Immortal Mortal

Chapter 1229: The True Dao

Chapter 1229: The True Dao

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The life force in the universe was boundless. Although 99% of them had already died during the World-Ending Cataclysm, the 1% that was still alive already numbered in the billions.

He had brought all these people here with the Dao Laws of the Universe. Now what?

"Sage Bing Ying is right. Now that you brought all these people here, besides killing them, otherwise…" the green-robed Sage Nun's voice came. She had just joined hands with Yuan Zhenyi to kill Fo Ti. Even though she didn't complete her words, everyone knew what she meant.

"Haha, Wuji, why do you need to think so much? We will take one step at a time. Even if we die, when the primordial chaos is reborn many years later, how can it not have me, Yuan Zhenyi?" Yuan Zhenyi laughed in a carefree manner. Although the universe was collapsing, he still didn't place it on his heart.

Mo Wuji knew what Yuan Zhenyi was saying. After the World-Ending Cataclysm, the universe would be reduced into primordial chaos. Countless years later, the primordial chaos would give birth to a whole new universe. Those that would exist during that time were the supreme powerhouses.

However, Yuan Zhenyi's words actually caused Mo Wuji's heart to shake. He thought of his Mortal World.

His Mortal World was also a world with laws. It wouldn't be impossible for it to develop into a universe with laws. Even if the universe was to collapse, he wouldn't collapse along with it. This was because he could go into the Mortal World. He could even bring all the people around him into the Mortal World.

However, he had never previously considered opening his Mortal World for all the lucky survivors of the World-Ending Cataclysm. This would be equivalent to giving away and losing his Mortal World.

He didn't have a penchant for revealing his secrets to an entire world of people, especially after he had become the overlord of this entire universe. If he were to open his Mortal World, then he would need to sever his control of it. However, the Mortal World was his core and his Dao.

It wasn't that he had not thought of it; it was that he wasn't willing to do it. Everyone was selfish. He, Mo Wuji, also had his own selfishness.

He cultivated the Mortal Dao and his Mortal World was where his Dao resided. He worked so hard to build the Mortal World. How could he be willing to simply open it up for these random people? Moreover, his Mortal World was his personal territory. He didn't want these strangers to disturb him.

Mo Wuji went silent. His gaze then landed on those two gold paths.

Although these paths were tens of thousands of meters wide and they seemed to extend into an indiscernible distance, they were already filled with people. Compared to the innumerable worlds and planes of this universe, this gold path was far too squeezy.

A middle-aged woman in the True Lake Stage rushed onto the gold path with a little girl in her arms. However, her abilities were too weak. Soon, she was squeezed out into the collapsed universe. In an instant, she vanished without a trace.

There were two cultivators that seemed like dao companions. When they were squeezed to the edge of the gold path, the male actually pushed the female off the gold path…

Mo Wuji felt his head twitching. All that happened at a mere corner of this long path. Moreover, such scenes were constantly happening throughout the length of the two paths. The human nature was on full and vivid display.

"Young master!" Yan'Er had already run over. Her entire body was shaking as she hugged Mo Wuji. The hug was so tight that she seemed to be suffocating herself.

The universe had collapsed due to the World-Ending Cataclysm. She, herself, had even fallen into the collapsed universe. But to her, all that wasn't important. Only her young master was the most important.

"Yan'Er…" Mo Wuji stroked Yan'Er's hair. A strange feeling seemed to sprout in his heart. Yan'Er had always occupied a special place in his heart; she was the person closest to him.

Even when he didn't have clothes and food and even when his mind was damaged, the only person that stayed by his side was Yan'Er. When he was with Yan'Er, he didn't feel any sort of pressure. He only felt a joy that arose from the depths of his heart.

"Anyone that dares to take another step closer will be killed without mercy." Tian Hen's infuriated voice could be heard. Following which, two cultivators were pushed off the path into the collapsed universe by Tian Hen.

Mo Wuji came to an awakening. He looked at the messy and squeezy paths and the people continuously being pushed out into the collapsed universe. He firmed his resolution.

He had found Shuyin and Yan'Er. He also reunited with so many old friends. What was there for him to be dissatisfied about?

