I’m Sorry For Being Born In This World!

Chapter 14. Entering The Path of Magic

Chapter 14. Entering The Path of Magic

After returning to the shelter, I was thinking about what I would buy with the money I had. I’d use 1500 dollars to pay back the saint, and I’d have 320,000 dollars leftover. Since I was already dead, I didn’t need food. I had enough clothes as well.

Right. At a time like this, guns are the best.

I tried searching for guns in the market.

[> Glock 17 Semi-Auto Pistol: $539.00]

[ Remington Model 870 Pump Shotgun: $359.94]

[ Mossberg 590 Pump Action Shotgun: $399.00]

For now, I’ll buy two pistols. Next, I added a shotgun and a sniper rifle into the cart. I’ll get enough bullets to pretty much last me forever, I guess. When I pressed the purchase button, a message popped up.


<Transaction has been completed. The delivery should take eight hours.>

As I saw the transaction complete itself, I managed to admire the power of money for the first time. Now, I had 280,000 dollars left. I suppose I should get defensive equipment as well. Simple body armor should do the trick. I tried entering [armor, cheat, rare] into the search bar. And I clicked search. A list turned up in front of me with no lag whatsoever.

[> Cape of The Notorious: 32,000,000,000 dollars]

[ Half-invincible shield: 150,000 dollars]

[ Full Metal Jacket: 3,000,000 dollars]

[ Second Dimension Spider: 1,000,000 dollars]

[ The Impaler of Walakia: 8,000,000 dollars]

[ The Second Stellar Battle Motor Dress: 26,000,000 dollars]

I didn’t even dare buy it. When I tried clicking on the products, I managed to see that each and every one of the items had ridiculous stats placed unto it. But the only thing I could buy at the moment was the nameless armor that only gave me +15 defense.

I should just collect more cash…

I put the rest of my money in the bank, and used the exchange ability to create a single gold coin.

-1500 dollars.

The money that I borrowed from the saint.

“Here. Take it.”

I showed off a little bit as I handed the gold coin to the saint.

“You don’t need the interest, do you?”

The saint nodded weakly and took the coin. No response, even from a joke. Was she still thinking about the dead people? I clapped my hands loudly in front of her. The saint jumped up in surprise.

“Come back to your senses. You should be happy about having these murderers die. After all, there won’t be any more victims.”

The saint closed her mouth.

“How about you admit that you’re abnormal at this point?”

The saint wasn’t sane. Well, I really wasn’t either.

“To think that you’re actually sad about their deaths. Nobody would actually feel that way unless the person were actually crazy.”

The saint blankly looked at my face for a moment, then opened her mouth.

“To think you’d try to discuss something called normalcy, I’m quite surprised. And quite contrary to what I look like, Mr. Murderer, I’m not very sad.”

She shot back immediately.

“Liar. You have a teary face.”

“Look again.”

The saint rubbed her face a few times and made a bright face as she let out a small ‘Nyaha☆’.


Pretty cute.

“See? I’m not sad at all. Even if you were to die… Well, of course, you’re already dead, but… Even if you die, I wouldn’t shed a single tear.”

“That’s pretty much typical for everyone though.”

“Heh~ you say that, but the one who cries the most is?”

I lifted my middle finger.


She tried to kick at my leg, so I dodged. She’s getting more and more used to hitting me. I sat back down on the sofa on the other side.

“When are we leaving then? The tournament is over and yet, I haven’t received anything about the heroes that I’m supposed to kill.”

The saint stretched her arms upwards.

“Why do you live such a boring life? It’s not like the world would come to a stop even if you slow down a bit.”

After finishing her stretch, she twisted her upper body a few times.

“It should take about two days to get everything ready. Ah, if you just want to go outside, you can do that under my supervision. Or do you want to do something else…?”

Two days…

I could spend this time looking at a dictionary, but right now, it would be best to try ‘that’.

“Would it be possible to learn magic?”

I could buy it through the [Knowledge] market, but it would probably cost several million dollars.

Why would I buy something like that, especially when I had the strongest white wizard in the world in front of me?

“Magic? You must be really looking down on magic.”

The saint said this as she opened her frog wallet. She then proceeded to take out thirteen books on magic.

“That’s a lot more than I thought.”

“If you thought magic would be so simple, that would be a miss steak!”

...Necro must’ve taught her that shitty pun.

“Get it now? The greatness of me being the strongest white wizard?!”

The saint puffed up her chest in pride.

“I am the greatest genius wizard that the [Abyss] has ever produced! One word from me, and all the male students would...”

I just pretended to listen to the latter part.

“...Get it, then?”

Finally, it’s over.

“Hnn~, so you weren’t listening?”

The saint raised her hands up in the air like a lion and threatened to take a bite out of me.

Magic, huh.

To think muttering to yourself like a crazy teenager would allow you to shoot out fireballs… I laughed to myself, and opened one of the books. And.


I laughed again after reading a bit. The book wasn’t filled with mystical things and superstitions, but rather mathematics, science, and psychology.

“I’m good on my own, thanks.”

I waved the saint away and lay down on the sofa. Books are meant to be enjoyed like this.


Feels a little colder all of the sudden. When I tried adjusting my vision a little bit, I could see that the saint had snuck up on me and climbed up on my back.


I could feel a warmth on my back as the saint’s butt softly landed. That feeling soon changed to pain as my back caught on holy fire.

“Hot. Heavy. Get off.”

The saint ignored my words and grabbed onto my legs.

“Just what are you… geh!”


My body’s bending! I could hear a few things in my body break as my hips bent backwards. I quickly tapped the sofa and the saint finally got off of me.

What a crazy…

I sat back up whilst holding onto my hips.

“Ouch ouch ouch… where did you learn something like that? Didn’t I say I’d be fine on my own? Go do your own stuff. You’re busy, aren’t you?”

The saint sat down on the other side and laughed.

“Ufufu~! Stuff like that’s all handled by Necro. I’m actually quite free.”

God damn it, I knew it’d be like this. Useless saint.

“How is it? I can teach you if you want.”

...Why’s she being like this?


“Ah? Could it be that you’re suspicious of my actions? How annoying!”

I was a murderer. A murderer whose face had melted off and wasn’t afraid to kill. Perhaps she wasn’t that afraid of me because she had beaten me once already, but still.

Why was she being so kind to me?

There was no reason for her to act like this. This girl really was abnormal, from beginning to end. There’s no way she didn’t have any ulterior motives…

“Well, if you want to teach me that much, then sure.”

“Then, since I’ll be your instructor from now on, please call me ‘teacher’.”

That was your motive?!


“Good. Don’t you ever forget what you just agreed to, dear murderer student.”

She’s still not dropping “murderer”. Fine, I’ll call her saint till the day she dies as well.

“Now then. The fun and easy magic lesson carried out by Morto Hai is now beginning! Yay~!!”


I cheered her on a little bit. Not doing so would probably make her angry.

“We’ll skip the introductions and the history lesson. Turn to page thirty six. The way of magic is a combination of tricks and magic. We’ll start here.”

She knew the content on every single page? I realized that the saint possessed the skill called Total Recall.

“Remember how I said that at the core of your power, there was magic? Using magic is quite similar to using power. You pray to a being that is able to use magic, that is, God, and channel his power through you.”

“So that chuuni chant that you always did was a prayer...?”

“Ahem! It’s embarrassing at first, but you’ll get used to it! And it’s not like you can only use magic by chanting. If you manage to pray to god desperately enough, magic might activate by itself.”

In other words, all according to the will of God.

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