I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!

Chapter 13. The Strongest Class In The World

Chapter 13. The Strongest Class In The World

Crack. Craack.

The cracks around the refrigerator made it seem like the wall was about to fall apart at any moment. Below the refrigerator were the pale legs of the dead murderer, and below that was a pool of blood.

‘Something like that’s… possible with the body of a corpse?’

Necro felt the hair on his arms stand up.

“God damn, that’s terrifying! I knew his innate ability was different from the others, but...”

It was hard to believe. Corpses that have been revived using necromancy had the advantage of not dying easily, but they only retained up to ten percent of their former strength. Normally, a revived corpse would only be able to waddle around like an invalid. The power that Jin had just exhibited was something that Necro couldn’t do even when he strengthened his body.

“How interesting. How’d he manage to do that? I didn’t even give him a buff. Ah, did Morto do it? No… I’m not seeing anything on him. Damn...”

The limits of the human body are clear. No matter however much one trains, a person would never be able to beat an elephant in a competition of strength. It would be impossible to beat a cheetah in a race as well. And no matter how one looked at it, kicking a refrigerator like that and lodging it into the wall was something that no animal could do. Would a charging rhino be able to achieve such a feat?

‘Of course it can’t. It’s not like it can use mana in the first place...’

Necro gripped onto the handrails as he looked down at the stage. The last enemy Jin had to fight was the slenderman, Benny Guts. People knew him to be a man who butchered children in his previous world, but that was only half of the story. Benny was a fictional beast just like Necro’s knife, Gebesh. In other words, he was a real monster.

Blub. Blurp.

Bubbles began appearing on the surface of the black swamp. Benny slowly rose out of the black mud. It almost looked like something was pulling him out, rather than him climbing out himself. What was attached to his abnormally thin body were branch-like limbs. He had been inside the swamp for a long time, but his black suit wasn’t stained at all. He was a masked gentleman with slicked-back hair, who had no ears or mouth. A red substance akin to a burn mark twitched under his mask. The distance between Jin and Benny was seven meters. A strange light appeared out of Benny’s shoulders to form a shape of some sort. They were branch-like hands. But they didn’t have any color or physical form.


The transparent arms silently crept towards Jin.

[Invisible hand = All Grip]

- An ability to grip onto whatever the user desires. The number of arms one can use multiplies the more one gains levels. It is possible to latch onto ideas and abilities later on.

- [Lv.1] It is possible to grip onto objects that are far away. Max: 2.

- [Lv.2] It is possible to grip onto objects that are far away. Max: 2.

- [Lv.3] It is possible to grip onto objects that are far away. Max: 4.

Necro had personally seen the strength of this power. The saint who carelessly approached Benny had gotten her neck completely crushed as a result. Well, she recovered in an instant, though. But if Jin were to caught in that hand, even he-.

‘Did he notice?’

Jin dodged [All Grip] just by tweaking his head a little to the side. And he dodged the following attacks just as easily. It all happened in just a few moments. Slenderman, once finished attacking, didn’t hesitate in making his next move.

He turned to the right. He leapt onto the tree branches nearby and used it to gain the high ground. He quickly approached the top of the wall.

‘Escape?! Oh dear…!!’

Benny gripped onto the rails with All Grip. He lifted his body up unto the audience and at the same time threw two concealed knives towards Jin. Now, he had one hand left. The closest person to him at this point was Morto. His hand quickly moved to use her as a hostage. But-


Black blood spewed out of Benny’s chest. The invisible hand that was extending towards the saint disappeared mid-air. There was no scream or emotion expressed. Benny simply waves his limbs, trying to take out one of Kirisaki’s broken blades out of his spine. All of this took one second.

Jin stomped on the ground. Kirisaki’s broken blades all floated up in the air from the recoil of the stomp. What immediately followed was something akin to a dance. Some were hit by the tip of Jin’s shoe and others by a roundhouse kick. Jin continuously sent out a stream of blades towards Benny.

Stab stab stab!

The bullet-like blades stabbed into Benny’s head, neck, and heart. His struggling body lost all strength. The audience looked down at the murderer that had been arranged on the wall like a specimen.

Overwhelming power-

There was no other word to describe the world’s strongest. Jin had remained calm from start to finish as he defeated his opponents one by one. Necro, at the point when he saw Jin light a piece of styrofoam on fire, realized something. Jin was an abnormal amongst the abnormals.

