Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 2380 Epilogue 5 : How Fragrant Was This Flower?

Chapter 2380 Epilogue 5 : How Fragrant Was This Flower?

There was a saying: A lotus was good for cultivation, and a bodhi was good for comprehension and wisdom. When a fig flower appeared, a holy king would appear.

The profoundness of the three flowers went without saying; they were all very famous.

However, there was a flower in the Great Thousand Realms that was even more profound and mysterious than these three.

This flower’s name was Butterfly Dream. How fragrant was this flower? It was the best in the world.

There was once an ancient sage who smelled the fragrance of this flower and ended up dreaming for three thousand years. He could not tell whether he was dreaming or awake, whether there were butterflies in his dreams or this was the dream of a butterfly.

Hence, the name Butterfly Dream Flower.

This flower was rarely recorded in ancient texts. Few knew about it; nearly none had seen it.

However, this flower pervaded the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land that everyone in the Great Thousand Realms knew.

Every spring, this flower would bloom silently as the other hundreds of flowers bloomed and attracted the butterflies. It did not compete with the other hundreds of flowers, remaining silent and lacking a fragrance, not adding any scent to the spring wind.

At the end of the flower season, when the spring wind stopped blowing and the many flowers wilted, this flower continued to bloom.

When all the hundreds of other flowers wilted, it remained as vibrant as before, decorating the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land.

It would continue blooming, still looking vibrant as the flower season ended.

At this moment, the ladies of the Heavenly Fragrance would start collecting the dew that contained the fragrance. This dew was known as the Heavenly Fragrance Dream Dew.

Only one drop could be collected per year from each flower. It took one hundred years to fill a cup and one thousand years to fill a bottle.

This happened every year.

This period was Qing Chen’s happiest of the year. No matter what her senior sisters or junior sisters were doing, all of them would come to collect the dew.

Qing Chen weaved through the flowers like a butterfly. Her gentle and cute senior sisters and junior sisters would chat happily and tease her.

On this day, the flower fragrance and the scenery seemed like before.

However, Qing Chen sensed something different. She saw someone who would not appear during this season.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter.

The Holy Daughter’s face always had a thin layer of fog covering it, only vaguely showing her delicate and exquisite facial features.

However, when one looked carefully, it always appeared blurry.

Even though the Holy Daughter was close, when she spoke softly and gently, it still evoked a sense of distance.

“Elder Sister Holy Daughter, why are you here at this year’s Flower Fragrance Festival?”

Curious, Qing Chen ran over and stood by the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter’s side. Her voice sounded very cute.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter lowered her head and looked at Qing Chen, appearing to smile. Then, she raised her head and looked at the Butterfly Dream Flowers that filled the mountains. She replied softly, “If I don’t come and see, I won’t be able to anymore.”

“Ah! How can that be? The Butterfly Dream Flower is very pretty. Qing Chen does not want it to disappear. Elder Sister Holy Daughter, please think of something to save them!”

Qing Chen immediately turned anxious, flushing red.

If the Butterfly Dream Flowers were gone, she would no longer see the mountain in the Heavenly Fragrance filled with people. The days when so many senior sisters and junior sisters accompanied her and played would be gone.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter smiled and said, “Little Qing Chen, how long have you not seen Xiao Chen for already?”

“It has been many years.”

It had indeed been many years. From the little child back then, she was now a beautiful youth.

However, her heart was still as kind, innocent, and naive as before. A pure and sensitive heart already sprouted.

“I’ll bring you to see him.”


This startled Qing Chen. Then, she exclaimed joyfully, “Elder Sister Holy Daughter, is that true?”

“Let’s go.”

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter held Qing Chen’s hand and soared into the air, flying out of the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land.


Two days later:

Two women descended lightly onto a mountain summit among the many mountains outside Ancestor Dragon City.

These two were the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter and Qing Chen. They appeared aloof from the world as they stood on the mountain summit, exuding a celestial-like air.

