Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Look at How I’ll Kill You All

As long as there is a beginning, there will be an end.

Therefore, all things are bound to have a time where it'll come to an end .

That is the so-called [Death].

From an actual point of view, Kabane is an existence that transformed from people that ceased to death, according to reason it should be considered as already dead, ushered in it's own death.

However, the individual in front is [Kabane] an existence that acquire rebirth, also received a new death.

Since it is things that can dead, Mystic Eyes of Death Perception can directly see it's death.

It displayed the lines that seems like a graffiti and form a crack that known as the death lines.

People who possess Mystic Eyes of Death Perception can cut through the death lines ,the target that the lines cut will immediately [die].

The heart that had skin membrane that's as hard as steel?.

That kind of thing, basically can't stopped Fang Li.

Because the death lines didn't have a soft and a hard part, respectively.

No matter how hard the things is, the people that possess Mystic Eyes of Death Perception can effortlessly cut down the death lines.

As a result, as long as you can see the death lines, no matter what kind of defense, in front of the Mystic Eye of Death Perception is no different with a paper.


A sharp and clear sound sounded, the branch that lying on the ground are stepped on with force and snapped.

At this moment, Fang Li used the speed that he haven't used till now, facing the Kabane that pounced and charge over to it's place.

What kind of concept is 6-point on AGI?

Although the Dimension of the Main God noted that the average stats of 20 years old youth except INT is 5, but this is the standard that's taken from the well-trained athletes.

In general, the average stats a general human youth at peaceful times that have do some training except INT is 3.

And as for the children and the elderly, because Dimension of the Main God stats data value is for the purpose of fighting, the stats value of two groups is not calculated, otherwise, Fang Li’s stats value wouldn't be filled with 1.

In other words, Fang Li’s current speed is actually more outstanding than those well-trained sprinters.

So, Fang Li rush out from the bushes in less than three seconds, to attack Kabane that has come to one meter distance away.

“Ah ah ah—-!”

Kabane pounced while a beast-like roar sounded from it's mouth.

The undead monster toward the charge from Fang Li, it stuck out it's sharp claw from it's general hand, like a pair of pliers, it grabs Fang Li shoulders.

If he allow the pair of pliers to caught him, then, with Fang Li physical strength, even if he want to escape he'll not be able to escape.

Followed Kabane’s sharp fangs that want to bite at Fang Li body, sucking away the blood on his body, and turning Fang Li into it's own kind.

However, Fang Li turned a blind eye on it, the ice blue mystic eyes only gaze at the same thing.

That's the death lines that filled the whole Kabane body.

Including the pair of arm that tried to caught him, it's also filled with death lines.


A faint sound suddenly sounded.

In front of him a Kabane with it's pair of strong and powerful arm are about to caught Fang Li shoulder, the sharp dagger suddenly soared and turned into a cold light, across the pair of pliers like arm that come to caught him.

AGI stands for agility.

Not only for the movement speed, even the attack speed are included in it.

So, Fang Li’s attack speed is also very fast, in close proximity the situation suddenly soared, almost instantly the dagger cut across the pair of arm.


Accompanied by a tear-like sound, the sharp dagger didn't enter into the arm muscles, it is very easy to cut it off, and everything is over.

Dark red blood and powerful arm at the same time fly into the air, dark red blood sprinkled on the ground.

“Woo ah ah ah ah ah!”

The fierce Kabane produced a painful cry,

The pair of arm that's cut off gush out a spring filled with blood.

That scene are extremely gore.

For those who are educated, this kind of scene is enough to make them pale.

However, Fang Li from beginning to end are so indifferent, whether it is his eyes or expression, he's so calm to the point that it's scary.

His face stained with dark red blood.

His ear reverberating from the mournful pained howl.

In this situation, Fang Li figure haven't stop, he brush past the Kabane that have lost it's arm and rotate his body, once again the dagger on his hand turned into a cold light and cut off the two legs of the Kabane.

Only Fang Li that can see the dead lines able to easily cut through it.

Like this, there's only one end for it.

“Puchi -!”

Some melodious sound come from the teared body, both of the legs cut off from the undead monster known as Kabane.

A lot of blood, once again sprinkled around.

as a result, only the body of the Kabane remain, [peng] sounded when the body directly fell to the ground.

This time, there's not even a time for it to produce a cry.

The next second, the dagger flickering with cold light descend down, it didn't enter the shining heart.


The sound similar to a broken glass suddenly sounded.

That was the sound of Kabane heart steel membrane along with the heart being crushed to pieces.

After the sound fell, the forest start to be quite again.

With a rich blood that came from the body and fell to the ground, it's no longer move anymore.

Stand next to this scene, Fang Li some startled.

“Drip drip …”

Drop of blood come from the dagger that's clenched on Fang Li hand, dyed the ground red.

In less than a few seconds, the battle is concluded with one side alive and the other side death.

As the initiator of all of this, Fang Li only feels one thing.

“The original, killing people is such a simple thing.”


Killing people is such a simple thing.

As long as there's weapons on hand, then, only need a moment, to take away the life and it's so simple.

Of course, Kabane can't be counted as people, this is the problem.

But, Kabane's also changed from people, even if it's a monster, blood still flow inside it's body.

For a person, there should be much more impression that come's from the first time killing someone, there should be much more regrets, right?

Unfortunately, Fang Li even enjoy this treatment as if it's a luxury thing.

Therefore, for the first time killing, Fang Li thoughts are so simple.

And until this moment, the Dimension of the Main God ice-cold system voice arrive slowly .

“Killing Kabane, receive 100 Exchange point.”

Fang Li stare blankly slightly for a moment after hearing the sudden announcement of the ice-cold system that arrive slowly.

“As it turned out, the third main task completion method may be here?

The task of the third main task is to obtain 3000 Exchange point.

But how do we obtain this 3000 Exchange point?

Now, Fang Li knows.

If you kill a Kabane you can get 100 points, then to get 3000 exchange points, killing 30 Kabane will complete it.

For the novice that's just entered the Dimension, there is no doubt that it's an extremely difficult thing.

Can Fang Li easily to cross this difficulty.

In front of the Mystic Eye of Death Perception, as long as there is a death lines, then there is nothing that can't be killed.

Death lines didn't have soft part nor hard part.

Even if there's only one of the most common dagger in hand , by virtue of the Mystic Eye of Death Perception, Fang Li can ignore any defense and immediately attack the death lines, and it will lead to the target directly die.

“10 Kabane?”

“3000 exchange point?”

“For me, the first main task and the third main task completion method is the easiest.

Fang Li, who spoke to himself, turned his eyes toward the woods.

There, a round of shadows have appeared, there each and every one of the dead body sway like a common Kabane enter Fang Li sight .

“This number, is a bit difficult to handle.”

His mouth say so, Fang Li did not withdraw the idea.

Looking at the number it's at least twenty or thirty Kabane army, Fang Li took a deep breath, wipe the bloodstain from his face, throwing the blood on his dagger, the corner of his mouth slightly up.

“Although it is a bit difficult, but anyway, I'll collect all those life that have come here, and then once again it does not matter!

“Look at how I’ll kill you all!”

It is to say, merely with Fang Li’s strength, it is impossible survive under the attack of twenty to thirty Kabane.

Thus, Fang Li leap and flashed into the side of the bush.

A massacre began like that.


If you begin to regret, you’ll dull your future decisions and let others make your choices for you. All that’s left for you then is to die. Nobody can foretell the outcome. Each decision you make holds meaning only by affecting your next decision.

-Erwin Smith

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