‘The reason why Jin is able to kill so easily probably isn’t related to his sense of guilt, but rather, his worldview.’

A firm worldview. Jin was completely different from those who had denied reality until their very end.

‘A monster made only for murder… I’m starting to like him more and more.’

Necro grinned.


I had prepared a lot more than this, but it managed to end pretty quickly. I pulled out the refrigerator stuck to the wall and dug out the mush that used to be the Nail Hunter. Murderers are unexpectedly rich, huh.

<Acquired [Platinum Diamond Bracelet].>

<Acquired [Natural Ruby Ring].>

This adds up to an amount of 320,000 dollars. A chiptune played from the screen as I was taking my eyes off of the status screen, and a message popped up.

<Level up! [Heart of Gold (Lv.2)] has become [Heart of Gold (Lv.3)].>

<Gained a new ability.>

[Gold Achieves All = Heart of Gold]

- An ability to buy anything with money.

- [Lv.1] Trade (Buy, Sell)

- [Lv.2] Purchase (Luck, Talent, Appearance, Charm, Health, Skill, Knowledge, Information, Ability, Life)

- [Lv.3] Finance (Currency Exchange, Savings Account, Checking Account, Money Transfer, Loans, Vault, Stocks, etc.)

Looks like the conditions for leveling up is the money that I possess. Out of all the things that I gained, the ones that really stood out to me this time were loans and vault. And stocks… I closed the screen and looked up at the audience. It was time for the finale.

Since I couldn’t move my arms, I had to settle for putting one of my legs back and bowing lightly. Just like a gentleman asking out a girl to a dance. The audience began to clap. They were sending praises towards me for my actions. How foolish.

“Amazing…! He’s on a completely different level!”

“Not even the one from last time was this strong!”

“I think we can actually expect something out of this one!”

I looked at the saint, who was the only one staying silent in the room, and left. This should be good enough. I had taken care of my opponents as flashily as possible, just as Necro had requested. I would’ve acted much more efficiently otherwise…

“Hold on! Wait wait wait wait!”

Necro grabbed me from behind. The audience turned this way again.

“Where do you think you’re going, Mr. Winner? Do you have anything to say for us before you leave?”

Necro glanced at my status screen and smiled brightly. To think his demeanor would change just like this…

“I have things to read.”

“Oh my, really? Then I really shouldn’t hold you back. I’ll make this short, so answer a question of mine beforehand?”

“Before that, hands.”


I waved my arms at him.

“Oh, right! Sorry, sorry. I guess I got too excited. Hold on. The way to take this off was...”

When he waved his finger in the air three or four times, the my restraints let out a “psh” sound and loosened up.


I stretched out my arms and checked if my fingers were still working properly. The audience seemed to cower a little just from seeing this simple action of mine. I could read the fear and nervousness in their faces. On the other hand, Necro seemed to be full of spirit.

“Why did you ask me to tie you up, idiot?”

He looked around, as if he was trying to inform everyone of this.

“This guy, this guy’s too full of himself! I tried to stop him, you know.”

These were all lies to trick the audience. Lies to make the product, ‘me’, more appealing.

“He just came up to me before the fight, and, hah, do you know what he said? ‘You dare bring mere criminals to fight the world’s strongest’?”

He was presenting the product by using several key words. He must be going this far because others have asked for me to be punished.

“Damn~ and here I thought he’d be at a huge disadvantage because he was summoned last. To think he’d take care of all of them even without using his arms. Don’t I really have an eye for people?”

He’s really saying whatever he wanted to.

“So? Your question?”

“Ah! It’s not much. Not much at all. Just wondering how you were so certain of winning. There must’ve been a reason, right? After all, you’re not the type to be so certain of such predictions.”

Oh, so that was it.

“Of course, it’s because...”

“Even with a power like that… Wow.”

Necro pointed at me.

“Ama~zing. Damn! Certainly above average! I pulled out a super strong one this time! Be it heroes or braves, they were all so-so at best in their normal worlds, you know? And I’ve managed to bring the world’s strongest to a place like this? Instant game over.”

Well, it’s not that simple…

“Ah~ sorry, sorry. You must be tired, and yet I’ve been keeping you here for so long. You should go now. I need to stay to talk with these people.”

I really liked this aspect of Necro. He handled all the politics and left me the dirty jobs. My eyes met those of the saint’s as she was walking down the stairs. A dark face…

She must be like this because she saw people die just now. Seriously, her worldview is extremely flawed.

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