“Elder Sister Holy Daughter, where is Elder Brother Xiao Chen?”

Qing Chen looked around but could not see Xiao Chen. All she saw were clouds and fog.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter raised her snow-white sleeves and gently waved them, scattering the clouds and fog.

Then, she gently tapped on the air with her finger, causing a scene to appear before them.

It was the competition to become the Dragon Emperor in Ancestor Dragon City.

The two saw Qin Ming appear unrivaled in Dragon God Plaza, shocking everyone in the surroundings and drawing cheers.

As Qin Ming held the Emperor Dragon Sword, he moved forward without fear.

When the ancient dragon generals appeared in the plaza, Qin Ming crushed them in an instant.

Qin Ming led by a large margin, leaving the rest in the dust.

However, the scene suddenly shook just at this moment. Clouds churned in Ancestor Dragon City’s sky.

Closely after that, a saber hum rang out. A flash of saber light covered the blazing sun and the sky for five thousand kilometers.

Qing Chen’s eyes lit up. She pointed to the scene, exclaiming, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen!”

If the person who came was not Xiao Chen, who else could it be?

The situation instantly turned around. Xiao Chen killed Qin Ming with undefeatable momentum. Then, he gave up on the Dragon Emperor position, which he could easily obtain.

Mu Zifeng started arguing with Xiao Chen in the scene.

“Xiao Chen, why did you give up on the Dragon Emperor position? If you did not give it up, then you, Xiao Chen, would be the one carrying the Dragon Dragon Empire’s Luck.” Rage filled Mu Zifeng; he could not hide his emotions.

“That’s true. However, if that were the case, then the path I walk would be the same as what Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun laid out fifty thousand years ago. I would no longer be able to sever the karma between the Azure Dragons and me. The epoch I would start would just be Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun’s past regrets. It would look complete, but in reality, I would just be a pawn,” Xiao Chen replied calmly to Mu Zifeng’s anger.

Xiao Chen’s words made the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Daughter on the mountain summit frown slightly in deep thought.

“What is bad about that? Even as a pawn, you would be a pawn in control of your fate. You can bring the Azure Dragon bloodline supreme glory, and my Heavenly Alliance can continue to be glorious for an epoch.” Mu Zifeng still did not give up.

“Just because you are willing to be a pawn does not mean that I am willing. Furthermore, do you know what the consequences of this are? Be it the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor from back then, the later Dragon Emperor Xiao Yun, or the Kunlun Realm’s Azure Emperor, they were all unparalleled, undefeatable peak experts of their time.”

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change as he continued, “Do you know what happened? They brought the destruction of the Azure Dragon bloodline. Be it in the Great Thousand Realms or the Kunlun Realm, they brought a calamity of destruction to the Azure Dragon bloodline. Countless families died just because they had the Azure Dragon bloodline.

“This is because there is no truly undefeatable expert in the world. There is no indestructible dynasty. There is no unaging beauty. If I became the Dragon Emperor and started a Divine Dragon Epoch, it would result in the Dragon Race being incomparably strong in the new epoch, allowing them to rule the Great Thousand Realms. However, when the epoch ended, they would become like the Martial Epoch’s Divine Master, in a miserable and sorrowful state, betrayed by everyone. It might be even worse.

“That is not the Divine Dragon Epoch I want… In the end, it would just be repeating disastrous history.”

“What do you want?”

“I want to end the Epoch Eon.”

Back at the mountain summit, the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter waved her hand, and the scene rippled like water as it slowly disappeared. Qing Chen protested quickly, “Elder Sister Holy Daughter, it’s not over yet. I still want to see more.”

“It’s not necessary.”

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter sighed in her heart. Ending the Epoch Eon was practically impossible. There was no point in continuing to watch. There was no need to waste time on a presumptuous and ignorant person.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter came here only to fulfill Qing Chen’s wish.

Just like how if the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter did not see the Butterfly Dream Flowers in the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land, she would no longer see them, if Qing Chen did not see Xiao Chen now, Qing Chen might never see him again.

