Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1418

Chapter 1417 (Raw 1409): An Old Friend from Somewhere

Three strikes to kill a Seventh Heaven Martial Emperor. The three Crown Scions were stunned on seeing this. The strength of the Shadowless Saber Sovereign completely surpassed their expectations.

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Pride, Wrath, and Sloth returned to the war chariot. Inside the war chariot, Xiao Chen also felt somewhat surprised at the might of the Flawless Saber Technique after the seven thrones had all merged with the Divine Weapons.

Logically speaking, the Flawless Saber Technique should not be that ridiculously strong. After he thought about it, he concluded that it was because the other party underestimated him.

This gave Xiao Chen the opportunity to land the three saber strikes. The other party exploded and died because the other party's physical body could not withstand the surging saber Qi in his body.

If the Fire Demon Royal Hall's Dao Protector had blocked the first saber strike with his full power, he would not have been finished off so miserably.

After calmly analyzing the situation, Xiao Chen gained a rather objective understanding of his Flawless Saber Technique. In a one-on-one fight, his Flawless Saber Technique had no problem defeating a Seventh Heaven Martial Emperor. However, it was not that ridiculously strong, either.

After all, Xiao Chen's cultivation was still somewhat weaker.

This was how Xiao Chen had always been. He would not over- or underestimate himself.

The death of the Fire Demon Royal Hall's Dao Protector was too shocking. The resplendent fireworks filling the sky had the many Tianwu Domain cultivators rushing over.

When the countless Tianwu Domain cultivators arrived and saw this scene, they all revealed incredulous expressions.

Half of the three thousand-odd Demons of the three Demon Royal Halls was dead, and the other half was still lying on the ground with their status unknown.

There was also one Sovereign-Martial-Emperor-level Dao Protector dead by explosion. This was equal to one person crippling three Demon Royal Halls all by himself.

"It really is the Shadowless Saber Sovereign. He alone crippled three Demon Royal Halls."

"No wonder Wu Xiaotian took the initiative to hand the Saber Sovereign Medallion to him. The Shadowless Saber Sovereign does indeed possess the strength of a Sovereign Martial Emperor already."

"He truly lives up to being the Saber Sovereign."

"This feels liberating. The three Demon Royal Halls were arrogant and despotic, looking down on all the cultivators of our Tianwu Domain. Let's see how they are going to remain arrogant today."

"Look, the Crown Scions of the three Demon Royal Halls are stunned silly!"

Many cultivators felt delighted. However, they did not dare to move forward, either, because of the two Dao Protectors still present.

"Clang! Clang! Clang!"

All the sabers stabbed into the ground turned into strands of saber light and entered the war chariot.

Only at this point did the Demons still alive feel the pressure on them decrease. Then, they slowly stood up and retreated behind the Crown Scions.

Now, everyone understood that the saber intent of the sabers had been suppressing these Demons, preventing them from standing up. Now, they felt that the Shadowless Saber Sovereign's strength was even more unfathomable.

From inside the war chariot, Xiao Chen said indifferently, "Release them."

The Crown Scions of the Blood Demon Royal Hall, the Winged Demon Royal Hall, and the Fire Demon Royal Hall were all horrified. They themselves were very strong. If they worked with two Dao Protectors, they would be able to hold their own.

However, Xiao Chen's killing of a Seventh Heaven Martial Emperor was simply too shocking, causing the three to lose confidence and all their drive.

Sometimes, this was the case. Once one lost their courage and drive, even if their strength remained intact, they could not bring it out.

Let them go, then. With his strength, I think only the top three Crown Scions can hold their own against him.

Right, we are only the vanguard. Such an opponent should not be left to us to deal with.

That's right. Our current strength is already damaged. We cannot suffer any more losses.

The three Crown Scions quickly exchanged voice projections and reached an accord. On the warship, Bai Wuxue, Ling Feng, and the other Water Moon Alliance cultivators were unbound and tossed down.

Wang Feng, the Blood Demon Crown Scion, said through gritted teeth, "Shadowless Saber Sovereign, we have already done what you wanted us to do. You can leave now, right?"

Wang Feng's heart overflowed with regret. If they had agreed to the Shadowless Saber Sovereign's demand at the very start, things would not have turned out like this.

If they had known earlier, how could this have happened?

Wang Feng felt even more upset when Xiao Chen ignored him. However, he was helpless to do anything.

The war chariot quickly flew over to Bai Wuxue, Ling Feng, and the others.

"Senior, we meet again. Many thanks for the rescue!"

Ling Feng felt rather excited. Now that he saw the Shadowless Saber Sovereign's great strength again, it made him worship the Shadowless Saber Sovereign even more.

