Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1417

Chapter 1417 (Raw 1408): Three Strikes to Kill a Sovereign

The three Demon Crown Scions showed a stupid expression; the change was too fast.

"There is no need to worry. This is only a Cloning Technique. The more clones there are, the weaker they will be. This is just a bluff."

"It scared me. Attack! Shadowless Saber Sovereign, let's see how long you can remain arrogant!" Wang Feng, the Blood Demon Crown Scion, said with a heavy murderous intent as his face sank.

That was right. This was indeed a Cloning Technique. However, this Cloning Technique was somewhat different from what they imagined. These were created by Xiao Chen executing the Life Bestowal Spell.

The combat prowess of the clones was not worth mentioning. In fact, the clones themselves were not important. What was important were the sabers that the clones held!

With the Cycle War Chariot as the center, a vast Taiji Diagram appeared on the ground. The seven figures protecting the war chariot brandished the Divine Weapons and danced around.


The over ten thousand clones moved at the same time, the sabers in their hands releasing many strands of saber light.

The saber light filling the air flickered nonstop. Boundless saber Qi shook the place, and a magnificent scene appeared.

Contrary to the three Crown Scions' expectations, the clones did not crumble upon contact. Instead, the surrounded Demons of the three Demon Royal Halls were constrained, and many saber wounds appeared on their bodies the moment the battle started.

The Taiji Diagram on the ground slowly rotated, and the Taiji Saber Domain spread out invisibly.

Every Demon was separated from the others. All they could see were the saber lights and the unfathomable saber Qi. All they could hear were the sounds of sabers.

Amid the flashing lights, what the three thousand Demons faced were not individual clones but saber-wielding clones that constituted the Yinyang Saber Formation.

At first, the Demons could still manage. Although they were alarmed, they could at least minimize their injuries.

However, the Yinyang Saber Formation started rotating, and they could no longer see individual clones anymore.

There were only two huge dragons made up of strands of saber light soaring up and down, baring fangs and claws. Sometimes the dragons roared ferociously, sometimes they whipped their tails, and sometimes they just chased each other around.

Amid the boundless saber light, miserable cries rang out endlessly. Blood spurted out, and the saber lights started to flicker with scarlet light.

"What's going on?!"

Wang Feng and the other two Crown Scions looked alarmed, never having expected the situation to develop in such a direction.

"Get them to come out. Quickly, get them to come out. That is a formation!"

"It's impossible. They can't come out. The entire place is filled with saber lights, up, down, and in all other directions, utterly confounding the senses."

The Winged Demon Crown Scion's expression turned scarily sullen. He had never expected that just one Shadowless Saber Sovereign could practically destroy three Demon Royal Halls.

Up on the warship, the bound Ling Feng said joyfully, "Big Brother Bai, it's the Shadowless Saber Sovereign. He is here to rescue us."

Bai Wuxue found this strange. He did not have any friendship with the Shadowless Saber Sovereign. Why would the other party come to rescue him?

However, while it looked like the Shadowless Saber Sovereign held the upper hand with the saber formation, the Crown Scions and the Dao Protectors had not made a move yet.

"Attack, then," Xuan Yan, the Fire Demon Crown Scion, said sullenly.

The three Dao Protectors exchanged looks. Then, they bowed slightly and stepped forward, radiating strong auras.


Their Sovereign Emperor's Might combined and surged into the sky, instantly sweeping all the clouds away, leaving only the swimming black Dragon Qi and the sun, moon, and stars of the Starry Heavens visible.

The three Dao Protectors were actually Seventh Heaven Sovereign Martial Emperors. Their individual auras were still soaring.

"Rumble…!" The ground for five thousand kilometers around started trembling. Countless rocks rose into the air and remained there.

"With the Dao Protectors attacking, let's see how you survive!" Wang Feng, the Blood Demon Crown Scion, said hatefully in a rage.

The situation before them—one person killing thousands of elites from three Demon Royal Halls—made one feel sullen just thinking about it.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

The three Dao Protectors finally made their move, their figures flashing. They intended to jump into the formation and disrupt it at the root, suppressing the Shadowless Saber Sovereign's true body.

However, something strange happened. The moment the three Dao Protectors touched the boundaries of the Yinyang Saber Formation, they felt an incredibly rampant aura, which forcefully kept them out.

"We can't. There is a strange force field at the saber formation. It merges Yin and Yang, flipping the world around. Unless we know the strange laws operating it, we have no way to force our way in."

The moment the Dao Protectors said that, the three Crown Scions were stunned silly.

Even their final trump cards were useless. Could they really not stop the Shadowless Saber Sovereign?

