I'm in Hollywood

Chapter 2

Chapter 002: Inspiration out of quarrel

Erik placed a clunky typewriter lightly on the desk, wiped sweat from his forehead, he missed his past very thin and light notebook PC. This is the state he found himself the next day in his memory palace, after a day of thinking, Eric about his future had a preliminary plan.

So he deliberately to took a day off, strolled most of the day time, bought a secondhand typewriter. Which is an essential thing for the realization of his plan .

After processing Ralph’s funeral, in Eric hands left a few hundred dollars in cash . Having a good welfare system in Western countries, it has always been no savings custom here. Fortunately the house where he lived, the loan has been repaid, or else, because of inability to pay the mortgage, the house was recovered, he may sleep on the streets. In this way, to buy a typewriter Eric from Jeff took a month salary in advance.

To realize own dreams, he must first break into Hollywood circles. Temporarily forget about directly directing, the actor is not a path for him. After much deliberation, the most suitable for his is screenwriter. Although people always say this era Hollywood screenwriter low status, it is not true, because the top of the gold medal screenwriters switch to a director and producer, which with the Hong Kong film is no different.

Loading into the typewriter a manuscript paper,Erik lifts the hand to knock the nextlineof letters on the keyboard: Jurassic Park . Yes, it is the 1990s the most profitable film series.

Eric still remember past lives, from hawkers buying pirated discs of “Jurassic Park” , where a group of friends together watch the film, when the lifelike dinosaurs appear on the TV screen, the kind of feeling, only one word to describe: I and my little friends are shocked.

In Memory novel “Jurassic Park” was published in 1990, only 100000 words, so now Michael Clayton certainly have not started to write.Erik appropriates to oneself it satisfiedly, the daywithdoes not take, instead by its fault( i dont know how to translate it). As Michael Clayton saying that a life experience called fantasy figures, there is no “Jurassic Park” there maybe something other.

Eric mouth slightly tilt, while the recollection of events while pounding the keyboard. He is writing is not a “Jurassic Park” script, but fiction. Past him after watching the film, because of curiosity, and got the novel Jurassic Park and carefully read. Now, with a memory that gets fairly good grades in school, the past life of the Chinese version translated into English fiction is more than enough.

There is no direct reason to write the script, screenplay written directly on the one hand is dropped into the film company, most likely to be treated as garbage thrown into the waste paper basket. Screenplay Hollywood studios receive each day, basically is calculated on the pounds. On the other hand, Eric wanted the film rights to the series firmly in control in their own hands, because even now as a screenplay, if a fancy film company had liked it, and made into a film, the last to get the most profit only those film companies. But Eric, besides tens of thousands dollars payment for published piece, mostly receives extra drawing bonus again.Thematter of this doing business at a loss, Erik will definitely not do.

But publishes the novel, Erik can firmly control the film and television copyright inhis hand,waits for the appropriate opportunity to wait for a better price, maximum benefitthat canobtain.

Immersed in work, time flies, until the sky is completely dark, Eric already look down the letters on the keyboard, only to find unconsciously, he has written four or five hours in a row, stomach began growling again.

Stands up, Erik looks on the desk thick one pack of drafts, stretched oneself ,according tothisspeed, probably one week of time can complete the manuscript, after all, the present stagehemust continue in Jeff‘s dining room work, otherwise must have an empty stomach.

Went into the kitchen, Eric made himself a simple dinner of rice and a tomato scrambled eggs, typical Chinese dishes, as the fridge remaining cheese bread like peanut butter, Eric often these days eats snack, although he inherited the original memory of the guy, but w Asians eating habits are ingrained.

Eat a simple dinner, Eric came on the second floor balcony, leaning against the railing looking at the night around them. The apartment where he lives is a little less than 200 square meters of yard, two-story house, the yard planted with some sort of random flowers, no hostess, cheap Ralph father is a sloppy person, so father and son’s life has been very rough. Memory about seven or eight times or so, and his son two people from England moved to Los Angeles. Eric does not remember why, and Ralph, then too young, and now according to the memory of those clues, Eric had not been able to figure things out, so he did not bother to think about that.

After moving to Los Angeles, Ralph dragged little Eric to stroll in Los Angeles. In just two days, with the introduction of real estate broker, bought the small courtyard, everything seems to be a mess. Eric smiled, the concept of home care is haunted by the bones of Asians.

Stay on the balcony for a while, is planning to return and continue to write “Jurassic Park”, suddenly heard loud sound that seems to be what glassware fell to the ground sound, Eric set his sights on the west side neighborhood, it is Runkle couple’s home, with a 41-year-old couple, the couple had three children, the eldest son has been on the university, a daughter at a boarding secondary school, the youngest son was seven years old.

The two couples may be experiencing a midlife crisis, this time often quarreled. Although Erik has a good relationship with Runkle family , but Eric did not intend to go up and tried to mediate, this couple have restraint, did not fight violently. If he hastily ran to the other side and tried to mediate only make situation awkward.

After a hurried but bickering and fuzzy sound of breaking a few appliances, home of Runkle door bang opened. Charles Nathan Runkle man of the house wearing a shirt and messy hair out of the door, turned the door-step sprint in the women shouted: “Enough, I’ve had enough, damn, you are bitch. if not moved to Los Angeles in order to marry you, I might have been a GM executive, look at you now , my God! ”

“You die,“ always spoke is in a soft voice Madame Runkle, at this time the sound appeared is very resounding and incisive: “In the past three men pursued me, one at present isCaliforniacongressman,one sold the petroleum in Middle East, the petroleum did you know? Aprofit ofship can be as good as you 100 years of wage! What regrets is the old lady . Now, goestoyour General Motors to rest, dear ‘general electric company management ‘!“

Mrs. Runkle finished, will throw a black jacket out, slamming the door.

Charlie picked up the coat patted Nathan Runkle, stood up and looked up just to see Eric standing on the balcony.

“Sorry to disturb you, Eric.” Charlie smile to Eric .

“It’s okay, Charlie . Come sit in my home ?” Eric said

Charlie Sen shook his head and said: “.. No, thank you, I’m going to the bar around …… …… After a while come back after Mary calmed down.”

Charlie said that nodded to Erik, starts ownautomobile to drive to the distant place.

Erik returns to the room, remembers Runklecouple quarrel the scene, in the mindathoughtflashes through personally suddenly, sits at thedesk, loads into the typewriteramanuscript paper, just that thought gradually became clear.

Over the two days Erik had been pondering his first script should write anything, now he hadtheanswer. That script customizes for him simply, um, because the time differs the quite farreason,the massive details need to revise,but these are not the issues, the selling point of scriptnot inthese details.

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