Xiao Chen had some recollection of this person. This was a pretty talented, new-generation bladesman. After casually replying, he shifted his gaze to Bai Wuxue.

After parting for ten-odd years, these two unexpectedly met again under such circumstances. Xiao Chen thought about the past matters between him and this person and sighed.

The matters of the past unfurled like a painting in his mind, bringing him back to when he first arrived in the Kunlun Realm.

Those were Bai Wuxue's most glorious days. In his younger days, he had been proud and arrogant. Now that so many years had passed, he seemed to have changed significantly.

"Shadowless Saber Sovereign, can I ask if anyone asked you to come and save us?"

Bai Wuxue was not as hotheaded as Ling Feng. With just a little thought, he knew that the Shadowless Saber Sovereign's reason for coming here was not that simple.

"Get on. This is not the place to speak."

After Bai Wuxue hesitated for a moment and communicated with his group, they climbed onto Xiao Chen's Cycle War Chariot.


After about seven minutes, Bai Wuxue held the Eternal Ice in his hands. He found it somewhat difficult to contain his excitement. Of all the possibilities that occurred to him, he had not guessed that Xiao Chen had come to rescue him because of this.

One did not need to speak much when dealing with smart people. After Bai Wuxue got on the war chariot, Xiao Chen gave a brief explanation of what was going on and left clear instructions.

"After refining this Eternal Ice, I'm confident of breaking through to Sovereign Martial Emperor!" Bai Wuxue said boldly, a brilliant light flashing in his eyes.

Xiao Chen did not doubt Bai Wuxue at all. With the other party's talent in the Ice Dao, he should have no difficulty breaking through to Sovereign Martial Emperor after obtaining such a miraculous item like the Eternal Ice.

The question was more of how long Bai Wuxue would take to refine the Eternal Ice—half a year, one year, or perhaps even longer?

Changing the topic, Bai Wuxue said, "I heard what you said earlier, that you do not want to get involved in the struggle for the Evil Shadow Sword. Why? The Blood Demon Royal Hall, the Winged Demon Royal Hall, and Fire Demon Royal Hall are ranked at the bottom among the eighteen Demon Royal Halls. The true fight is just beginning.

"Furthermore, based on the information I obtained, the top three Crown Scions are not that much weaker than you, perhaps even stronger."

Xiao Chen replied indifferently, "What does it have to do with me? The Kunlun Realm will have its own outstanding talents stepping forward. I only need to do my part to the best."

"Are you referring to the Deity Dao Union that Di Wuque leads? Di Wuque's strength is indeed unfathomable. Rumor says that he already broke through to Sovereign Martial Emperor. There is also the Heavenly Starry Ocean's Chu Yang and the Fiend Domain's Kong Yuan and his group. They are all peak outstanding talents. However, in a fight against the Demon Royal Clans, our Tianwu Domain lacks people!" Bai Wuxue said excitedly.

Earlier, when they fought against the three Demon Royal Halls, they had not been at a disadvantage. However, their faction was small and could not hold out until the end.

The appearance of the Shadowless Saber Sovereign gave him new hope. As long as the Shadowless Saber Sovereign was willing to join, the Water Moon Alliance would gain new life.

"You probably do not know how big the scale of this fight for the Demon Sword is. This is the first big test of the outstanding talents of the various races in this golden age. It will impact our benefits in the end." Bai Wuxue pushed further, anxious to obtain the Shadowless Saber Sovereign's support.

Furthermore, Bai Wuxue felt that the other party's eyes were familiar. This might actually be an old friend. He might be able to convince the other party with both logical and emotional reasons.

Behind the mask, Xiao Chen narrowed his eyes, staring ferociously at Bai Wuxue. Under such pressure, Bai Wuxue did not know how to react.

The sealed space of the war chariot fell silent. Bai Wuxue did not know how to continue the earlier topic and could only change it.

"Might I ask what your real name is?" Bai Wuxue asked as he looked at the half-masked Xiao Chen. "I must have met you before. If I'm right, we have interacted before."

Xiao Chen's expression remained calm. Bai Wuxue might find his eyes familiar. However, it was still impossible for Bai Wuxue to guess his identity.

"Just address me as Shadowless. When I finally come out of this war chariot, you will know who I am. You can get off now."

Right after Xiao Chen spoke, before Bai Wuxue could respond, a force pushed all of them out.

It was not that Xiao Chen was reluctant to help Bai Wuxue but that this fight for the Demon Sword would attract too many people. He did not know how he was going to face many of those people. He was also afraid that some of them would not be able to control their anger when they saw him.

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