I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: We Belittled You

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What was going on?

Why was President Chen so respectful to this woman?

Wasn’t she just a poor woman who played a small role?

Also, Mr. Chen said just now to fire them?

Just a moment ago, they were arrogant and reasonable.

Now, their faces were pale and their expressions were panicked.

“Mr. Chen, we…” They revealed fearful expressions.

“You guys, get out of here right away!” President Chen was so angry that his usual gracefulness was gone. His fingers almost poked on the noses of the assistants as he angrily rebuked. “Our mall doesn’t have such low-quality staff like all of you!”

“Mr. Chen, we didn’t do it on purpose. Please give us another chance.”

“Yes, President Chen, we don’t want to lose this job. We have been working in this mall for five or six years, and we are very satisfied with everything here. Please don’t fire us, we really can’t live without this job!”

They begged in a low voice and refused to leave.

The benefits of employees in all Mo Firm’s industries far exceeded that of other companies.

They had also worked in other malls before.

But the treatment wasn’t comparable to this mall. If they left here, where else could they find such good jobs?

Because of their stupid behavior, Mr. Chen was afraid that he would be involved. No matter how much they cried, he was indifferent.

He insisted on firing them.

The shop assistants begged for a while and, after seeing that it had no effect, they glanced at Qiao Mianmian, who was standing aside, and their eyes suddenly lit up.

Hope ignited in their eyes.

They still didn’t know why Qiao Mianmian could make Mr. Chen so humble. He was even trying to flatter her with a lowly position.

However, they were getting fired because they had offended her.

If they could get her forgiveness, could they stay?

They threw away their previous arrogance and walked together in front of Qiao Mianmian, crying and begging her for forgiveness.

“Ms. Qiao, we were wrong. Please forgive us this time, and we will never dare to do it again.”

“Ms. Qiao, I’m sorry, we have belittled you. Please be the bigger person and give us a chance to change.”

“Ms. Qiao, you are a big person, so forgive us.”

Looking at this group of people crying and begging to change the past, Qiao Mianmian didn’t feel any fluctuations in her heart.

She wasn’t the Virgin Mary.

She couldn’t forgive them after being insulted and scorned by them.

If she forgave them, she would be a fool herself.

Besides, she knew such people too well.

A person’s nature was difficult to change. They were snobbish to their bones, so how could they possibly change it?

She looked at them indifferently. “I will not forgive you. The lesson I’m teaching you today is to know that you can never judge a person based on their appearance.”

After speaking, she no longer paid attention to these shop assistants. She turned around and said to Mr. Chen, who was still looking sincerely at her, “Mr. Chen, I will leave it to you.”

“Okay, okay.” President Chen nodded in a hurry. “Ms. Qiao, please rest assured, I will give you a satisfactory explanation.”

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