Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1419

Chapter 1419 (Raw 1410): Old Friend Appears, As Elegant As Before

After Xiao Chen left, the Tianwu Domain cultivators, who originally came to watch, quickly departed with the Water Moon Alliance.

The three Demon Royal Halls might look crippled. However, the three Crown Scions and two Dao Protectors were still around. This lineup was still not something the Tianwu Domain cultivators could handle.

The true battle would start only after the outstanding talents of the distant lands arrived.

Looking at the thousand-odd Demon corpses on the ground, the three Crown Scions frowned heavily. Everything had been going well, but due to the Shadowless Saber Sovereign's appearance, the situation turned messy, and the three Demon Royal Halls lost more than half their forces.

Following this, their efficiency in searching the dragon graves would be greatly reduced. Just thinking about it induced a headache.

The black Dragon Qi in the sky moved about continuously; the situation looked quite disastrous.

Suddenly, a scarlet cloud appeared in the sky along with a snow-white ice cloud. A familiar aura came from above, and the three Crown Scions' expressions changed.

Wang Feng said hoarsely, "Oh no, my royal uncle is here."

Wang Feng's royal uncle was the younger brother of the Demon Monarch. He held a high position among the Blood Demons and possessed overwhelming strength. He was someone who could influence who would be the next Demon Monarch.

Now that the Blood Demon Royal Hall suffered such grievous losses, Wang Feng was in a difficult position. Just thinking about it made him tremble in fear.


The red light descended, and a middle-aged man wearing scarlet robes inlaid with gold walked out. Following that, the ice cloud floated over, and a white-clad Snow Demon appeared as well. Before that was over, there was a loud sound as if a mountain fell from the sky. Then, an Iron Demon appeared.

Wang Feng and the other Crown Scions were shocked. The three people who came were actually all Eighth Heaven Sovereign Martial Emperors. Furthermore, they were not ordinary Sovereign Martial Emperors; they were all possessed Royal Clan bloodlines.

In the Demonic World, Eighth Heaven Martial Emperors were existences second only to the Demon Monarchs. After all, some of the Demonic World's Demon Monarchs were only Ninth Heaven Martial Emperors.

Could it be that these three people were here to surround and kill the Shadowless Saber Sovereign?

"Royal Uncle!"

"Greetings, Seniors."

The three Crown Scions all saluted the three newcomers respectfully, not daring to say anything more.

When the middle-aged man in scarlet robes saw the scene before him, his face sank, and he gave off a certain pressure despite not appearing angry. This made Wang Feng feel very nervous.

"Speak, what happened?!"

Wang Feng lowered his head and whispered, "Royal Uncle, the Shadowless Saber Sovereign did this. We thought we could surround him and kill him. Who knew, he managed to kill most of us by himself."

"So that means you made the first move?"

"Yes." Wang Feng's voice became even softer, turning even less confident.

The scarlet-robed middle-aged man scolded, "You silly thing, this Shadowless Saber Sovereign has already been designated a Sovereign-Martial-Emperor-level demonic genius, yet you actually dared to take the initiative to provoke such a person. It serves you right."

The white-clad Snow Demon smiled coldly and said, "If the Shadowless Saber Sovereign were that easy to deal with, the three of us would not need to come personally and make a move. You set your sights too high despite not being capable enough. You deserve this piece of bad luck."

"If you fail to obtain the Evil Shadow Sword this time, the Crown Scion position you hold now will change hands. Let's go."

After saying that, the three Demon Eighth Heaven Martial Emperors started searching for Xiao Chen in the Savage Battlefield, not wasting any time at all.

"It's over. This time, the three of us will fall here."

"Damn it. It's all because of your dog-shit Protector. If he had not brought the Shadowless Saber Sovereign over, we would not have ended up in such a state."

"That's right. It's all because of your Protector. Now, our positions are unstable!"

The Crown Scions of the Winged Demon Royal Hall and the Fire Demon Royal Hall started blaming Wang Feng, blaming him for being too arrogant. This was especially so for the Fire Demon Royal Hall's Xuan Yan; he burned with rage. His Dao Protector had died, and he did not know how to account for this when he returned.

Wang Feng's expression turned sullen, and he retorted coldly, "What is the point of telling me all this now? Quickly organize your men and continue searching for the dragon grave that the Demon Sword is in. Your losses are great, but are the losses of my Blood Demon Royal Hall not equally great?"

"Humph! You have to take full responsibility."

"Interesting, what a rare sight of a dog biting another dog!"

Just at this moment, disharmonious cold laughter rang out. When this person spoke, his tone contained mockery.

"Who is it?!"

A murderous intent flashed in Wang Feng's eyes as he looked in the direction where the voice came from. A purple-clad youth stood on a tall rock in the northwest direction, the sunlight shining down obscuring his face.

"You are seeking death!"

Wang Feng could not defeat the Shadowless Saber Sovereign. However, this random person of unknown origins actually dared to jump out as well.

The Blood Demon Crown Scion immediately lost control of himself. With a flash of red light, he drew the sword at his waist, sending out a scarlet sword light that looked like a pillar holding up the sky. Blood stained the heavens, and overwhelming Demonic Qi appeared.


