Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 8

Chapter 8!

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Chapter 8 :There’s No Way to Understand This Kind of Fear

“Huff … huff …”

Under the steel wall of Aragane Station, Fang Li leaned on the wall and breathed violently.

“How long has it been since I run like today?”

Ever since he become a shut-in, Fang Li feels that going up and down the stairs is troublesome, and the way where he experience a fierce fight today furthermore madly run with all his strength, it's absolutely impossible to imagine that thing before.

“It seems that my Stamina has been improved by some, otherwise there is no way to run like this for so long.

After all, no matter what kind of stats, all of it need to use Stamina to be used.

When you attack, you need to use Stamina.

When you defense, you need to use Stamina.

When you run away, you need to use Stamina.

Furthermore when you fight, you need a great amount of Stamina.

Therefore, except from the mysterious INT, the other three stats will be enhanced by different levels of Stamina growth rate.

If Stamina used as comparison with unit, then enhance the STR that represent strength will enhance the Stamina by a unit, enhance the VIT that represent vitality will enhance the Stamina by three units, enhance the AGI that represent agility will enhance the Stamina by two units to, enhance INT that represent mysterious will not enhance the Stamina.

In other words, enhancing the STR, VIT, AGI and INT of the four basic stats can increase the proportion of Stamina by 1: 3: 2: 0.

In this kind of situation, Fang Li can only struggle and madly run for so long, otherwise he'll run out of Stamina and fell before he got out of the forest.

“In order to cope with this situation, I only need to use the Stamina recovery item that I've exchanged.

After slightly recovered, Fang Li touched his leg bag, furthermore he didn't take out the Stamina Recovery Medicine, rather he quietly adjust his breathing for self-recovery.

Now there is an opportunity to rest, it's only natural that he must not use his precious recovery medicine.

Otherwise, by the time he want to use it only to find it doesn't exist, that would be a fatal problem.

“However, this tiredness are worth it.”

After all, in this fight, Fang Li from the start to the end have slain 24 Kabane and got 2400 Exchange points.

In other words, the distance of the completion of the third main task was merely 600 Exchange points.

“I simply need to kill a few more Kabane.”

Like this, Fang Li turned his head and looked at the forest.

The forest is no longer tranquil like before, rather it's full of fury atmosphere.

Obviously, Fang Li have previously wrecking havoc inside the forest , like a fire that fall on a spilled gasoline, which make the Kabane army thoroughly become active.

“it would be terrible if I didn't hurriedly return .”

That is to say, however the city walls of Aragane Station are not only entirely steel that's made into rampart, but it's also very high, it is basically impossible to climb up with Fang Li current ability.

Even if he able to go up, it is best not to be discovered by the guarding Bushi, otherwise, the outcome would be him getting shot in the head.

“Therefore, let me utilize my waste.”

Fang Li took out something from his own leg bag.

It's the mirror that Fang Li trade at the beginning for 10 Exchange points .

After taking out the mirror, Fang Li crouched his body, the edge of the mirror was attached to the ground, and it pushed with some force.

The mirror suddenly rolled out.

The sun in the sky shines on the mirror, reflecting the light.

Those light,in the end by chance noticed by the Bushi on top of the city wall.

“Just … just a moment ago what is that?”

“Why is there a light?”

“Don't … don't tell me it's Kabane attack ?!”

“I never heard that Kabane will shine!”

“No! It goes without saying that Kabane heart will shine! It's possible that light just a moment ago is the light of Kabane heart!”

“No … isn't it?”

All of a sudden,

The atmosphere on the top of the city wall become uproar and panic-stricken.

It's evident that the fear of Kabane has detonated the tension on the city wall.

“Come fast! Go there and see!”

“Maybe there's really a Kabane that climbs up!”

Under this kind of disturbance, a group of Bushi that hold the steam gun on their hand surround the wall and face towards a direction.

That direction is exactly Fang Li position.

Fang Li saw this scene in front of his eyes, his hearts can not help but feel some confusion.

“Do you fear of death?”

There is no decisive means to deal with Kabane, so that human beings can only barely defend under the attack of Kabane.

Nowadays ,the fear of Kabane is already deeply rooted into each and everyone heart.

Especially for Bushi who have to deal with Kabane on the battlefront, this fear will only get the better of them.

Compared with these people, Fang Li that's still an ordinary student a day ago, nevertheless go into the place with Kabane and fight hand-to-hand with those monster which make him extremely abnormal.

However, who makes Fang Li simply can not produce any real sense of death?

“So, I have no way of understanding this kind of fear.”

Leaving such a word, Fang Li looked up and looked at the steel walls in front of him.

Dark pupil fiercely shrink and turned into ice blue eyes with rainbow radiance.

Suddenly, on the steel wall, a crack-like line appeared in Fang Li field of view.

“This is the so – called everything has its death, right?

It's not only just the living things, even dead things can also have their own death.

Fire will burn out.

Water will evaporate.

Iron and steel will rust and decay.

These are their death.

Since there is [death] that day, that Mystic Eye of Death Perception can accept the death.

It is only that, compared to living things, the [death] of a dead things will cause greater burden on human brain if it is to be understood.

Of course, the more abstract the death, the greater the burden will be caused.

In view of this, the [death] of a living body for those who have the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception are considered easier to accept, the non-living body is much more difficult.

In the world of [Tsukihime], Shiki Tohno mystic eyes is specialized in the area of living creatures, and thus it is not just a [lines] , but it can also see the [points] that can directly cause [death]

Fang Li and Shiki Ryougi can not see this death points.

However, for Shiki Tohno understanding the [death] of dead things is very difficult, and it will also cause a great burden on the brain.

On the other hand, Fang Li and Shiki Ryougi, although they can't see the death points, but they can perfectly use the ability of Mystic Eyes of Death Perception and doesn't cause side effects on their brain.

“I don't know compared with Shiki Ryougi, what is the reason that I have the ability to ignore this burden.”

This question, is not a question that can be realized by Fang Li that just entered into the Dimension.

Immediately, Fang Li shook his head, pulled out the dagger, and with a stab easily pierce the steel wall.


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