After a while, fresh blood suddenly spread out over the vast Starry Heavens.

Countless resplendent meteors suddenly exploded, looking like scarlet fireworks. This scene was boundlessly poignant.

Those were the many Faux Gods who could not maintain the Faux God Flame at the end of the Martial Epoch, falling one after another.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter did not feel any sorrow or regrets. She brought Qing Chen along and started searching for people all over the Great Thousand Realms.

The people that she sought were all Faux Gods.

After meeting these people, she did not say anything, just taking out a drop of dew condensed from the Butterfly Dream Flower’s fragrance.

Some Faux Gods sighed before helplessly accepting the drop of Heavenly Fragrance Dream Dew. Some Faux Gods shook their heads and rejected it.

Qing Chen followed the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter around the Great Thousand Realms. Eventually, they reached the Yanwu Dynasty.

At the back of Spirit Vulture Mountain in the Yanwu Dynasty:

In the dark world filled with Demonic Qi, Sword God Su Hanshan and Pan Huang lay side by side. Countless demonic corpses lay in front of the two.

Those demonic corpses were demonic lifeforce materialized from the resentment and various negative energies accumulated throughout the countless epochs.

Letting any one of them out would be a calamity for the Great Thousand Realms.

“Hehe! Little Su, look! A meteor!” Pan Huang chuckled as he lay on rocks, looking at the Faux God Flame in the sky.

Pan Huang’s smile was like before, as warm as the spring that would melt the winter snow.

Su Hanshan said somewhat irritatedly, “Look, my ass! You will become a meteor yourself soon.”

After a pause, Su Hanshan added somewhat sadly, “Me too.”

“Hahahaha! Then, who do you think will become a meteor first? I bet that it will be you!” Pan Huang laughed thoughtlessly and without restraint, being very straightforward.

Su Hanshan could not be bothered with Pan Huang. His handsome facial features showed an aloof and proud expression as he snorted coldly. “Is there a difference?”

“Hehe! That’s true.”

Su Hanshan looked at Pan Huang with disdain and said, “Fool.”


As the two bickered, the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter descended slowly, bringing Qing Chen with her.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter glanced at the two. Then, she walked over to Su Hanshan and took out the Heavenly Fragrance Dream Dew.

Su Hanshan looked gravely at the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter. After some thought, he said, “Rumor says that every time the epoch changes, the Heavenly Fragrance Holy Land would use the Heavenly Fragrance Dream Dew to save the world. One drop of Heavenly Fragrance Dream Dew can help one sever the karma of the previous life. When one wakes up from the dream, the past would be over. However, I would no longer be me.”

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter nodded and asked, “Senior, do you need it?”

Before Su Hanshan could say anything, Pan Huang stepped forward and smiled. “Give it to me, then. I need it. I have been wondering how fragrant the Butterfly Dream Flower is, but I could never find the location of the Heavenly Fragrance. Hehe! This is good timing.”


The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter pulled her hand back and withdrew. After some thought, she said, “Senior has no karma trapping you; you clearly do not need it. The Heavenly Fragrance Dream Dew is too precious. This junior is unable to agree to that.”

When Su Hanshan heard that, he raised his eyebrows, thinking of something. Then, his expression changed dramatically.

“Senior, have you considered?” The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter asked softly as she looked at Su Hanshan.

“Many thanks. If I am no longer me…then what is the point of living another life?”


The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter nodded slightly. Then, she turned and left, bringing Qing Chen with her.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t go!”

Pan Huang took a few steps forward but discovered that the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter already disappeared. He could not help finding it unfortunate.

Su Hanshan eyed Pan Huang’s back, showing a grave expression. Then, he said, “I heard that you went to that sea many years ago. Back then, I thought that you died there. It looks like you did manage to find that door.”

That sea was known as the Great Beyond Sea, and it hid the legendary Door of the Epoch.

