Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: The Incarnation of The People That Already Dead

Today’s weather is sunny, the sun illuminate the cold color of the steel wall giving the feeling of warm, that make people feel comfortable physically and mentally.

However, on that steel wall, all of the Bushi that holding steam gun on their hand are always taut their own face, without a trace of relaxation, their sight feels as if their life depend on it, constantly patrol the city wall below an inch from earth.

That tension, even under the warm sun seem very obvious, basically there's not even a trace of relaxation.

“Really uncomfortable …”

In a remote corner, an unarmed Fang Li stand under the sun, watching the outside, this kind of calm are incompatible with the surrounding.

In terms of the quality of the new people that just entered into the Dimension, Fang Li can be considered the best for that level.

There are two reasons.

One: Psychological Quality.

Second: Talent Skills.

Although from all aspects Fang Li are just an ordinary person, but because he was born with natural personality defects that will not fear death, at the time he run into a fight, he can play a much better role than average person’s psychological quality.

Moreover, Fang Li’s stats are like dregs, but have a Talent skill.

On the basis of his talent skills, Fang Li’s value is definitely higher than the rest of the new people that entered the Dimension but didn't know how much higher than other people.

“So , later I'll take action alone.”

Fang Li muttered, Fang Li looked around for a while.

In the vast steel walls, all of the Bushi that holding steam gun on their hand are stand guard.

From his location, Fang Li can see that outside the steel wall at the forest, there's shadow looming.

Bushi have been staring at those looming shadows, look full of tension and anxiety.

So, Fang Li is also looking at the distant forest.

“It seems that the shadows are Kabane.”

Station beyond this territory, which basically have been occupied by the Kabane.

It may be assumed that from those behavior of Kabane in the surrounding from time to time, they will begin to attack the walls, attack Aragane Station?

All Bushi are worried about that kind of situation.

However,if Kabane want to attack Aragane Station, then it must climb the walls.

With a steam gun in hand,occupying the high place, once there is Kabane that want to climb the wall, the Bushi will immediately use their gun and shoot them down.

This is the way to protect the city.

Once Kabaner climbed over the walls, then the station is basically finished.

” And without a steam guns,basically I wouldn't be able to guard.”

Such an important place to guard, how could an outsider who did not even have a steam gun guard it?

The reason why the Bushi arranged Fang Li up there, and haven't give him a weapons, it's merely an idea for him to serve as a scout, basically he didn't have any expectation of Fang Li’s performance.

In other words, Fang Li’s work is indeed a dispensable task,but the Bushi are making things difficult.

“That being the case…”

Fang Li looked around and saw that all the Bushi did not focus their attention on him, looking for a chance to turn and came to a shadow.

Immediately, Fang Li do something that will make people feel horrified, with a leap, he directly jumped down to the forest.

“Bang —-!”

In the vast forest, a muffled sound without any warning suddenly sounded.

a figure suddenly dropped from the mid-air rapidly and falling down, fell on a very lush woods, crushed all the way down, crushed countless branches , a lot of leaves, and severely hit the ground.

“Ouch …”

A severe pain come from his body that makes Fang Li couldn't help but inhale a mouthful of cold breath.

Until after a while, Fang Li grasp his own waist,Fang Li with some difficulty stand on the ground.

“Even after I fall I didn't die, I really admire myself.”

If ten people heard this sentence, perharps there are eight people that will punch Fang Li in big temper.

Since you know you can die, you actually dare to jump, your're simply crazy.

Obviously, Fang Li isn't crazy, if he's crazy then he will not specifically pick a place where the tree are so lush to jump in order to reduce the impact, so he'll not directly die from the fall.

However, seeing Fang Li manner where he didn't care wheter he's dead or not , it can be considered a sickness.

In any case, Fang Li did not fall to his death and did not fall with a broken foot, that can be considered a good luck.

“So …”

Not long after the pain of his body reduce, Fang Li move his body once, with calm expression that can make people feel afraid, he pulled out the dagger from the waist, take it to his hands and with a slight force, he cut a wound on his arm.

Dark red blood immediately come from Fang Li’s wound , and dripped on the ground.

After a while, the blood form a small pool of blood, red dyed the ground.

Feels that he have done a similiar thing Fang Li took out a cloth, with a way that can make doctor and nurse pass out , Fang Li roughly wrapped the cloth around the wound, tie the knot, simply to stopped the blood.

(TLnote: watch Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress if you didn’t know what’s similiar(It’s the way to lure kabane))

Immediately, Fang Li hid in the side of the bushes, like a wolf that are waiting for the prey, tenaciously staring at the outside.

“Hoo —-!”

With a little cold wind pass, pieces of leaves rise and float to the distance.

Fang Li, as if thoroughly start to become a statue, did not move, had been hiding in the grove, his eyes have been staring at the place where the blood stained.

Kabane have an excessive response to blood.

Once they smell the smell of blood, they can track it down.

So, inside a forest full of kabana a smell of blood appear, what will happen next, could it be you still want to guess it?

“rustle … rustle …”

With a burst of friction sound of leaves, in front of the forest, a figure come while walking staggered.

Looked at that figure, Fang Li eyes instantly wide open.

The presence that appear in his vision, exactly worthy with the name —- monster.

Dressed in ragged clothes.

The skin is similar to a skin that have been infected by virus that can make people scalp to feel numb .

Hands hang down as if powerless.

At the chest, the heart is emitting light, surrounded by a tree root like arteries and veins, such as blood vessels that covered the body.

That is…

“Kabane …”

Didn't know if it's because he heard Fang Li voices, the Kabane that staggerly walking slowly raised his head, revealing a face full of dead.

“Ah ah ah—-!”

A beast-like call sounded from the inside the throat of the Kabane, and instantly resounded around the area.

That looks, that roar, make it completely worthy of the name of the monster.

The incarnation of the people that already dead, the undead monster —- Kabane.

In this regard, Fang Li’s heart didn't have a trace of fear.

There's nothing to be done, that monster body can't even give the element of fear to Fang Li

“Already dead?”

“Haven't dead?”

That is really a joke.

Is that thing already dead?


Because, dead thing can't move.

The thing in front of my eyes is it an undead ?

“of course not.”

Because, if its an undead, then there wouldn't be so many lines.

Unconsciously his eyes turned into an ice blue eyes of Mystic Eyes tightly staring at the roaring monster.

In this moment, Fang Li clearly saw it.

Seeing that things that look like spiderweb, densely covered the monster called Kabane’s with a line.

Like graffiti, and also similar to crack same as a line.

That is …

“————[Death]. ”

Suddenly, Fang Li moved.


With the sound of the trees being brushed away, Fang Li whole body appear with the dash just like a swept.

“Ah ah ah—-!”

The monster is finally aware of the movement, Fiercely turned its head, looked at Fang Li and charged forward, let out a breathtaking roar, and pounce at Fang Li.

That pounce is more quick than any other wild beasts.

That pounce is more dangerous than any other attack.

Looking at the punce of the ferocious and violent monster, Fang Li only clenched the dagger with his hands, Mystic Eye of Death Perception flashing cold light.

One side is open its fangs, the monster that pounce itself towards the prey.

One side clenched his weapon, the human that rush towards the monster.

The purpose of both sides is only one.

—- to bring death to each other.


To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.”

– Benjamin Franklin

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