I’m Secretly Married to a Big Shot

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: The Limelight on Qiao Mianmian Instead!

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Qiao Mianmian nodded slightly and was about to leave.

When the shop assistants saw that begging her was useless, their expressions grew even darker.

At this moment, they were full of regret.

They had thought that this Qiao Mianmian was a good soft persimmon that was easy to bully.

But who would have thought that she had such a background!

The thought of how they had landed into such a miserable state all because they wanted to curry favor with Qiao Anxin made a few of them place their hopes on her.

“Ms. Qiao, we offended your sister just because we were helping you. You can’t just ignore us.”

“Yeah, Ms. Qiao, help us put in good words to your sister.”

The shop assistants wailed and begged Qiao Anxin to help them.

Looking at Qiao Mianmian walk away, Qiao Anxin was completely stunned.

She was full of astonishment and clenched Su Ze’s arm in wonder. “Brother Ah Ze, what is going on?”

She had wanted to show her superiority in front of Qiao Mianmian and take the opportunity to suppress and humiliate her.

But now…

She found that the limelight had shone on Qiao Mianmian instead.

Qiao Anxin couldn’t accept such a reversal.

For a moment, her expression got darker. “Why is that superior so polite to sister?”

He actually fired several clerks for Qiao Mianmian.

Why could Qiao Mianmian possibly have such high prestige?!

Su Ze was also surprised. He watched Qiao Mianmian walk to the door of the shop and his face got darker at the thought of a certain possibility.

“Ms. Qiao, help us.”

The clerks were still crying and begging Qiao Anxin.

Qiao Anxin was so annoyed by the harassment that she said impatiently with an icy face, “You are all fired. What does it have to do with me? Don’t bother me again, I can’t help you.”

Beg Qiao Mianmian?!

That was impossible in this life.

These shop assistants had curried favor with Qiao Anxin because she was a VIP customer and patronized their store often.

But now that they were fired and Qiao Anxin was still reluctant to help them, a few of them were naturally no longer polite to her.

A few people were angry and said, “Ms. Qiao, how could you do this. You are breaking the bridge after crossing the river!”

“Ms. Qiao, I didn’t expect you to be such a person.”

“Qiao Anxin, you have to give us an explanation today.”

Qiao Anxin was like a flower that grew up in the greenhouse, extremely delicate.

Surrounded by a few clerks who were so fierce and aggressive, she shrank into Su Ze’s arms. “Brother Ah Ze.”

Su Ze was afraid that the clerks were too aggressive and would harm the child in her stomach, so he reached out and immediately held her firmly in his arms. He put on an icy face and looked at the clerks fiercely. “You guys were fired, what does it have to do with Anxin? Did she make this happen? Don’t harass her anymore, or I won’t be polite!”

Su Ze’s face sank, and his aura was really a little scary.

The clerks were afraid of thinking of his identity and didn’t dare to keep making trouble.

They stared at Qiao Anxin resentfully.

“What are you guys still doing? Go now!” President Chen pointed at a few shop assistants and said angrily, “I have notified the Finance Department, get your pay and leave immediately.”

“Mr. Chen…”

“It’s useless even if you call me Father, who told you to dare offend Ms. Qiao! You don’t know what’s good for you! Get lost immediately!”

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