Pan Huang’s expression froze. Without turning around, he said, “Indeed, I managed to find that door. Unfortunately…I do not use the sword. Otherwise, I would show you a peak sword strike that surpasses the Sword Dao before you die.”


Su Hanshan did not show any disappointment. For the first time, he had a sincere smile on his cold, stern face. There was nothing to be disappointed about. Living was the most gratifying thing.


Su Hanshan could no longer hold on. The Faux God Flame in his Soul Pool exploded. Then, he turned into a resplendent meteor and soared into the sky.


Pan Huang heard a sword hit the ground. Then, he turned around and picked up the sword Su Hanshan left behind. The handle of the sword had the words “Firefly Light” inscribed on it.

Who said that the light of fireflies could not compete with the bright moon? Su Hanshan could do it.

Pan Huang tightly grasped that sword, his expression sorrowful. Then, he murmured, “While I cannot bring you, I still can bring your sword to that door.”


A ship drifted in the boundless universe of the vast Starry Heavens.

There was an island on this ship, and there were countless trees on the island. Fruits that resembled peaches grew on the trees.

Heavenly Fragrance disciples sat cross-legged with their eyes closed inside the fruits. They looked like they were sleeping, showing gentle expressions and reddish complexions, appearing to be having good dreams.

However, who knew when they could wake up from these dreams?

A large, fluorescent wake extended behind the ship, looking magnificent in the Starry Heavens.

A closer look would find that the wake was made up of spiritual light from various Divine Birds and Holy Beasts following the ship.

There were phoenixes, Azure Luans, Qilins, Flame Phoenixes, Vermilion Birds, and many others. All of them followed the ship because of the pipe music coming from a person at its bow.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter stood on the ship’s bow, holding up a pipe and playing a melody that could sweep away the starry rivers and linger on.

The pipe music called many ancient and mysterious Holy Beasts and Divine Birds in the Starry Heavens, waking them from their deep sleep and drawing them to follow the sound.

Suddenly, a flash of bright light in front lit up the starry river, eclipsing the spiritual light of these beasts.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter put down her pipe and gently beckoned.

That flash of bright light landed on her palm. Then, an earsplitting declaration echoed by her ears.

“I wish for all men to have the heart of a gentleman, to train every day and continuously grow stronger; I wish for all the women in the world to seek to improve themselves, to be a match for men and not concede to them—comparable to heaven; I wish for everyone in the world to be like a dragon, to have a heart of innocence. Not to seek eternal life, but to seek no regrets in life, chasing their dreams.”

This flash of bright light was the Epoch Heart that Xiao Chen formed. This was the Divine Dragon Epoch that he wanted to start.

One thousand years later, it would form the new Central Great Realm in a new epoch.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter’s hand trembled slightly. Unexpectedly, the Divine Dragon Epoch that Xiao Chen started was like this.

This was not like the Divine Dragon Empire of Xiao Chen’s Dragon Race. Instead, it was one where everyone was like a dragon—equal. There was no discrimination between male and female, or races. Everyone could pursue their dreams.

Xiao Chen gave up on eternal life.

The Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter thought about it. The many epochs rose and fell in endless cycles. This was essentially due to eternal life. The True Gods of the Martial Epoch and the Immortals of the Immortal Epoch could live forever without dying.

The Heavenly Dao was split into Yin and Yang. When Yin diminished, Yang rose. When Yang diminished, Yin rose. Only when Yin and Yang were equal could there be balance.

However, if there were people who could not die, Yang would not diminish when Yin rose, and Yin would not diminish when Yang rose. Over time, there would be more of such undying people, breaking the balance between Yin and Yang and impacting the origin of the entire world.

“He really did it,” the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter sighed. It was easy to say it, but eternal life represented infinite possibilities, represented all the desires of the world.

It was a demonic fruit tempting the Epoch Master of every generation.

However, Xiao Chen did not seek eternal life, only to have no regrets by chasing one’s dreams.

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