Since he could save an entire world of people, why shouldn't he? He started cultivating as a mortal. As a mortal, he opened 108 meridians and created the Immortal Mortal Technique. He had confidence that after giving away his Mortal World, he could create another Undying World.

As he thought of this, Mo Wuji suddenly announced loudly, "Dao friends, be quiet. I am Mo Wuji and these two gold paths are my Dao Laws of the Universe..."

Although Mo Wuji's voice could pierce through the entire space, no one listened to him. Those that were squeezing their way up continued to squeeze their way up.

But when they heard that Mo Wuji was the owner of these two paths, they all went silent.

Since these paths belonged to Mo Wuji, he could take them back at any moment. So what if they managed to squeeze to the very front?

Human nature was like so. Mo Wuji did not mind it as he continued, "The World-Ending Cataclysm has arrived and the universe has collapsed. Even though I have these two Dao Laws of the Universe, they are equivalent to using a cup of water to douse a huge fire. They aren't enough to save everyone."

As Mo Wuji said this, the lucky survivors all felt nervous. They were worried that Mo Wuji would suddenly take back the Dao Laws.

Fortunately, Mo Wuji didn't retrieve the Dao Laws, "Dao friends, I have a world called Mortal and its Laws are considered complete. I am willing to open up this world for the survivors to place their feet…"

"Eternal life to Sage Mo!"

"Eternal life to Sage Mo!"

The billions of cultivators cried out in glee when they heard that Mo Wuji was willing to open up his Mortal World.

It definitely wouldn't be of any disadvantage to Mo Wuji if he chose to keep his Mortal World. However, he still chose to open it up for them. This meant that he intentionally wanted to save all of their lives.

"Wuji?" Lian Yingxian cried out when she heard that Mo Wuji was willing to open his world to save all these people. She did not know what kind of world was Mo Wuji's world. She wanted to tell Mo Wuji that there was no world, besides a primordial world, that could save so many people.

If he still forced his way into saving so many people, it could cause his world to crumble.

Mo Wuji waved his hand and continued, "I do not ask for all the cultivators that will enter my Mortal World to be benevolent and altruistic. But if you are willing to sacrifice your loved ones and ignore the lives of a mother and her child, then you have no rights to enter my Mortal World."

"We respect Sage Mo's words!" Countless people cried out.

Not only did the gold paths quiet down, they also became more orderly.

Mo Wuji opened his hand. The gate of his Mortal World appeared at the front of the gold paths.

Before anyone could see anything inside his Mortal World, Mo Wuji swiped his hand down. The Mortal World was separated into two parts. One part held his items, Cen Shuyin, Qu You and Han Qingru. The other part was facing these gold paths.

When the Mortal World was placed right in front of them, all the cultivators on the gold paths started to shake with excitement. They did not enter the Mortal World but they could tell that it was a complete world. As for whether or not this world remained in Mo Wuji's control, no one cared about it. No matter what, surviving was better than disintegrating in the collapsed world.

The land in the Mortal World had filled them with desire. That was land that they could safely live on.

"Wuji…" Lian Yingxian stared at Mo Wuji's vast world emotionally. She knew what was that world. She cultivated the Mortal Technique and she opened meridians. She naturally knew that that was Mo Wuji's personal world.

At this instant, she suddenly felt that her magnanimity was far from Mo Wuji's despite being an ancient Sage.

"Everyone can enter the Mortal World in an orderly manner." Mo Wuji exhaled and said loudly.

Everyone rushed into the Mortal World excitedly. When they entered, they would all stop and bow towards Mo Wuji.

At this instant, Mo Wuji felt something appear in the collapsed universe. This thing furiously surged into his Mortal World. A portion of it even entered his body.

Mo Wuji jolted. He was familiar with this thing. It was fate!

This boundless fate wasn't simply from the Immortal World. It was the fate of all the worlds that had already collapsed.

At this moment, his Mortal Dao started to rise rapidly. His Mortal World also started to expand.

The Mortal World was already vast and endless. Now, there were faint planes that started to form. These planes were continuously taking shape.

"So this is the true Dao!" Mo Wuji muttered to himself; there was an insight that stirred in his head.

The true Dao wasn't acquired from the universe. Instead, it was when the universe recognised your Dao!

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