I'm in Hollywood

Chapter 1

Chapter 001: Hollywood 1988

“Hey, Eric, steak for table nine.”

“Oh, good.” Eric promised, and two clumpsy steak arrived at the couple in front of the window . After that, back to the original position, leaning against the counter, continued to be in daze.

Time is July 13, 1988, the third day of rebirth, Los Angeles, North Hollywood location in an Italian restaurant. Eric turned and looked at the glass window not far to see a boy height of about one meter eighty, angular face, aquiline nose, a short golden hair, which is now his own.

A few days ago Eric across the Pacific ocean in 2014 , is an advertising director. 24-year-old graduated from the famous film Academy director department, wanted to become a famous international director, fought ten years, and finally understood that reality is too cruel. By virtue of solid professional knowledge, in circles of advertising director,good and evil became famous one is not ? 35-year-old married and a son was born a year later, and finally settle down. A few years later at class reunion, he drank too much reliving the past memories with his friends, whom he had not seen for a long time.

Similar to opening of all the horror thriller stories , after waking up, he found himself back 25 years ago, became a high school student named Eric Williams, had just graduated from high school this year, but ……

“Eric, are you okay?” A chubby hand resting on Eric’s shoulder, patted. Eric turned and saw the restaurant owner Jeff Jones.

. “I’m sorry, Jeff, I got distracted.”

“Never mind,” Jeff rubbed his hands, seemed to thinking of words, then said: “For Ralph, I’m sorry, but life goes goes on, is it not ? Come on, Eric. ”

Ralph Williams, Eric’s father, is a very good cook of Italian dishes. At this restaurant has been working for many years. Although cooking is great, but Ralph had a very bad addiction – alcoholism. According to the original owner of the body memories Ralph hobby has related the mother he has not seen . The simple fact, a month ago, Ralph because of excessive drinking leading to acute alcoholism died.

“Thank you, Jeff for your help, I really do not know how can repay you.” Eric said. With Ralph’s death, Eric’s life is thrown into chaos. Originally, Eric has applied for the University of California, but with the death of Ralph Eric’s university hopes come to nothing. Even if it is a public university tuition fee needed is $ 20,000 a year or so, not counting other expenses. As Ralph’s boss and friend, Jeff, after some talks with Eric, Eric began to start a waiter in a restaurant, after all, as Jeff said, life must go on.

“Ralph worked here for so many years, this is what I should do. But I can only do so much, and the rest can only rely on your own efforts.”

Eric nodded in gratitude, looking at this Jeff turned to leave. he remembered his deep thoughts before. Somewhere, since an unscrupulous god sent him to Hollywood twenty years ago, if he had continued to waiter job, he will certainly be mad.

After three days just to understand own situation, Eric who excited before, lost his excitement .The previous generation as an outstanding student of film and television institute, he has not realized own dream, finally lowers the head to the reality . Even now, he have neither diploma nor background, even went to the film company to apply for the bottom of the post, may not succeed.

After a busy day in Italian restaurant, Eric drove away in Ford Sedan car that his cheap Eric father left behind . After Ralph’s death, Eric had wanted to sell this car to support the family, but after receiving the waiter job, kept it, after all, the United States is the country on wheels, if no car, a lot of things is inconvenient.

Passing a cinema theater Eric saw “Rambo 3” poster close to the theater entrance, under the snow-capped mountains and a helicopter in the background, in his prime of Stallone muscles make female fans screaming . Unexpectedly, Eric parhed the car in the parking lot not far and inquired, just soon will start, Erik bought a ticket to enter the movie theater.

Because not prime-time, two hundred-seat theater, only about thirty or forty people, Eric found his seat and sat down.

Soon the theater into darkness, after the titles, the official start of the movie plot, Colonel Sam Trautman asked Rambo who live in seclusion of Thailand, to go to Afghanistan to carry out thetask together, but Rambo has rejected him. After Colonel was captured, Rambo to save thegood friend once again taken arms …..

Past, Eric watched all Stallone movies, and most more than once. The reason why buy a ticket, because Eric remembered Stallone’s experience, but also remembered former self. In the decade he fought, whenever he want to give up, he will use some of the more inspirational stories to motivate oneself, including Sylvester Stallone that legendary career.

Movie plot still continues, Erik swirling thoughts faded, focused on enjoying the movie. Gradually, relaxed the body and leaned back straight from the waist. Because he found one thing, as he had seen before the film , whenever plot advances Eric subconsciously think about what will happen next, and then he found the magic, as he thought , the next screen will clearly show the movie in his mind, that is to say, he should remember the whole movie every shot, every line, every even some music.

Gradually, Eric excited, then close your eyes, choose the one Cameron’s “Titanic” began to recall the result is still the case, he can recall every minute movie shot . Choosng of several seen the movie again, is still the case. Thoughts turn to fly, Eric tried to remember the name but only heard not seen some of the movies, the miracle does not appear, it seems he only remembers that he had seen something, but it was enough.

Just reborn, when Eric would later also thought of some movies themselves, but, after all, is a past professional director, he certainly knows how difficult it operations, he wrote some of the most similar scripts only. But now, after the discovery of a clear mind filled with all the memories of past lives, Eric knows what it means, as long as the conditions, he will be able to read past those classic movie almost perfectly copied out.

Because the excitement, the dark Eric cheek fever, slightly numb fingers. Finally, Eric could not, heavily on the seat armrest shot down, his mouth blurted out: “FUCK”

palm pain will Eric back to reality, looking around the audience vote over several grievances eyes, Eric embarassed smiled. One hundred minutes of film will soon be over, Rambo rescued his friend, a wisp again, deep reactive with the name.

But sitting in the dark Eric apparently did not notice them, but thoughts turn to do a lot of thinking . His past life he did not have so good memory, like ordinary people, to read an article many times to recite, but also to listen to a song many times to sing. Obviously, this is unscrupulous …… oh no, lovely gods gave him a great asset.

Took to the pinnacle of life carries enormous Wildness out of the cinema, Eric drove home in rush. He knew that, in the case having such a huge resource in mind, if he as in past failed, then it really is better to take a pot of water to choke oneself.

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