Immortal Becomes a Stay-at-home Dad After Return

Chapter 38

Traslator: Cold Love

Chapter 38: Ignorance

Inside the empty building, several broken cement bricks were scattered all over the floor, together with piles of shattered bricks reinforced steel.

Although it was currently noon, the ruined building seemed eerie as gales of cold wind appeared from time to time, causing one to involuntarily shiver.

Despite having about 20m between them, Chen Xi could clearly hear Lin Xuan’s whimpers.

Lin Xuan desperately struggled as she made a *Wu Wu* sound to chase off the approaching figure.

Her efforts were to no avail as the tape masked her words.

With no way to express herself, Lin Xuan was so agitated that she started to sob.

Lin Xuan plunged into absolute despair seeing how Chen Xi came by himself, and did not even call the cops!

Initially, she thought that this kind of Cliche scene only happened in movies. Never would she have thought that it would happen to her…

The male lead did not call the cops and instead, barge into the enemy’s hideout alone. This type of idiotic action, one could say that the theme was a solo hero male lead, but more often that not, it was the director’s perverted fantasy.

If the cops couldn’t even solve this, what use could Chen Xi do by coming?

Was it a romantic and heroic sacrificial theme?

If Lin Xuan could open her mouth, she would have gave Chen Xi a piece of her mind.

Zhao Yuan was also slightly surprised that Chen Xi dared to come alone.

Zhao Yuan signaled with his eyes as his subordinates spread out and observed the surroundings for any movements.

After a period of observation, they confirmed that nothing was out of place and nonchalantly surrounded Chen Xi.

Chen Xi stopped a few steps away from Zhao Yuan.

Zhao Yuan scanned Chen Xi for a while before exploding into laughter.

After a bout of laughter, Zhao Yuan said with menace, “I didn’t know that you really are a martial arts practitioner.”

“There’s many things you don’t know…”

Chen Xi swept Zhao Yuan a lofty gaze before he said plainly, “Actually, you should feel lucky. Ignorance has given you balls of steel.”

“Ignorance has given me balls of steel?”

Zhao Yuan was stunned for a while before laughing again, as if he had heard a ridiculous joke.

At the same time, San Hu who was beside Zhao Yuan suddenly indicated to the young man positioned behind Chen Xi.

This lookout was not very capable in committing atrocious acts but useful in playing dirty.

He was extremely quick to catch onto San Hu’s meaning. Hence, he silently took out a flip knife and crept closer to Chen Xi while they engaged in their conversation.

Due to his ruthless look, San Hu was often mistaken as a thug with muscles for brain. In actual fact, he was pretty quick on his feet.

Their strategy was to pretend to underestimate the enemy while in reality, they have made several measures and precautions to execute their target; Even a lion would have given his all to catch a rabbit.

Moreover, they were dealing in bloodstained businesses, if they were not careful, they would have been long gone.

If this lad dared to barge in solo, then he must had some kind of assurance.

San Hu had dealt with some martial arts practitioner before and knew that it was a headache when dealing with this kind of people.

While watching Chen Xi, San Hu silently placed hi hands on his hips.

Since Lin Xuan was located at the back, she could see a bulge on the hips of San Hu and his gang…

It was a gun!

She madly rocked the chair as she swing her hair while making muffled cries, urging Chen Xi to stay away.

Regrettably, Chen Xi was not affected by all these.

Following closely, Lin Xuan saw the young man’s actions.

He had already made his way behind Chen Xi while holding the knife.

In that instant, teardrops uncontrollably slid down her cheeks as the tears blurred her vision.

How much she wanted to warn Chen Xi but alas, she was unable to make a sound till the end.

How spiteful!

How very spiteful!

Although she was not able to see her surroundings clearly via her tear stained eyes, Lin Xuan still desperately tried to open her eyes wide, cautioning Chen Xi to look behind him.

However, she suddenly saw a trace of pity in Chen Xi’s eyes.

Eyes are window to the soul, through the eyes, one could accurately tell how the other person was feeling.

Lin Xuan’s gaze was filled with hopelessness whereas for Chen Xi, his was filled with pity.

Suddenly, Chen Xi right hand slightly moved.

Lin Xuan’s vision immediately turned black as she fainted.

Before she went unconscious, she saw a glint of light on the tip of the knife.

Little Six agitatedly stabbed out the flip knife in his hand.

With this stab, ten million would be in his hands!

Although he might not even receive up to 1 million, Little Six was already quite satisfied with the amount.

San Hu had brought them along to do major businesses over the years, however, this was their easiest one yet.

Little Six was so emotional that the knife started to tremble slightly in his hands.

Luckily, that lad did not see strange actions…

Little Six grabbed onto the back of the lad and with a swift movement, he stabbed the knife upwards.

San Hu had taught them that the correct way to stab someone was to slide the knife straight up from the back.

In this way, the knife would be able to pierce through the bone and stab into the organs.

They were not just some murderers, they were those fearsome outlaws that would commit mass murders.

Of course, he had to stab him to death.

Before he could rejoice with this stab, a hand suddenly appeared in his vision.

His neck was grasped tightly as Chen Xi raised Little Six into the air.

Little Six struggled desperately to free himself but to no avail.

As his neck was so tightly grasped, his face immediately turned red due to blood rush.

His eyes were wide opened as he struggled with all his might.

Due to several past near death experiences, Little Six quickly regained his calmness.

Hence, he quickly grabbed Chen Xi’s arm with his right while the knife in his left hand stabbed towards Chen Xi’s wrist.

Before Little Six could succeed, Chen Xi threw him to one side.

Little Six flew out like a rag doll as he heavily landed into a concrete pillar.

“Little Six!”

The sudden turn of events caused San Hu to let out a gasp of surprise.




San Hu drew the gun out of his holster and fired 3 shots at Chen Xi!

In their hands, guns are not just for decorations but a practical tool itself.

San Hu was very confident in his marksmanship.

Since he chose this line of work, he had ensure that his marksmanship was top notch.

The clear gunshot sounded from the ruined building. Although the gun was equipped with a silencer, the gunshot sound still caused Zhao Yuan ears to ring.

Only in the movies would the car door be able to block bullets.

Only those who had seen guns truly knew how terrifying the lethality of the weapon was.

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