Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2379 Epilogue 4 : Door of the Epoch, Part One

Chapter 2379 Epilogue 4 : Door of the Epoch, Part One

The Great Thousand Realms had seven forbidden seas scattered through the vast Starry Heavens.

They were the Ash Gray Sea, the Death Sea, the Black Sea, the Blood Sea, the Illusory Sea, the Bitter Sea, and the Bone Sea. Each of these seas had its own unique features, and ordinary people saw them as forbidden.

However, in reality, the seven great forbidden seas had many local factions.

For example, the Ash Gray Sea had Demonic Dao factions of various sizes and many ancient Demonic Beasts. The Demon Blood Vultures hid deep within the Ash Gray Sea, somewhere few knew.

However, the seven forbidden seas had only one overlord: the Pirate Alliance.

As one of the Great Thousand Realms’ eight super factions, the Pirate Alliance was the most special. It was very similar to the Heavenly Fragrance; no one knew exactly what kind of existence the Pirate Alliance was.

However, it was not as mysterious as the Heavenly Fragrance. Any cultivator who adventured in the outer regions would have had some interactions with the Pirate Alliance.

There were even several sects and clans that had disputes with the Pirate Alliance.

It was somewhat similar to the Heavenly Alliance in that it had a presence everywhere in the vast and boundless Great Thousand Realms. However, it lacked the Heavenly Alliance’s ambition.

Its presence could barely be felt during the change in rulers of the various Central Great Realm’s dynasties or even the change in epochs.

Nevertheless, no one could ignore the presence of the Pirate Alliance, which deterred rash actions.

At this moment, the Pirate Alliance’s kingpins gathered in the Pirate Alliance’s headquarters in the Ash Gray Sea. Aside from the Alliance Chief and the many Doyens, a “youth” surprisingly stood there, as well.

This person was called a youth only because these Doyens and the Alliance Chief were simply too old.

“Xiao Suo, very sorry for stopping your ship. We hope you will not head to the Heavenly Alliance,” the Pirate Alliance’s Alliance Chief said. He possessed a white beard but a very boorish face. He was probably once an unruly pirate captain who sailed the seas when he was young.

Xiao Suo felt rather shocked. The Pirate Alliance rarely imposed any restrictions on their captains.

Although the Pirate Alliance was called an alliance, in reality, it did not forcefully manage the pirate groups in it.

There was no superior-subordinate relationship between the two.

If a pirate ship were attacked or surrounded, the Pirate Alliance would not say anything, leaving the ship’s survival to its crew.

Hence, Xiao Suo felt it was strange that the Pirate Alliance stopped him and forced him to come here when he wanted to head to the Heavenly Alliance and help Xiao Chen in the face of the epoch change.

Xiao Suo looked around before finally fixing his gaze on the Pirate Alliance’s Alliance Chief. Then, he said, “You have to give me a reason, right?”

“We hope for the Black Cutlass Pirate Group to succeed the Pirate Alliance’s quest and head to the Mythological Seaway!” the old white-bearded Alliance Chief explained slowly, his expression even.

The Mythological Seaway!

Xiao Suo felt startled, and his heart pounded heavily with excitement.

Even before Xiao Suo met Xiao Chen, he had already heard the legend of the Mythological Seaway. In fact, every pirate would have heard of the Mythological Seaway.

It was an ultimate seaway that every pirate dreamed of.

It was said that if one traveled this Mythological Seaway, one would travel past the limits of the world and reach the treasure-filled Golden Sea.

“Is it the Mythological Seaway that leads to the Golden Sea, the place which can fulfill any captain’s desire on arrival?” Xiao Suo asked somewhat excitedly, unable to contain himself.

The white-bearded Alliance Chief exchanged looks with the other Doyens, showing a playful smile.

“Many people think that… However, there is no Golden Sea in reality, much less one that satisfies all desires. The Mythological Seaway’s destination is the unknown Great Beyond Sea, extremely mysterious.”

[TL Note: The “great beyond” referred to here can also be translated as paramita, nirvana, or paradise. It is the Buddhist concept of surpassing life and death.]

“Great Beyond?”

“The Great Beyond is just our name for this sea. You travel past the limits of the world and arrive in the great beyond.”

