Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 : The World That's Possible to Collapse Anytime

When the Duplicate World information completely transferred, Fang Li only feel that his whole person suddenly seems like to be thrown into midair,his field of vision start to spin and become distorted .

Did not have time to be surprised, Fang Li feel a fit of dizziness, dizziness that come from unreasonable spinning.

That kind of feeling is somewhat unpleasant, It have the same feeling that come from spinning at the same place for 100 times, that make his head become muddled up.

By the time this feeling start to fade and gone, followed by that Fang Li feel just like falling down to earth in the midair, and then the distortion of his field of vision little by little start to become clear and finally recovered.

Until now, Fang Li just start to find out his location is in the room of a very old house.

The house style seems to be Japanese, although there is no tatami, but there's a wooden board spread on the ground.

And in the middle of the board there is a small heatable coal.

The coal pit slowly burned by the flame, there's a iron pot hanging on the top, the pot boiling a boiled water, it's full of Edo era sense of life.

(TLnote: It's Irori)

Unfortunately, Fang Li wouldn't able to understand this sense of life.

It's not that Fang Li sense of life have a flaw.

There's only one reason.

That is because everything Fang Li’s look at is divided by a crooked line.

It's like a crack in general, just like a line of graffiti that's drawn by a child’s.

There are crack on the wall.

There are crack on the ground.

There are crack on the ceilings.

Even the burning coal pit and hot iron pot that's filled with boiling water have it.


Fang Li suddenly feel like vomiting and start to groan.

At this moment, in Fang Li perspective, the whole world seems to be broken and in disorder , it seems like it can be broken at any time.

In such circumstances, what kind of impression would ordinary person have?

Very simple.

Just imagine that you are located in the elevator several hundreds of meters above the ground, and this elevator is gradually looks like it's going to collapse, the place you stay start to go down little by little, and it may fall at any time, this situation extend thousands of times, tens of thousands of times on the current situation.

(TLnote : If you want to try to imagine it, try watching Final Destination)

That kind of world may be broken at any time, every things in the world would face their end, and they live in the world that seems like going to collapse and falling to pieces in the next second, only need a little thought, and a man would easily go mad.

And Fang Li, now [live] in that kind of ragged world, as though he only need to softly touch the lines one time and the world will be broken.

“No wonder both Shiki Ryougi and Shiki Tohno can't stand this kind of situation.

After all, who is willing to live in a ragged world where you just need to touch it to break it?

Just standing on the edge of the cliff will make someone feel a great fear, let alone standing in a world will be broken at any time.

That kind of illusion, enough to make a normal person life to feel like they're tormented into a madman.

“It was interesting that I unexpectedly had no feeling about it.”

(TLn: He meant that had no feeling for dying not having no feeling on seeing everything cracked )

It's possible for the world to collapse anytime and anywhere ?

It doesn't matter.

Because, if that kind of thing really happened, that's also only meant the world is going to face its end, that is only death.

———— [Death].

Only in the face of this concept, where Fang Li simply can't produce any emotions.

Even if the world is dead, it is the same.

However, looking at the world where everything looks like broken pieces that put up together , really makes people uncomfortable.

“Since it is talent skills, then I should be able to do it?”

With such an idea, Fang Li slightly closed his eyes, there's only one though in his mind.

“This pair of eyes are [ closed ]. ”

The people that possess Mystic Eyes of Death Perception are only two Shiki Ryougi and Shiki Tohno.

However, their situation are completely different.

Shiki Ryougi undergo a section of time adapting it and with some guidance afterwards, make her able to open Mystic Eye Of Death Perception at will.

Shiki Tohno don't have a way to close it without Mystic Eyes Killer glasses that have ability to sealed Mystic Eyes.

Fang Li try to do the same thing like what Shiki Ryougi do.

The result is satisfying.

When Fang Li once again opened his eyes, the world in front of him has been restored to its original state.

Don't need to see, Fang Li also know, that the symbol of “death” the ice blue Mystic Eyes has disappeared.

My eyes back to the original dark color, right?

“It seems that my Mystic Eye of Death Perception nature are similar to Shiki Ryougi, it's different than Shiki Tohno.”

When Fang Li mind though of such thing, the door suddenly pushed.

“You outsider, why on earth are you still here?”

Two people wearing bushi clothes with a katana hanging on the waist come in from the door.


Fang Li immediately start to brace his body.

And the two bushi as if didn't saw the same view as Fang Li, glare at Fang Li.

“I didn't expect it, did you think that you still have time to be lazy here?”

“You still didn't hurry to go to the city gate, you don't want to eat anymore?”

In order to let the Main God Envoy into the Duplicate of the World without being to sudden or abrupt, when entering the Duplicate World, the Main God Dimension will prepare the basic identity .

Of course, only the most basic identity , such as a certain city residents, or a certain office worker kind of level.

This time, the Main God Dimension to help Fang Li prepared identity as a wanderer that arrive at this place from the outside, because there is no way to ensure food and clothing, so the bushi go to work in exchange for three meals a day.

And obviously, today’s work is guarding the city gate.

“Guarding the city gate?” Fang Li brow slightly raised up, silent for a while later, then said: “In other words, we may meet Kabane?

In a word, the surrounding atmosphere somewhat changed.

The two bushi expressions slightly become stiff, after that, their eye that stare on Fang Li become ferocious.

That look, it will only make people think of a situation.

When forced into the edge of the cliff, facing the deperate situation people will start to become hysterical.

It is be said that Fang Li’s word “Kabane”, gave these bushi a big stimulation.

So, Fang Li began to search his mind to recall his memory about this world.

” Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress “.

This is a world with the background of the island after the 1860s.

In this era, industrial revolution has begun, and gradually affect the world, so that the world in the industrial revolution under the waves began to change to modern.

However, at this time, a monster appeared.

———— Kabane.

Someone that should have been dead come back to life and become ferocious then suddenly become a bloodthirsty monster.

In another word, this is the so called zombie, chinese vampire type of existence.

But this monster is different from ordinary zombies and chinese vampire.

Their physical ability is unusually high, and also their regeneration ability is outstanding, as long as their heart isn’t pierced through, basically they wouldn't die.

However, their hearts have a layer of skin membrane protecting it.

That layer of skin membrane, are as hard as steel, basically it's not something that's easy to break.

In such circumstances, these hard undead monster rely on their astonishing ferocious nature, follow their desire for blood, to attack the entire human world.

Once they bite, their victim will be infected, and gradually become the same monster.

Humans call these monsters as ———— Kabane.

In order to counter the threat of Kabane, the shogunate in all country build a city wall that created from steel and call it as [Station] to protect the remaining human being.

Today, Fang Li located at Aragane Station the place that's mentioned in the main task, it's also the city stronghold that appeared on the beginning of the original work.

However, this little bit of information can’t make Fang Li feel relaxed.

Because the number of people who have seen the original plot know that Aragane Station wouldn't take long to suffer under Kabane’s invasion, and then fall.

At that time, Fang Li will also face a group of cannibal monsters, and fight those monsters.

Thought of this, Fang Li touched the dagger on his waist, in his pair of dark eyes flashed a trace of ice blue luster.

“Undead monster …?"

This kind of monster, relying on this extremely ordinary dagger to confront them with it is is simply a wishful thinking, right?

But …

“In the end is it really an undead, let me use this pair of eyes to confirm it …”


For those who aren’t familiar with the term above


Chinese Vampire (JiangShi)

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