Immortal Becomes a Stay-at-home Dad After Return

Chapter 37

Translator: Cold Love

Chapter 37: I’m here

ZhongHai suburbs, Economic development district.

There was a well-known unfinished building in the suburbs. The main structure was already in place, however, the exterior wall had not been put in place.

Rumor has it that the boss of this building was from Hong Kong. Initially, he planned to invest in this building to be rebuilt into an electronics manufacturing factory. However, he suddenly disappeared when the factory building was under construction, even the office building was halfway done.

As it had been abandoned for quite some time, the walls of the factory was covered with dense vegetation. The building was in ruins due to the vicissitude of time and harsh weather.

Zhao Yuan had chosen a really good place.

Other than filming movies for actors and celebrities, mostly no one would come here all year round.

This was the most favorable spot to murder and dispose a body.

After investigating for a few days, Zhao Yuan could not find any information regarding Chen Xi and hence, he made a difficult decision by abducting the closest person to Chen Xi, which naturally was Lin Xuan.

Zhao Yuan was wondering, since he had done all sorts of stuff, why not just see it through and execute it.

Hence, he attempted to test Li Xiu Wen with Lin Xuan. If he succeeded, Li Xiu Wen would be dragged into this too.

However, Zhao Yuan did not expect that Li Xiu Wen really had feelings for Lin Xuan.

‘I offer the meat to your mouth and yet, you still want something like pure love.’

While this thought, Zhao Yuan silently made a few adjustments to his plans.

Since Li Xiu Wen refused to participate, then don’t me from using such a ruthless method.

If you want to blame, them blame Lin Xuan for having such a bad company like Chen Xi.

Even though Li Xiu Wen had warned Zhao Yuan not to touch Lin Xuan, however, Zhao Yuan was not in any way scared of Li Xiu Wen.

Moreover, as long as he did it swiftly and cleanly, who would know what happened in this abandoned building.

“Young master Yuan, this bitch looks so delicious. I, San Hu have lived for so many years and I’ve never played with such an excellent good before, I really want to try…”

A 40 year old thug stood behind Zhao Yuan as he constantly glanced at Lin Xuan who was bounded onto a chair using ropes.

Lin Xuan was in a miserable state. Her hair was all loose and messed up, several purple bruises could be seen on her face. It was evident that she had suffered quite a bit.

Her mouth was taped up and both her hands and feet were securely bounded, hence, she could only give out faint muffled cries as she struggled.

It has been 2 days since she was captured.

She was drugged yesterday morning in the carpark when she was about to go for work. When she woke up, she realized that she has been taken to this foreign place and as for the perpetrator behind the kidnapping, it was of course, Zhao Yuan.

She had no feud with Zhao Yuan and yet she was kidnapped by him. Evidently, there was only 1 possibility.

Hence, she immediately thought of Chen Xi the moment she woke up.

She was initially worried that Chen Xi had been captured by Zhao Yuan, however, she instantly relaxed once she realized that’s not the case.

Lin Xuan’s thoughts were in a mess. She was the one in danger and yet she still had the energy to care about others’ safety.

This group of people in front of her was no saint, especially for the boss called San Hu as he constantly groped her from time to time. If not for Zhao Yuan’s timely warning, worse could have happened to her…

“San Hu, if you want to do her, please carry on, but you have to finish your tasking first. I have a habit, when it’s time to work, it must be done properly and carefully. Do you understand?”

“Understand, understand, young master Yuan is right…”

The vicious looking San Hu squeezed out an extremely twisted smile as he nodded his head in obedience.

Zhao Yuan had spent quite an enormous sum this time round. Ten million, 6 outlaw terrorists including San Hu, in exchange for Chen Xi’s life.

Seeing how San Hu was tactful enough, Zhao Yuan nodded his head in satisfaction. He then decided to take a rest on a sofa that was just put in place when they came here.

San Hu scratched his head in uncertainty as he asked, “Young master Yuan, are you sure that lad will come by himself? What if he call the cops?”

“Relax, based on my understanding of him, he will not disregard this woman’s safety…”

Zhao Yuan paused for a while and coldly laughed, “I have already settled with the state security bureau. If he call the cops, we will have enough time to retreat. Just relax.”

San Hu thought for a while before asking, still slightly worried, “What if that lad doesn’t shows up?”

Zhao Yuan could not hold back as he burst into laughter.

He was laughing, but his gaze was icy cold.

With a bone-piercing hatred.

“He will come.”

Zhao Yuan suddenly thought of something and added, “Right, you have to be careful when he come. That guy is a martial arts practitioner so be careful not to fall for his hidden tricks.”

“Martial arts practitioner?”

San Hu twitched his mouth as he asked viciously, “Can he beat a gun?”

“He broke 8 of my ribs with a single kick, so what do you think?”

Zhao Yuan touched his chest as he San Hu an interesting look.

“So strong?!”

San Hu was evidently shocked as his expressed a face of disbelief.

Chen Xi took a cab here, however, he did not take straight to the ruined building. He stopped at a nearby factory and walked the rest of the distance.

Upon walking into the construction site, Chen Xi saw a young man looking around while hiding behind a wall on the second floor.

His suspicious actions betrayed the fact that he was send by Zhao Yuan as a lookout.

Chen Xi ignored him and briskly walked into the ruined building.

When the young man saw Chen Xi entered the building, he paused for a while before sprinting towards the third floor.

“Young master Yuan, that lad is here!” The young man said while catching got breath.

This kind of scum was like a parasite, you could use him to scare and threaten people but if you asked him to fight, he would fall just after a few punches.

His duty today was to be a lookout. However, just when he ran to the third floor to inform, Chen Xi’s shadow had already appeared behind him.

So fast?

The young man looked at Chen Xi strangely, but Chen Xi completely ignored him and continued to pace towards Zhao Yuan’s direction.

As the wind blew through the ruined building, a constant rhythm of footsteps sounded out.

When she saw Chen Xi, Lin Xuan madly shook her head as her eyes were filled with despair.

She whimpered for Chen Xi to leave but it was muffled by the tape on her mouth. Hence, she could only crazily twist her body.

Looking at her gaze of pain and despair, then at her messy hair and haggard appearance, his heart could not help but tighten.

I’m sorry. I’m late.

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