“What am I to do in that sea?”

“Find the Door of the Epoch. Since the establishment of the Pirate Alliance, we have been searching for this door. This door can unravel the ultimate mysteries of the epoch. Even after countless epochs, we have not given up. For the Martial Epoch, we chose you to sail this Mythological Seaway.”

The white-bearded Alliance Chief looked at Xiao Suo and said somewhat sorrowfully, “The Mythological Seaway appears only during the epoch change. It is not as romantic and easy as you think it to be. There is only eternal loneliness and danger. Historically, no one who embarked on this journey has ever returned.”

Xiao Suo felt startled upon hearing that. The so-called Mythological Seaway was a seaway of no return.

“Think about it first. If you are willing, we will give you the sea chart and help you complete the Scarlet Blood Warship. As for your Big Brother Xiao Chen, if he runs into any unresolvable trouble, the Pirate Alliance will help him with our full power once.”

The white-bearded Alliance Chief immediately eased Xiao Suo’s worries.

However, Xiao Suo still could not make a decision. After some thought, he said, “I need to discuss this with my crew first.”

“You have three days. Otherwise, we will change candidates.”

Xiao Suo left with a heavy heart, showing a grave expression. He could not decide on the spot.

To someone with the heart of a pirate like him, even if he knew it was a seaway of no return, the Mythological Seaway still held a great attraction, possibly a fatal attraction.

However, Xiao Suo was not the only person on the Scarlet Blood Warship. While he could go to the Mythological Seaway without hesitation, the same might not hold for his crew.

Luo Nan, Fei`er, Senior Tang, the Iron Hand Yama, and Xiao Suo—the core members of the Black Cutlass Pirate Group—gathered.

Then, Xiao Suo told the rest about the white-bearded Alliance Chief’s proposal. After that, he waited quietly for an answer.

“The Mythological Seaway?”

The Iron Hand Yama’s eyes lit up. He was a pirate with even more experience than Xiao Suo, so he had an even stronger obsession with the Mythological Seaway.

“I heard of the Mythological Seaway’s legends when I was just an insignificant crewmember. To me, it is like a dream. Captain, if you are going, I will definitely follow.”

The Iron Hand Yama directly agreed without consideration.

“Good brother!”

Xiao Suo felt overjoyed. He stepped forward, and the two bumped fists.

“I have no objections. Since this old man entered this pirate ship…I have never thought of getting off.” Senior Tang smiled helplessly. His laughter seemed very carefree.

Before joining the group, he had been a Beast Taming Abode Elder. However, he had gotten used to being with this group after a long time.

Compared to a sect’s politics, the pirate ship’s straightforward fellowship allowed him to live every day more carefreely.

“I do not have any interest in the Mythological Seaway. However, if anything happens to you, Fei`er and Senior Brother will not be able to stop worrying.” Fei`er expressed her opinion with a smile.


This group of people, who had experienced life and death together, traveling the sea, started guffawing.

They had weathered too many storms together. No matter who they were before, they had only one identity now.

“Thank you all.”

Xiao Suo felt touched. He could die without regrets because he had such a group of companions while he lived.


Three days later:

Horrific waves surged on the boundless Ash Gray Sea. Strong winds and lightning accompanied heavy rain. Demonic clouds churned in the sky as the waves grew taller with each surge. Every wave was extremely tall, making the scene look like the end of the world.


A scarlet warship broke through the waves, quickly advancing amid the soaring crests.

These waves were even taller than mountains, but they seemed like the splashes of a young child before the Scarlet Blood Warship. It crushed the waves, breaking through them as it rode the wind.

Xiao Suo held a sea chart under the flapping Scarlet Blood War Banner. This was a sea chart that countless pirates dreamed about.

This was a sea chart that marked the location of the Mythological Seaway, which led to the Great Beyond Sea.

Xiao Suo showed a grave expression as he remembered his conversation with the white-bearded Alliance Chief before the Scarlet Blood Warship had set off.

After leaving, you might be gone for ten years, one hundred years, or even be lost there forever. Are you sure about this?

Don’t worry. Since I already made my choice, I, Xiao Suo, will not regret it!

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