of Death Perception.

According to Fang Li’s memory, even if you get Mystic Eye of Death Perception, the ability of this pair of eye is also a thing that can't be used right away.

“Not to mention, strictly speaking, It should only exist in the TYPE-MOON world, According to that it would be impossible for me to possess this eye ability.

Fang Li clearly remember that in the world of TYPE-MOON series, there is one of the most fundamental settings —- everything is derived from the [roots].

The so called [roots ] is the origin of all things.

There is not only the beginning of everything, but even the end of everything.

The soul of man is derived from this [roots], thus obtaining the form, the wisdom, the existence of the flourishing mother earth.

Because it is always derived from the connection of the [roots], so all the human beings in the TYPE-MOON world are linked to [roots].

Because the [roots] records the end of everything, linked to the [roots], naturally equivalent to recognize the death of all things.

It's just even though the human brain has the function of receiving and sending, nevertheless the connection between [line] and the [roots] is closed.

Only through the death, understanding the death, that this [line] will be opened.

Both Shiki Ryougi and Shiki Tohno have experienced death, thus they can understand the “death” of things, see the “death” of things, and even by cutting off this “death”, making the target to reach its end.

This is the Mystic Eye of Death Perception.

“And I obviously do not live in the world of TYPE-MOON, so there would be no the so called saying linked to the ” roots “. ”

However, Fang Li still got the Mystic Eye of Death Perception.

“Talent skills … talent skills … that is to say that I have this talent, right?”

“Obviously I was only” dead ” and feel indifferent to it. ”

Fang Li sighed slightly and keep the mirror.

Anyway, since this is the Dimension of the Main God, then even unimagineable things can't be considered strange at this place.

Although Fang Li’s stats is incredibly low, but with this pair of Mystic Eye, There's no doubt that it will only bring Fang Li benefit in the first Duplicate World and no harm.

“There are 990 Exhange points and 5 free stat points, how should I use it?”

Thirty minutes later, Fang Li had to go through the first Duplicate World.

Fang Li must utilize the resource to the best of his capability.

So, Fang Li spent twenty-five minutes of time bitterly, and finally start to take action.

First, Fang Li use the 5 free stats points and put it all in the AGI, so AGI will be raised to 6.

“With the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, as long as the object can be hit, it can cause great harm, therefore, there is no need to increase STR.”

“And VIT , rather than thinking how to resist when getting hit later, might as well start to think how to avoid getting hit, so increasing VIT is not as good as increasing AGI. ”

“As for the INT that's still mysterious, in my current situation, this stat simply unable to be displayed, so there's no need to increase it.”

“To sum up, increasing AGI is undoubtedly my only choice.”

“As long as there is speed, either movement, dodge, retreat or attack, safety will be guaranteed.”

Increasing AGI will allow Fang Li’s movement speed, attack speed, reflex nerve, efferent nerve and even jump ability and all the performance related to agility have been improved.

In short, it increase the speed of the body.

Beside thinking speed, this stat is basically able to enhance the body in terms of all the speed-related ability.

For a shut in, this stat is undoubtedly important than the other stat.

After five free stat points are added to the AGI, Fang Li uses the exchange function of the Dimension of the Main God according to the help message and opens a exchange interface to start exchange for items.

Fang Li first used the 100 Exhange points, to trade for a dagger.

In the Dimension of the Main God , there are graded equipment that allow the equipment to obtain additional enhancements.

Some of these are enhancements that improve stat, and some of them give skills, Therefore capability to use skill are one of the important factor to become the God Envoy.

The grade of equipment is the same as the level of characters, from high to low, divided into the first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade.

However, the graded equipment are generally quite expensive, With Fang Li 990 Exhange point now it's simply unable to exchange for it.

Since the Exhange point unable to buy a graded equipment, Fang Li can only exchange it for a common ordinary dagger.

If there's no weapon, even if he have the Mystic Eye of Death Perception, Fang Li wouldn't able to cut the dead lines to kill the enemy.

After that, Fang Li exchanged a lot of things.

HP Recovery Medicine: Sustain recovery of the user HP (small amount), duration of 10 seconds, 300 Exhange points.

Injury Recovery Medicine: Sustain recovery of the user’s injury (minor injuries), duration of 10 seconds, 500 Exhange points.

Energy Compression Cookies: Sustain recovery of the user’s Energy (nutrition), duration 10 seconds, 50 Exhange points.

Water bottle: small bottle, can be filled with 10 liters water, 30 Exhange points.

After exchanging for these things, Fang Li use the remaining 10 Exhange points to exchange for a leg bag.

The two medicine, a pack of biscuits with a bottle are filled in advance among them, was put into the leg bag.

As for the dagger, Fang Li put it on the waist.

In this way, all of Fang Li Exhange points have been squandered, not left even a little.

Frankly speaking, as this Dimension novice, Fang Li’s actions can be regarded as bold.

After all, here in the Dimension of the Main God , it can make people to get everything, also can make people to lose everything in the world.

Here, as long as there is Exhange point, you will be able to get everything.

On the contrary, as long as there is no Exhange point, when the Exhange point turn into a negative number, in that moment there is only one end.

Once the Exhange point is not enough, he/she will be erased.

So here is the heaven for the strong, the hell for the weak.

In view of this, no matter who, will not choose to squander their Exhange point leaving none left, so as to avoid the situation where the main task failed, where if the Exhange points is insufficient, eventually he/she will be erased.

Even those veteran of the Main God Envoy are so, not to mention the new people that just entered the Dimension.

As a result, because of the fear of death it leads to the situation where Exhange points aren't used properly, lack of hidden card, and die a tragic death in the duplicate world, such an example often occurs for the new people that just enter into the dimension.

Fang Li has squandered all the Exhange point, and there's no hesitation.

Because, How can Fang Li be afraid, he didn't even afraid of death.

In this way, thirty minutes passed.

“Duplicate of the world: Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.”

“Mission difficulty: Fifth Grade.”

“Number of people: 1.”

“Number of main task: 3.”

“Task 1: Kill 10 kabane, individual reward added will be based on the the additional kill.

“Task 2: At Aragane Station that have fallen to the enemy protect the important figures Yomokawa Ayame safety, until the Iron Fortress smoothly separated, additional protecting people of the Aragane Station survival, reward added based on the number of the surviving people.

“Task 3: Get the 3000 Exhange point, additional Exhange point will be added to the reward.”

“Failure penalty: 1000 Exhange points will be deducted for the failure of each main task.”

“Completion reward: based on the final evaluation.”


For those who aren’t familiar with the term above


Kara no Kyoukai


Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

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