With a startling crack of thunder, tens of thousands of lightning bolts plunged from the sky. A whip appeared in the purple-clad man's hand. This whip turned into a dragon, looking like a divine dragon lashing its tail. "Bang!" It shattered the scarlet sword light, and the force of the blow knocked Wang Feng back.

After stabilizing himself in the air and pushing off the air with his feet, Wang Feng held up the scarlet sword and charged over again.

His figure appeared and reappeared in the air multiple times. A scarlet flame burned on his sword as he quickly executed all sorts of sword moves.

The purple-clad person on the rock held on to his whip with his feet firmly planted on the ground, not budging at all. As he brandished his whip, it incited thunder. Five thousand kilometers of thunderclouds covered the sky. As the whip swung around, the defense was so tight that even wind could not get through.

No matter what angle Wang Feng's sword came from, it could not break in and harm the purple-clad youth at all.

"Rage of the True Dragon!"

Countless illusions of the whip being brandished suddenly merged and turned into a howling lightning dragon. This caught Wang Feng off guard and knocked him back again.

After landing, Wang Feng staggered back several steps and dropped to one knee. His face paled, and the other two Crown Scions' expressions slowly turned grave.

This person seemed to be even more difficult to deal with than Bai Wuxue. Since when was there such an expert in the Tianwu Domain?

"Who exactly are you?!" Wang Feng asked seriously.

After the purple-clad youth jumped off the tall rock and revealed his handsome appearance, he replied indifferently, "The Thunder and Lightning Palace's An Junxi."

"It's you, the Thunder Sovereign's disciple."

"Unfortunately, I'm not talented enough. My cultivation is a shame to the name of the Thunder Sovereign," An Junxi said calmly and unhurriedly.

The three Crown Scions exchanged glances, and a thought appeared in all their minds at the same time. Coincidentally, they had just let Bai Wuxue go. They could just capture this person. The value of this person was even greater than Bai Wuxue's; he was simply the ideal hostage.

"I heard that you have been wandering the Starry Heavens for the past few years. I did not expect to see you at the Savage Battlefield.

"However, do you think that you are the Shadowless Saber Sovereign? He dares to come alone, so you dare to do so as well? Capture him alive!"

Yi Xuan, the Winged Demon Crown Scion, waved his hand. The one-thousand-odd surviving Demons, who had recovered some of their combat prowess, charged over.

An Junxi's lips curled up slightly in a faint smile. "How stupid. When did I say that I came alone?"

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Sonic booms resounded in the surroundings. Before the three Crown Scions could react, the ground suddenly exploded. The blast reverberated endlessly as the entire place shook.

This was just a start. The sky filled with arrows; they were like meteors tearing through the sky. They moved together in a dense pack, even covering the sun as they flew over.

In the distance, a gentle-looking woman stood on an azure bird, leading more than a thousand archers of the Supreme Sky Sect as they all held up their bows and released arrows continuously.

"Crown Scions, quickly retreat. The Supreme Sky Sect's Shui Lingling is here. The experts of the Thunder and Lightning Palace are all rushing over as well."

At the crucial moment, the two Dao Protectors stepped forward and erected a barrier of light, blocking all the arrows.

The three Crown Scions looked into the distance and saw the sky filled with countless birds with the Supreme Sky Sect's archers standing on them. Dust clouds churned on the ground as the Thunder and Lightning Palace's cultivators charged over on mutated beasts.

"Go! Go! Go! Hurry up and go!"

The three Crown Scions no longer cared for anything else. They led the remaining Demons away, fleeing.

"After them. Grant no quarter to any Demon!" the valiant and formidable-looking Shui Lingling commanded with a cold expression as she stood on her Profound Sun Bird.

The cultivators of the Thunder and Lightning Palace and the Supreme Sky Sect relentlessly gave chase in the direction that the Demons fled.

"These Demons really treat the Tianwu Domain as their home, acting completely lawlessly," Shui Lingling said after she descended from the sky and stood beside An Junxi.

An Junxi surveyed the Demon corpses on the ground. The saber intent in the wounds covering them still had not dispersed, giving off sizzling sounds.

"It seems like we missed a good show. Someone already rescued Bai Wuxue," An Junxi said after leaping to the Demon corpses and inspecting them.

Shui Lingling did not have a good impression of Bai Wuxue. She still clearly remembered that back then, he kept targeting Xiao Chen.

Even if Bai Wuxue's character had changed, it was still hard to let go of the matters of the past.

Shui Lingling said unhappily, "He is too arrogant. We already said to wait for us to rush back before attacking together. It would have been fine if only he were caught. However, he ended up implicating so many innocent people of the Water Moon Alliance."

An Junxi smiled bitterly to himself. If not for protecting the others, serving as the rearguard, Bai Wuxue could have fled easily; he would not have gotten caught.

An Junxi thought, Never offend a woman. Or more accurately, never offend the man that the woman likes. Otherwise, the woman will hate you for life.

Of course, these were only words in An Junxi's heart. Just thinking them was fine. He absolutely could not speak them out loud.

Jokes aside, as An Junxi looked at the three Demon Crown Scions in the distance, there was not much joy on his face.

Those three Demon Royal Halls were bottom-feeders among the eighteen Demon Royal Halls. The true problems were the Demon elites that would come later.

Due to the reappearance of the Demon Sword, this was just the beginning of this headache-inducing matter.

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