Just at this moment, the saber light filling the place suddenly vanished. The dust soon dissipated with the wind. Many sabers flickering with cold light were stabbed into the places where the Demons originally stood. Many Demons were lying on the ground, their status unknown.

Inside the war chariot, Xiao Chen felt slightly fatigued. This formation should have been executed by many people at the same time.

When he executed it by himself, the drain on his Magic Energy was horrific. Maintaining it for long was impossible.

However, this was pretty good as well. Half of the three thousand Demons were dead, and the remaining half had practically no combat prowess left.

For its first appearance, the Yinyang Saber Formation's performance was still rather satisfactory.

"This is a good opportunity. It must not be easy for him to execute that saber formation!"

The eyes of the Fire Demon Royal Hall's Dao Protector lit up. Fire blazed on his entire body, and his Sovereign Emperor's Might soared into the sky, stirring up the wind and clouds.

Then, the Fire Demon Dao Protector leaped into the air and flew straight for the Cycle War Chariot. The other two Dao Protectors reacted half a beat later. However, they also felt that they could not miss out on this opportunity, so they quickly followed.

Three Seventh Heaven Sovereign Martial Emperors attacked. Their Emperor's Might combined and kicked up boundless strong winds that made the many sabers stabbed into the ground sing nonstop with tinkling sounds.

The war chariot had some difficulty bearing the strong pressure; it sank into the ground.

However, Xiao Chen, who was seated in the war chariot, did not feel any fear. After collecting the seven thrones and completing the Flawless Saber Technique, he had changed a lot.

"Void Breaking Stance!"

At this shout, Pride, which was merged with the Destruction Throne, vanished with a 'whoosh.' When it reappeared, it gave off a thirty-thousand-kilometer-long saber light as it chopped down on the Fire Demon Royal Hall's Dao Protector.

The Fire Demon Royal Hall's Dao Protector, who was rushing at the Cycle War Chariot, could not dodge at all; he could only clash head-on.


The intense clangor sounded like a crack of thunder booming. The Fire Demon Royal Hall's Dao Protector vomited a mouthful of blood and went flying back one kilometer.

"I'll kill you!"

After suffering like this, the Fire Demon Royal Hall's Dao Protector was so enraged that he seemed to turn somewhat crazy. After he found his footing, he prepared to charge over again.

However, he no longer had the opportunity to do so. The second Divine Weapon—Wrath—hacked down, executing the Dragon Subduing Stance.


The Fire Demon Royal Hall's Dao Protector vomited three more mouthfuls of blood and moved back another one kilometer. This time, he was severely injured with his hair disheveled and wounds all over his body.

However, that was not the last of it. Sloth charged over as well.

It wanted to see the scene at the summit of the tall mountain, wanted to look down on the world from amid the clouds. For youth filled with magnificent aspirations with nothing to worry about, their hearts would always have a saber that thirsted to reach the clouds. Someday, when this saber was unsheathed, it would definitely soar into the sky, piercing through the clouds into the heavens.

"Flawless Saber Technique, the fifth move, Cloud Reaching Stance!"

These three sabers flew out one after another, not giving this Dao Protector a chance to catch his breath.

"Boom!" This time, after the Fire Demon Royal Hall's Dao Protector got blasted back, he fell at the feet of the three Crown Scions.

"Elder Xuan!" Xuan Yan, the Fire Demon Crown Scion, panicked and rushed over, wanting to help the Fire Demon Royal Hall's Dao Protector up.

"Be careful!" The Wing Demon Royal Hall's Yi Xuan reacted very quickly. Having noticed that something was wrong, he dragged Xuan Yan and Wang Feng back hastily.


There was a loud explosion. The Fire Demon Royal Hall's Dao Protector exploded, and many strands of resplendent saber light shot out of his body.

The Life Essence of a Sovereign Martial Emperor was as resplendent as fireworks, filling the sky and illuminating the entire place, stunning everyone.

The shock waves of the explosion covered the three Crown Scions in dust. When they raised their heads to look at that Cycle War Chariot again, their faces paled, and their lips quivered uncontrollably.

How can this be?! How is this possible?!

Three saber strikes. The Shadowless Saber Sovereign used only three saber strikes to kill a Seventh Heaven Sovereign Martial Emperor.

The other two Dao Protectors, who originally charged over with the Fire Demon Royal Hall's Dao Protector, saw that the situation was bad and were frightened into immediately retreating faster than lightning.

Void Breaking Stance, Dragon Subduing Stance, and Cloud Reaching Stance. Three strikes to kill a Sovereign!

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