Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 : Gradually Becomes Skilled

The following fight, it almost can be said that it's entirely one-sided.

Naturally, the one that hold the advantage is Kabane.

The Kabane that rushed out from the depths of the forest are no less than twenty or thirty.

If he confront them from the front, even if he have Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Fang Li would only able to kill one or two Kabane before he got killed from being besieged.

After all, even though Mystic Eyes of Death Perception are strong, but it also possess a fatal limit.

That is, only by cutting the death lines, it's sufficient to produce a good result.

In other words, even if it can ignore the opponent’s defense and cause hideous damage, but if it can't hit, then it's useless.

In such circumstances, to Fang Li that only raise AGI stats, he will be besieged by the group of Kabane until he's death.

The reason why the former fight go smoothly is because one, there's only one opponent, and second, is because of Fang Li indifferent to death nature that makes him able to use 100% of his ability in the fight, not because of the first fight on the fear of Fear of foot, starting very decisive, calm.

This is the advantage that didn't possessed by the other people who just entered the Dimension.

Even if this advantage comes from the side of Fang Li personality defects, it's still the same.

However, even if when he can always be calm and decisive when he fight, it also doesn't mean that it represent Fang Li’s fighting strength.

with single stats value, Fang Li stats are already extremely dregs, by relying on the advantage of his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception and his fearlessness of death makes him able to deal with 1 Kabane without difficulties, to deal with two or three Kabane can be considered as difficult, but against twenty or thirty Kabane, then it is definitely looking for death.

Therefore, Fang Li following fight will use one of the human advantages – Wisdom.

People that familiar with the “Kabane of the Iron Fortress” know that although Kabane is a monster that's different from the human, however its instinct will always go to pursuit blood.

This is definitely a weakness that can be exploited.

Therefore, Fang Li escape into the bushes afterwards, he immediately unwrap the cloth that's located at his hand, this piece of blood stained cloth was thrown to the side, he turn around and go the other side, directly hiding in the bushes , Like a fierce wolf that watching on its prey, just to sent the dagger in his hands into the heart of his prey.

And in order to prevent his own wound scatter out blood that produce the smell of blood to attract Kabane, Fang Li directly grab a handful of soil and casually wiped it on his wound, he do not worry about his wound become inflamed, Infection, even decisive people are somewhat afraid.

In this way, the next situation can be imagined.

To exploit Kabane bloodthirsty characteristics, Fang Li completely turned into incarnation of assassin and used blood as the bait, and the Kabane constantly one by one leaded to the other directions, he is using the sneak attack pattern, again and again he got out from the bushes and stormed, he open his ice blue Mystic Eyes, he aimed at the death lines that located at Kabane heart, with the dagger in hand he mercilessly run through.

And a Kabane collapse, the rest of the Kabane noticed Fang Li, issued a roar and turned around, when the siege came, Fang Li has long flashed into the side of the bushes, like a viper, with his ice blue Mystic Eyes he continue to seize each and every one of his target, waiting for an opportunity to move.

That skilled and decisive method, didn't look like someone who just entered the Dimension, and didn't look like before where he's just an ordinary 18-year-old students.

Is this also because of his indifference to death?

From this point of view, perhaps, compared to the ordinary world, the Dimension of the Main God is more suitable for Fang Li that have natural personality defects.

Plus the Mystic Eyes are closely related to [death], Fang Li through and through become incarnation of slaughter, each and every Kabane fell and turned into a pool of blood.

In this course of event, the Dimension system sound has been echoed in Fang Li’s mind.

"Killing Kabane, receive 100 Exchange point."

"Killing Kabane, receive 100 Exchange point."

"Killing Kabane, receive 100 Exchange point."

"Killing Kabane, receive 100 Exchange point."

"Killing Kabane, receive 100 Exchange point."

Like this he lurked, wait for a chance and attack, and it bring substantial gains to Fang Li.

Of course, the harvest is not just the exchange point, there's also Fang Li own growth.

As the slaughter progressed, Fang Li found himself gradually become more skilled in way of how to fight.


What he gradually skilled in isn't the way of fight, rather it's the way of killing.

It looked as if a darkness that concealed deep in Fang Li heart was led out, little by little Fang Li was able to understand how to properly kill with his eyes on a prey that is covered with a death lines.

It looks as if he have the disposition of a slaughterer.

Moreover, Fang Li also gradually immersed in the method of killing and become more and more skilled in it.

“Talent … talent …”

“My talent in the end is in the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception isn't it? Or simply in the concept of [death] itself ah? ”

If Fang Li really have a talent,then the talent should be about the concept of [death], rather than the ability of Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

Otherwise, it would not be possible to explain Fang Li self-taught deadly method.

“In the end … what is [death]…”

With such an idea, Fang Li’s dagger finally crossed the death lines on the heart of the last Kabane.

“Peng —-!”

Glass-like shatter sounded in the moment, the heart lose it's glow and the Kabane fell on the spot, no longer able to move.

"Killing Kabane, receive 100 Exchange point."

Everthing suddenly turn quiet.

Immersed in the sentiments of [death] Fang Li feels like he's woken up, he starts to return to his sense and finally become aware of the surrounding situation.

The original ground color has been dyed with dark red blood one after another.

On top of the pool of blood, each and every Kabane fell to the top of the ground and lost their breath.

Some of them looked like the first Kabane that's killed by Fang Li, their hands and foot are incomplete, and some are intact, only the heart of the site was penetrated.

From this the result can be seen, Fang Li from the beginning cut off his opponent’s hands and foot, so that the opponent will become powerless, carried up the dagger, and then strike a killing blow, how to kill his opponents and what kind of progress would he make.

Moreover …

“Moreover, I can use this pair of Mystic Eyes and actually haven't feel any burden from using it…”

It's said before, the ability of Mystic Eyes of Death Perception may not able to be used.

This is a pair that must understand [death] to see the death lines, for it to display a remarkable effect of the eyes.

However, for the human brain that wants to understand the concept of [death] that shouldn't have been understood, would place a great burden on the brain.

It is precisely because of this, in [Tsukihime] ,Shiki Tohno that possess the Mystic Eyes would always feel a violent headache after he used the Mystic Eyes, only in[Kara no Kyoukai] where Shiki Ryougi that's immune to this side effects, because of she's special.

“And …. what about me?

This question, Fang Li simply don't have a time to think about it.

Because, Fang found on the other end of the forest there are a lot of shadows that come toward this place.

“Oh, Heavens …”

This time, Fang Li was really was scared.

From all sides of the forest the shadows that come towards this place, simply can described as numerous.

Needless to say, all the shadows are Kabane that's smelled the blood smell.

And the number, it's simply a ridiculous matter to count this.

“Not good, no matter how this amount can't be solved.”

Even with twenty or thirty Kabane, Fang Li have to exploit their bloodthirsty characteristics, using hiding, lure and sneak attack way to kill it, in case where he meet the numerous Kabane army, there's wasn't even any place to hide.

Before long, this area will be filled with Kabane.

At that time, Fang Li will definitely be torn into pieces in an instant, it’s unlikely to have any trace of luck to survive.


This is the only option.

Otherwise, there'll be only dead-end for Fang Li.

Immediately, without any hesitation, Fang Li turned and ran with all his power.

“Ah ah ah—-!”

The roar that comes from behind at this time become more louder and starts to echo, like a crazy beast that will make people afraid.


Everyone wants to escape sometimes


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